Went to order OP3. Bundle is listed as free.

  1. Mythblaze
    Honeycomb Jun 28, 2016

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  2. jkb114
    Lollipop Jun 28, 2016

  3. paulchester
    Eclair Jun 28, 2016

  4. Mythblaze
    Honeycomb Jun 28, 2016

    Mythblaze , Jun 28, 2016 :
    They need to fix the store up then. Because there will be people not as understanding as I happen to be.

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  5. tedddy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 28, 2016

    tedddy , Jun 28, 2016 :
    I was wondering as well why some are listed as free.
    The phone seems to be great, from reading. A few glitches in shipping and accessories. Minor issues.

  6. puccellino
    Lollipop Jun 28, 2016

    puccellino , Jun 28, 2016 :
    Their ordering system seems to work by pricing bundles by adding the price of each component. If they are out of stock of one item, their system gets confused and you get weird pricing, free or showing very low prices. There have been several threads showing the same issues you are experiencing.

    You might want to contact one of the administrators and make them aware it is happening in your region.

    Good luck


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  7. tedddy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 28, 2016

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