Weekly Update 387: New member, new scenery and new ...

  1. Crystal Z.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member May 14, 2021

    Crystal Z. , May 14, 2021 :
    Weekly Update.png

    Hi friends,

    How's everything going?

    Reading @dsmonteiro's weekly update is always fun – I particularly enjoyed the pajama part – but you know who you can rely on to get proper behind-the-scenes shots... me! By the way, @Cheetosdust interviewed David last Saturday. If you want to know more about his life outside OnePlus, you can read it here.

    pajama-1.jpg pajama-2.jpg pajama-3.jpg

    Last Saturday was an unforgettable working day for us, it was the first time we got to see our colleagues wearing pajamas at work, and discussions will never get serious under such a situation.

    On Monday, we welcomed a new community member @Daniel D.. You may already know him from his introduction here. Daniel is from Indonesia, and he surprised us as he can fluently talk with us in Chinese. He will be working on some key community projects, feel free to talk to him and we hope he can bring us some new and creative ideas.

    After a rainstorm, a beautiful sunset led to an unexpected Shot on OnePlus contest inside the company, here are a few of the shots taken and some BTS moments as well.

    SOOP-1.jpg SOOP-2.jpg SOOP-3.jpg SOOP-4.jpg SOOP-5.jpg
    This week seems to be a photography week inside and outside the office. We have an AMA with Hasselblad master @Nabil Rosman who cooked a great photography tips thread, with amazing shots by OnePlus 9 Pro. @Manu J., on the other hand, is calling for photographers and camera enthusiasts to join #YourBestShot campaign. If you're from India and have a OnePlus device, join this campaign and gather all fame for yourself.

    Our monthly Shot on OnePlus contest is still going strong, but if you want something different, @dnagpaldg created a fun photography event (or game)! Join the Photography Atlas and have fun!

    Turning our attention to products now, accessory product manager @Christine L. shared a couple of survey surveys about OnePlus Protective Case and Charging Products. Each survey will take you 3 - 5 mins, and your feedback means a lot to us and will help shape future OnePlus products.

    Recently we've received feedback about OnePlus 7 Series and 7T Series facing issues after the OxygenOS 11 update. The software team is working on system stability and battery performance improvements via upcoming OTAs. The next OTA will begin rolling out still this month.

    @Sarah P. shared a new list of titles that you can enjoy with the OnePlus TV, learn more in Binge with OnePlus TV: May 2021.

    18,000 – a new and unexpected number we reached in OEF applications, we're thrilled to know your enthusiasm about co-creation. The Theme Store development is still at an early stage, so we need to keep this event small, otherwise, we'd love to invite even more people to join the event. The next new OEF topic will be introduced soon for all of those that aren't able to join this one, so stay tuned.

    Finally, @Jade D. is about to launch a new raffle - the Lemonade T-shirts, so don't miss it starting tomorrow!

  2. Shailender Sharma
    Marshmallow May 14, 2021

    Shailender Sharma , May 14, 2021 :
    Who won the company contest?:rolleyes:

    Thanks for the Weekly Update.
    Stay safe everyone. :)

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  3. Yash Pratap Singh.
    KitKat May 14, 2021

    Yash Pratap Singh. , May 14, 2021 :
    Thanks for the WU @Crystal Z. :D

    Ohh...you missed the party?:eek:
    And now we all know the reason for Leo's pajamas case...

    I have a feeling that you're in the queue :rolleyes:

    Damn...RIP the application screening guy
    15 out of 18,000...🤐

  4. McJader
    Marshmallow May 14, 2021

    McJader , May 14, 2021 :
    Thanks for the WU! There's a lot of stuff going on this week;)
    The sunset pictures are awesome btw:D

  5. SRD.
    Lollipop May 14, 2021

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  6. sumitMZ007
    Jelly Bean May 14, 2021

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  7. script
    Moderator Moderator May 14, 2021

    script , May 14, 2021 :
    Hey lovely Crystal,

    Thx for the fine new early weekly. To be honest, I'm wearing a pyjama every now and then during the day, when I „work“ at home. Tmi, I know. And I won't share pictures.

    Have a nice WE all,

    And, we also have hedgehogs :)



  8. Dhruv Kashyap
    Jelly Bean May 14, 2021

    Dhruv Kashyap , May 14, 2021 :
    Thanks for the new Weekly Update @Crystal Z.

    Thanks for addressing the issue, will wait for the OTA fixes :)

    Woah!! 18K is just Crazy!! Our community's passion for contribution in co-creation is just lit🔥

    Will be eagerly waiting for those :D

    Thanks for the brand new raffle

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  9. Young_Blood
    KitKat May 14, 2021

  10. Helder_DAlmeida
    Marshmallow May 14, 2021

  11. Cakepips
    User of the Year 2020 May 14, 2021

    Cakepips , via OnePlus 7T Pro , May 14, 2021 :
    Happy weekly update @Crystal Z. !

    Great snaps as always. I do love a good sunset too!
    (Snapception I see)

    A vibe I'm down for (I need sleep).
    Tbh just wearing jeggings is almost like wearing PJ's... right?

    Can't remember if I said hello to you @Daniel D. but if not, welcome to the OnePlus Community!

    Bring out your best Pokémon Snap Community.

    Only a weird moment of not being able to answer a phonecall and the game app making things slow when using it from me. Glad to hear your working on the fix though!

    Wow... People love themes! ☺️

    Ah yes, the lemon raffles be flowing. Best of luck everyone!

    Hope everyone is keeping well and have a good week. Have a wonderful weekend and as always: Never Settle (*takes photo* hmmmm another... *Takes another one* hmmm maybe one more)

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  12. Nipu_1998
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series May 14, 2021

  13. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , May 14, 2021 :
    Thanks for the update:)
    Have a great weekend everyone:)


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    Honeycomb May 15, 2021

  16. meatandy
    Oreo May 15, 2021

    meatandy , May 15, 2021 :
    Thanks for the weekly update Crystal , I'll be sure to enter the raffle tomorrow. ;)

  17. Preethzzz
    Cupcake May 15, 2021

  18. Preethzzz
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