What are your views on oneplus Service Centers?


Do the oneplus Service Centers Suck??

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  1. charanchakravarthi
    Honeycomb Feb 1, 2016

    charanchakravarthi , Feb 1, 2016 :
    I happened to go to an authorised oneplus Service center in Chennai (southern India) after I was directed by the technical support of oneplus to replace my faulty data cable. The data cable would not recognize in the PC and was not able to communicate to the OP2.

    I reached the service center at 3.00 PM and left the premises at 7.00 PM. There were hardly 15 customers in queue and 3 techs to receive incoming customers. The coordination and efficiency of the work in the service center was so pathetic that even a 5th grader could do a better job. Every oneplus customer who reaches this place (Regenersis) for service, by default spent atleast an hour and half for their turn (even with a very few customers) and about 30mins just to get the customer details and file a case. I was really irritated that I chose oneplus and that I had to spend 3+ hours for a data cable replacement, which BTW was oneplus's fault to have given a faulty data cable.

    Imagine this.. An already frustratedcustomer (due to a product defect) reaches this place and gets this kind ofservice, do you think that he will have the same confidence on oneplus? Since oneplus largely relies on marketing through word of mouth, This will slowly kill you.

    From a oneplus fan who still thinks wecan do better. Cause we Never Settle...!!!

    Do something.....