Weekly Update 270: Share Your Love and Talents with the Community

  1. Robin.W Cupcake Feb 21, 2019

  2. K chandra shekar Donut Feb 21, 2019

  3. superplus English POC Assistant Head Moderator Feb 21, 2019

    superplus, Feb 21, 2019 :

    vraiment... *rolls eyes in French*

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  4. Cheetosdust Starting Point Expert Feb 22, 2019

    Cheetosdust, Feb 22, 2019 :
    Mon dieu and sacre bleu :D

    Allors, je suis très désolé because le croissant is not fresh.

    Je suis a petit patapon and ceci n'est pas une pipe.

    Mon French is très sympa, so Champs-Élysées wait for me. :cool:

    (I'm just laughing because I was going to reply that I knew Dexter. However, I saw your ninja text. It doesn't make any sense :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: - exactly my type of humor :p)

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  5. W1542112242148 Cupcake Mar 10, 2019