well, the inevitable happened....phone stolen!

  1. Dacostarick
    Gingerbread Nov 27, 2014

  2. france42
    Honeycomb Nov 27, 2014

    france42 , Nov 27, 2014 :
    Only issue i had on the first one was call dropping while on lte....but that was apparently caused by at&t moving over to volte in our region. Cyanogenmod came up with a fix very quickly (included in 44s update) that resolved the issue.

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  3. fgaurano
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 27, 2014

    fgaurano , Nov 27, 2014 :
    Hmm, I see, you got two bug-free OPO's. :) How about the battery life? Is it good on your new or old one? What is your SOT? :)

  4. france42
    Honeycomb Nov 27, 2014

    france42 , Nov 27, 2014 :
    I must add that when you read about the problems that some people have had, it certainly makes you worry that you will get a bad phone as well. Now we have (had) three phones and so far no problems with any of them! (My husband has one, too!)

    I'm convinced that in general the problems are actually few and far between, but on the forum the bad news spreads like wildfire :(

  5. france42
    Honeycomb Nov 27, 2014

    france42 , Nov 27, 2014 :
    The battery life on all three has been PHENOMENAL!

    I'm not the only one who has noticed. I listen to Leo Laporte regularly (the tech guy) and he frequently mentions the exceptional battery charge length.

    I don't spend a lot of time on calls ( i had two today...one lasted about 20 minutes, the other about 5). But i text often, use fb messaging extensively, email and play games (i played maze runner for about an hour today). I also listen to podcasts on stitcher a LOT, also music and i track my workouts with runkeeper. I really take advantage of my device's capabilities.

    Last time i charged was overnight last night, and now at 10:10pm local time i have 64% battery left and 13h 31m 22s on battery. My major power zapper is screen at 25%...

    I defy any competitors to beat that!

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  6. fgaurano
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 27, 2014

    fgaurano , Nov 27, 2014 :
    Woah, that really seems to be a heavy-duty battery you could rely on without worrying for wall sockets for you to charge.

    My phone will arrive somewhere in December when my brother comes back from another country. He already did thr unboxing for me to check for bugs of any kind and there was no complaints from him. I am so excited to get my one! :)

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  7. france42
    Honeycomb Nov 27, 2014

    france42 , Nov 27, 2014 :
    You're gonna love it! :) I
    You're gonna love it. ...it's like buttah!

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  8. fgaurano
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 27, 2014

    fgaurano , Nov 27, 2014 :
    Hell yeah! Hahaha! :)

  9. sgahuri
    Eclair Dec 5, 2014

    sgahuri , Dec 5, 2014 :
    I have had an extreme taste of bad luck and require suggestions on what my options are.

    My OnePlus One went missing before I ever laid my hand on it.

    So, I am in Kenya, visiting India soon, ordered the OnePlus to a friend in USA, who's visiting India as well.
    I don't understand how the USPS system works, but she missed the delivery the first time and requested that USPS deliver the package on her door step in her absence (by signing a slip or something).
    And now, once she got back home, she is unable to find the package.
    I have a delivery confirmation but none of us got to see the package.

    What options do I have? What should I do?
    Any suggestions are appreciated.


  10. TigerXC
    Lollipop Dec 5, 2014

    TigerXC , Dec 5, 2014 :
    So sorry to hear. :(
    Hate thieves! :mad:

    Good luck. Hope u get another soon™

  11. maeann
    Froyo Dec 5, 2014

    maeann , Dec 5, 2014 :
    If rooted, its still in your phone

  12. The Doc
    Gingerbread Dec 5, 2014

  13. ExpatZ
    Jelly Bean Dec 5, 2014

    ExpatZ , Dec 5, 2014 :
    That thief's drug dealer is gonna be pissed when he finds out he traded for a $295 phone.

  14. Peanutbrain
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 5, 2014

    Peanutbrain , Dec 5, 2014 :
    Why does your titel state the inevitable??? Its totally evitable man..

  15. smrtphn
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 5, 2014

    smrtphn , Dec 5, 2014 :
    You couldn't track it?

    That may mean your thief knows what he's doing.

    Tough break.

  16. bestlands
    KitKat Dec 5, 2014

    bestlands , Dec 5, 2014 :
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