Weekly Update 351: A different look into OnePlus

  1. dsmonteiro
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    dsmonteiro , Sep 5, 2020 :
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    Before starting this Weekly Update, I’d like to say this has been a sad week for us at OnePlus Community, as we said goodbye to a Community friend – @martinusbe – one of the earliest and most active developers in the Community. If you haven’t already, we’d like to invite you to read his interview and share some kind words here.

    Hey everyone,

    For the last three months of months, we shifted the Weekly Update from a simple bulletin that collects the official threads posted that week, back to its origins as way of providing you a glimpse of what happens inside OnePlus. Since June, we showed you what’s been happening in our HQ, but, today, I want to mix things up a little.

    As someone that works remotely, I always have a hard time writing for this new Weekly Update format. Sure, I can ask the rest of the Community team for stories, pictures and other tidbits to be shared, but I’ll still be telling you about other people’s experiences. That is why, rather than telling you what happened in HQ this week, I reached out to other OnePlus staff members that, like me, are currently working from home.

    WFH time for us at OnePlus India has been very interesting. We’re constantly trying new ways to engage with the community using different means like we did with OnePlus Domin8. But at the same time, we have our service teams and offline sales team making moves to provide our community in India with a safe experience.

    Personally for me, this time has been a rollercoaster. We have some interesting projects lined up as you’ll see soon. Luckily, @Ron Bhuyan stays 10 minutes away and whenever we find some time, we manage to play unhealthy amounts of FIFA together to de-stress.

    One cool moment from the lockdown was an initiative by Siddhant Narayan and the marketing team to have a chill ‘unwind’ session today. We got to see each other’s faces after such a long time and a played a round of ‘2 truths 1 lie’ together. And we found out that we’re all really bad at lying.

    But my favorite moment was meeting up with some of our close community members during the OnePlus Nord launch over an unofficial launch party. I met some veteran community members who I had never interacted with before and it was nice to see people catch up with each other after years over this casual call. Moments like these keep me going.

    MicrosoftTeams-image (43).png MicrosoftTeams-image (42).png

    Overall, this time has taught us a lot. As a country, we see worrying statistics in the news everyday but we know it’s our duty to take up safety measures and do our role in tackling the situation so we can come out of this stronger. I can’t wait to go back to a time of interacting with our community in person - whether it is via launches, meet ups, Product AMAs or another Open Ears Forum.

    Here's to hoping!

    @Joel Jacob, OnePlus India

    When we all left the office on March 21st, I thought we would be working from home for a couple of weeks and be back to the office in no time! Didn't bother to bring by notebooks, screen and even left Lula's (my dog) bed under the desk. But here I am on day 115 of working from home.

    They say it takes 100 days for something to become a habit so wanted to share 3 things that have got me through these crazy times!

    1. Challenge yourself to change. We've now done 2 launches working from home and have had to evaluate our processes, team structures and ways that we do marketing. It has been uncomfortable at times (especially the change to online pop ups!) but think we have had some of our best results yet!

    2. Can do attitude. Everyday I've been amazed by the attitude of the whole OnePlus team and the determination to succeed even in the face of dodgy internet, energetic kids, cabin fever and time zones! With that attitude anything is possible.

    3. Coffee. Maybe they should change "Working from Home" to "Living at Work"?


    @Kate A., OnePlus EU

    It wouldn’t be fair to ask others to share their experiences without me doing the same, would it? As someone of you may know, I’ve been working remotely for OnePlus for nearly two years now, from a small town in the northernmost part of Portugal, with regular trips to China. As you can imagine then, the lifestyle changes imposed by COVID-19, weren’t felt as strongly by me as they were by countless others. Still, they weren’t innocuous either.

    You see, before the pandemic I would regularly work from different places to avoid staying 24h over 24h in the same place where I work (which coincidentally is also where I live). But with the changes coronavirus brought, and to protect myself and others, I stopped doing this. While my wife didn’t say a word, I noticed my increasing grumpiness as the days passed.

    Working out was the answer. Sick of being called fat in all the nice ways by @Crystal Z. and @Trista W. every time I visited China, I decided to start having daily workout sessions to break the routine (while also avoiding being called fat in my next trip to China). So, every day, at around 6PM, I stop what I’m doing to have some time away from work, switch off the brain for a bit while I also improve my health. Whether it’s functional training or just a jog outside, working out does wonders for my body and mind. A shower and snack after, and I’m ready to get back at it!

    Many of us, whether it’s staff or users, have worked or are still working from home. If you have a story you’d like to share, your accounts on how you coped with the change or simply some helpful tips to share with others, now is the time! Leave your comments below.

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    GuitarHero0179 , Sep 5, 2020 :
    Thanks for the update :)

    I'm lucky I can be a bit more in the office again. My desk setup isn't optimal for long work sessions so some change is good

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    yashwant24 , Sep 5, 2020 :
    Update cycle is 2 months once. So you will get the next update at the end of this month or next month beginning.

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    yashwant24 , Sep 5, 2020 :
    Be polite to everyone. This is just a user forum
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    Gio567full , Sep 5, 2020 :
    Even for us university students it was not easy with the pandemic, living the university,from met friends and following lessons to stay indoors is not easy, luckily there are our pets that give us so much affection:D. Living alone is not easy but it can be a way to better understand who you are and to be stronger. Thanks for the update @dsmonteiro

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    Cakepips , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Sep 5, 2020 :
    Thanks for the WFH edition of this weeks Weekly Update @dsmonteiro (would of understood of there wasn't a WU this week out of respect btw... ).

    As now a fellow work from home person... It's unusual.
    There's the option to go back to work but I feel uneasy and uncomfortable at the moment.

    Background: I have been furloughed, which is when you don't work but still get paid by the government scheme, between April and August. I just started to work again a few weeks ago.

    I mostly think it's down to not interacting with people physically that makes me anxious. And yet, we have video meetings... We message... But it certainly isn't the same banter and hilarity. I even miss our office golf (our mini break on Fridays. We'd put around our office into the tray. And when no one was around, through the whole office. We take it seriously)! It's early days and I might get used to it but atm... It's a lonely experience.

    My role has certainly changed as I've been working more digital wise than ever. It's certainly freshed up work and at least I have more mental time to myself, without being bothered all the time.

    It'll be interesting over time how this works out that's for sure. I know it isn't over yet... This might be the new normal for a while...

    As always: keep safe and never settle (and hope your having a good weekend all).


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    Swatiranjan , Sep 5, 2020 :
    Thanks @dsmonteiro ,

    We miss your threads. Hope you are doing good.

    WFH is the only option available. And I am a little sick of it.

    Believe me ! I have never experienced them in person before, so more excited to attend some of these.

    Yeh! When there is no other option available, that's the way forward.

    Hahahaaa. Story of almost allll 30s & 40s.

    You should have read my PM on 9th June. That was my idea for a thread.


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  16. Dhruv Kashyap
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    Dhruv Kashyap , Sep 5, 2020 :
    Loved reading the experiences and interviews in this edition of Weekly Update, makes me feel deeply connected with the team and community:D

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    dsmonteiro , Sep 5, 2020 :
    Hi there,

    YT Music, which should be present in your phone, allows you to play offline files as well.

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    G_plusone , Sep 6, 2020 :
    Thanks for sharing your Work from home experience Everyone
    This really connects @Kate A.

    All The Best for your Weight loss goals @dsmonteiro

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