Weekly Update 366: Thanking You!

  1. Kerkdriel_Online
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 23, 2020

  2. erducaderoma
    Cupcake Dec 24, 2020

  3. S1564029011207 , via OnePlus 7 Pro T-Mobile , Dec 24, 2020 :
    My front camera is not working. I am extremely disappointed with my phone lately. I have to be honest when I got the phone was excited since is one of the fastest phones I had in a while. But lately is ful of error messages and bugs. I have been trying to have video calls with my family for the holidays and my front camera not working did it for me. Today this kind of issues are inaceptable, I am to the point to go to Tmobile and just get a new phone. Since in the community nor the one page they offer any solutions for this.

    Kind regards.

  4. F1608187259132
    Cupcake Dec 24, 2020

  5. MBenAmer
    Gingerbread Dec 25, 2020

  6. puccellino
    Lollipop Dec 25, 2020

    puccellino , Dec 25, 2020 :
    I understand your frustration, but you are posting your grievances in the wrong place, this is a user forum, and you are posting on a raffles thread. You need to contact the company.

    Here's a link to the company feedback area. Please fill in the details of your issue clearly so they understand it.


    However, i would say, customer services at OP is hit and miss, so you may get resolution from your service provider, or whoever you bought the device from.

    Best of luck.

  7. Kospalito
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2020

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    Cupcake Dec 25, 2020

  9. _Easy_
    Donut Dec 25, 2020

  10. Luigi Martire
    Gingerbread Dec 25, 2020

  11. Abuyasmin_adam
    Gingerbread Dec 25, 2020

    Abuyasmin_adam , via OnePlus 8 , Dec 25, 2020 :

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    Eclair Dec 25, 2020

  13. Suraj6664
    Froyo Dec 25, 2020

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    Gingerbread Dec 25, 2020

  15. Affwan123
    Eclair Dec 26, 2020

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    Gingerbread Dec 26, 2020

  17. MD. Munem
    Eclair Dec 26, 2020

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