wha is cm12 nightlies ?

  1. arashhsh
    Honeycomb Jan 7, 2015

    arashhsh , Jan 7, 2015 :

    I dont really know a lot of this geeky stuff and i havent found the answer myself , i know cm12 is an update but what does the nightlies mean ? And what difference does it make ? This isnt the offical right? And does anyone know when lollipop is released for the one ? Cuz im having some issues with this version...

    Thanks in advance and please dont mind my ignorance.

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  2. 3redbull
    Gingerbread Jan 8, 2015

    3redbull , Jan 8, 2015 :
    Oh no don't flash a nightly it is highly likely to crash within the process. nightlies are mainly for those software developers. you want to get a snapshot or final build. Those are much safer. i believe CM12 has officially been confirmed for the one. So i believe you can find it relatively easily. Good luck. the issues are probably some bugs and kinks not officially worked out yet. Nightlies simply put are UNSTABLE.

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