Weekly Update 296: OnePlus TV, a huge step in becoming a star in the industry

  1. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member Aug 16, 2019

    Crystal Z. , Aug 16, 2019 :

    Hey, everyone!

    Happy Friday! To start with, I would like to thank @Gary C. 's team for developing OnePlus Switch, or I would have lost all my data while flashing Android Q this week. The Android Q open beta is not too far away, so make sure to back up your data via OnePlus Switch.

    Okay, that's all for the 'hard sell'. Get back to the highlights of the week.

    Introduce the OnePlus TV name and logo

    @Pete announced the TV a year ago, if you still remember, and we’ve introduced the official name and logo this week. Excited about the upcoming product? Join the discussion and draw out the OnePlus TV that you desire.

    Amazing shots as always

    I’d like to give a big shout out to @script and @cdnfarmer for selecting the ShotonOnePlus entries, otherwise it would be a great challenge for me to lock down 7 users from over 3000 pictures. Seeing all these amazing winning works makes the efforts worthwhile. To make communication with possible winners easier, from August on, we’ll display the possible winning entries in a separate thread whilst waiting for the original pictures from the finalists. Candidates found to have directly participated in fraud or failed to send us original shots within a week would be disqualified. Feel free to report to me and @script on suspected fraud or you doubt that the pics were not shot on OnePlus.

    photo by @pelicaano

    Submissions for Weekly Mobile Photography Challenge #8: Nature are with high quality. It's also a good topic for the weekend plan, grab your bag, go out for fresh air and share stunning nature shots! Also, this topic reminds me of a song that is in endless loop mode on my Spotify <Natural>

    CUBE Highlights
    • The beer thread from @LightningXIII - Is there anyone who doesn’t love beer? I’m kinda picky about beer cause some taste bitter to me, but Chinese beer are super cool, give it a try when you come.
    New Trophy

    The most exciting news this week would be the EISA award OnePlus received. Learn more about it here.

    That’s all for this week. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

  2. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Aug 16, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Hello Crystal,

    congratulations to OnePlus on winning those two EISA awards. Pretty cool.

    Hope the Community Team had a very nice week and that you all have great plans for the weekend.

    @Hee H. hope you are already loving your new job. :cool:

    To my fellow forumers, happy Friday-yay. and a very nice and relaxed weekend ahead. Party on! :D

  3. YRJ
    Lollipop Aug 16, 2019

    YRJ , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Thanks for the Update Crystal Z.
    Amazing stories to read in the username thread already :p

    Congratulations to the winners of July photography thread, amazing work!

    Have a great weekend people :)

  4. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Aug 16, 2019

    camohan , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Great weekend ahead to everyone.

    Yes @Crystal Z. i dont like beers.Thought I have the below stuff given by my colleague's as "The watchman of my department" as I am the last one to leave the work premises.


    I am pretty excited for finding out how the smart idiot box is going to shape up.


  5. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Aug 16, 2019

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  6. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Aug 16, 2019

    camohan , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Trying hard to identify what was the last thing I liked.

  7. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Aug 16, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Aug 16, 2019 :
    The OnePlus Police will remember that. :eek:

  8. Plenkske
    Dutch POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 16, 2019

    Plenkske , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Thanks for the update !
    And gratz @LightningXIII for making it to the weekly update and also the frontpage of the forum !

    I really love beer, and as weekend is coming closer... that means more beer is coming closer too :D

  9. B_Wrath
    Marshmallow Aug 16, 2019

    B_Wrath , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Hey @Crystal Z.!:) thanks for the update!
    But more importantly, thanks for reminding me the name of the Chinese beer! :cool:
    Tsingtao can be a little weird beer to drink the first time, but the damn thing grows on you! I ended up having 20 - 25 Tsingtao beer cans during my 1 week stay in China:D

  10. Khansa_Zahed
    Gingerbread Aug 16, 2019

    Khansa_Zahed , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Thanks for the update!

    And congratulations OnePlus for the new trophy, yeyyyy! [e]270c[/e]

  11. SoniaB
    Nougat Senior Moderator Aug 16, 2019

    SoniaB , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Did you also know he is a vegetarian but does not like leafy vegetables? :Do_O

  12. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Aug 16, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Aug 16, 2019 :
    What? So his diet is basically carrots, cucumbers and the occasional beet? :eek::D

    Pretty sure @camohan is the type of person who also has an opinion about air. "I don't like it, it's too transparent for me. I like to see what I'm breathing, thank you very much." :confused:

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  13. Moin2200
    KitKat Aug 16, 2019

    Moin2200 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    I don’t drink but nice to see more unique thread popping up.

    Also congrats on the award!

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  14. SoniaB
    Nougat Senior Moderator Aug 16, 2019

    SoniaB , Aug 16, 2019 :
    You forgot beans and pulses. :p

  15. Starcommander
    KitKat Aug 16, 2019

    Starcommander , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Yes.. :oops: Thats me:oops::oops:
    I never tasted beer my entire life:oops:
    Thank God I am not alone.:p
    :D:DThank you @Crystal Z.

  16. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Aug 16, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Aug 16, 2019 :
    That's great news for @camohan - all this time thinking he was alone because of his personality and, as we learned today, it's just a side effect of his diet. :rolleyes::confused:

    Two notes: if anyone calls him a "toxic member of the community", can that be considered a fact instead of an insult? :p

    And also, now I finally understand what he means when he repeatedly says "I'm taking the pulse of the forums, I'm taking the pulse of members like you". He's just looking for recipes! Here I was, thinking he was analyzing my behavior.:cool:

    @camohan, you know I love you - outside your "no breathing" perimeter, sure - but I love you. :D
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  17. Georgeoneplus7pro
    Jelly Bean Aug 16, 2019

    Georgeoneplus7pro , Aug 16, 2019 :
    It remains to be seen if 1+ will become a star in the industry.. it depends on the quality of the display and hardware that will be used for the new smart tv.
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  18. Georgeoneplus7pro
    Jelly Bean Aug 16, 2019

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  19. LightningXIII
    Lollipop Community Expert Aug 16, 2019

    LightningXIII , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Thanks man <3

  20. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Aug 16, 2019

    camohan , Aug 16, 2019 :
    I dont like beer, next time lets discuss on lemonades.