Weekly Update 200: We Celebrate 200, Go for Oreo, and Jump into the Wormhole

  1. Chris dB
    Social Media Staff Member Oct 13, 2017

    Chris dB , Oct 13, 2017 :
    200! There’s something unbelievably moving about hitting the big two, probably the biggest two we’ll ever hit (for a long while.) The road from Weekly Update 110, which was one of the first updates I wrote, to today has been long and intense. To us, the Weekly Update serves as a window into what we do. But, more than that, it’s the most clear-cut way we have of telling you guys what we’ve been up to. Days at OnePlus are never quiet, and when all is said and done and people pack up their stuff on Friday night, there’s so many stories to recall it’s tough to recall every single event. The Weekly Update allows us to capture that whirlwind of experiences and emotions in a single piece of text. Of all the emotions that have passed through these updates, the ones hitting home today are hitting home hard. I know I thank you for reading every week, but this time around I truly hope you’ll enjoy what you read. Thank you.

    Oh yea, Oreo
    Since its release, OxygenOS has been a key component of what made the OnePlus 3 and 3T great. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been hard at work on an update to the latest flavor of Android. We look forward to sharing our upcoming software release with all of you very soon. Your feedback and support in our Open Beta Program has enhanced and defined much of our software. So, to all of our enrolled Open Beta testers, keep a close eye on the OnePlus Community and update your device for our latest update. The only thing that’s going to make the latest flavor of OxygenOS even tastier is your help.

    Under 30
    Carl joined the legendary John Sculley and Cadre CEO Ryan Williams at a Forbes 30 under 30 panel moderated by Moira Forbes herself. It made for a wonderful opportunity to share the journey of OnePlus with the many bright-eyed entrepreneurs and up-and-comers in the audience. The tech scene stood front and center in the discussion, with innovation, recent developments and the way to success all being talked about. It’s a great example of how we’re getting out there to talk to as wide and diverse a group of people as we can, in the hopes of not only sharing our successes and failings, but also inspiring others to learn from what we’ve accomplished.

    Into the Wormhole
    When considering what community thread to honor in this week’s update, we decided to go back in time in search of the most iconic threads one can find on these very forums. This took is deep into the annals of history, 15485 pages deep (at time of writing), as we jumped into the Wormhole. If anyone’s looking for the OnePlus community, the best place to look is the Wormhole. The current thread was started in February of 2015 by @16por9, and since then many hundreds of different members have popped into say hi and bye. Here’s to the next 15k pages, we’ll be right there with all of you. The Wormhole, when all is said and done, is part of the heart of the OnePlus community.

    200 Weekly Updates
    The Weekly Update wasn’t always written by me. Many other authors have played a key role in shaping the Weekly Update into what it is today. From funny news drops, to odd one-offs, and emotional reflections, the Weekly Update has seen many variations over the years. But our purpose has remained the same from the day we dropped the very first thread. We invited a few of the Weekly Update’s past authors to share their experiences.

    @Mingyu : The Weekly Update started out as a quick note to keep everyone posted on what was going on on the ground - we've always felt that our community should be part of the journey and product. I'm glad to see that almost 4 years later, this humble tradition has evolved into the infinitely more interesting, meticulously crafted articles that we have today. We're no longer a ragtag band of dreamers fawning over new office chairs (a must when you're working 14 hours a day) and our office pup (who keeps you sane when you're doing 5 jobs at once), but hopefully you, dear reader, will still feel part of the adventure and look forward to our shenanigans in years to come.

    @David S. : OnePlus believes in transparency, so the weekly update is just as much about reflection, as it is as about being as transparent as we can. It’s also the way we tell you, our friends what we’re doing. The Weekly Update really feels like talking to a friend, explaining what you did this week. We want the community to be a part of OnePlus. The Weekly Update is one of the many things we do to accomplish this, alongside surveys, our pop-up events, and many other things.

    @Emmanuel : Back in 2014, writing the weekly update was kind of a ritual, as it was the perfect opportunity to step back and reflect on what happened during those busy weeks. And exchanging on a regular basis with community members allowed us getting a lot of great vibes.

    Birthday Giveaway
    The Weekly Update has covered stories all over the Earth, and in a way it chronicles the road OnePlus has walked from its humble beginnings to the high peaks we’re surmounting today. Bold adventures, daring leaps of faith, and countless memories make up what the Weekly Update is all about. The Weekly Update is our way of capturing the life of OnePlus. We want to empower you to do the same, that’s why we’re exclusively giving away 3 “Everyday Adventures” Bundles to celebrate the 200th Weekly Update. Simply share your favorite Weekly Update stories and memories and tell us about your journey with OnePlus for a chance to win one of these bundles. Good luck!

    That’s number 200 down, but it certainly won’t be the last Weekly Update. We hope you’ll continue to join us as we aim for bigger and bolder numbers. As the journey of OnePlus continues, so too will the Weekly Update.
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    dsmonteiro , Oct 13, 2017 :
    One thing I'd love to see addressed this week (but wasn't): what's with the stock shortages through the globe?

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    dcmcc24 , Oct 13, 2017 :
    @Chris dB
    My favorite weekly update is when you announced Una had puppies and then posted a gif of them!


    My journey with OnePlus began back in 2014. Finding a phone with a large screen was very rare. We were pretty much limited to the Note in Android. Along comes OnePlus with a large screen device with a premium build quality and at half the price of a Note along with mostly stock Android? I was sold and have been a One plus fan ever since.

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    otto2 , Oct 13, 2017 :
    When you will learn to read? He wrote: "We look forward to sharing our upcoming software release with all of you very soon." So why do you even ask???????????

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    pa5t1s , Oct 13, 2017 :
    Thanks for the update @Chris dB!
    Your tribute to The Wormhole is interesting : this is the perfect example of what a Community should be : a place where people are socializing, sharing, asking and answering questions about anything with words and sentences. Definitely *not* the kind of junk I can read everyday in Recents.
    Next week, please refresh people's memories with The Titans thread ;)

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    SMIT222 , Oct 13, 2017 :
    Oreo seems to be tasty and excited about OnePlus flavoured customisation over stock white look and overall design..
    other than that thanks for weekly update..

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    gneitingable , Oct 13, 2017 :
    My favorite weekly update is #200! Sadly this is the first I have read. I have been a member for about 6 months but have only had my OP5 for a few months. This is a great first weekly update! I'm excited for Oreo and hope that it brings some new features! I hope to read more updates in the future, thank you!

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    Moin2200 , Oct 13, 2017 :
    Awesome update, very excited for Oreo! But I would still like some info on what’s going on with the shortage? Is it actually a shortage or are you really gearing up for the next step to 5T.

    Without any response most people would probably assume the latter.

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    pgidia , Oct 13, 2017 :
    Thanks for the update.

    And WoHo always rock.

    Three cheers for thread which gave me so many friends at one place

    @Ceasedd Missed You
    WoHo let's party ;)

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