What Car to Buy?? Help

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  6. Big Ben
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    Big Ben , Sep 15, 2014 :
    3 series is very good

  7. risky1301
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  8. Boston_Faith
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    Boston_Faith , Sep 15, 2014 :
    Buy a nice Supra for about $ 10,000 and put 15k on modifcatons. That makes o total of 25k, and the 2jz will push about 600hp. Well, a stock M3 is more expensive.

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  9. jakep
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  10. mtywe
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    mtywe , Sep 16, 2014 :
    When your buying a BMW, your not just buying it for the performance... you also get the great build quality inside and out. Better handling, AWESOME interiors, and overall class.

    If you stack it up to a Supra... yeah you can get a ton of performance out of it, but you still have a plastic, cloth interior with MUCH more to be desired for.

    I was looking into an FRS/BRZ for the longest time, but I would much rather get the 335i, because for the most part I know I wouldn't be able to use all the horsepower I can add with mods. And I much prefer a smooth everyday drive with a sporty engine to boot. If I had 600HP in the car I wouldn't be able to even drive it to its full potential without risking losing my license.... Too many Cops.

    It's Kind of funny to see some people (such as one of my neighbors) Who own sports cars like a Lamborghini, but never go over 80MPH~ Whats the point in having all that in a car if you can't use it?
    You would have to go to a local race track to even let the car spread its legs, and that's like 3 hours away from me. :(

  11. roderickh
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  13. henninjak
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    henninjak , Nov 8, 2014 :
    Actually, I am planning to start up a rental car business for self driving. So, Which is best for mileage regarding of my work ?. Can you please suggest me.
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  14. alfredoperez69
    Eclair Nov 8, 2014

    alfredoperez69 , Nov 8, 2014 :
    I'd go for the 335i Just for the reliability. The twin turbo engine will bring your nightmare everytime your go for maintnance

  15. KateBennet
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    KateBennet , May 17, 2015 :
    I know nothing about cars, but I am great at marketing. So I'd advise you to do a simple thing first (after you have bought all the cars of course and your business is ready to launch). And, no, it's not advertising =)) Better to star with PR instruments. Write a press-release about a big opening of your office, then make an event (invite some local stars or just a well-know person...local tv-channel of course, take a photographer to shoot every single thing there). Post all of those things on your personal web-site and social networks (write some interesting things about cars, journeys etc). And make a partnership with some guys who will provide your services. Like some web-site with the list of car rentals...or an app, I think the one like Car Rentals Market App will all do https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/car-rentals-market-app/id878633650?ls=1&mt=8. By that means you will get more and more visitors on your pages and future costumers. Advertising by the way is the last thing now, you may start that process in a few months, when people star to forget about your particular car rental service. Good luck =)
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  16. AugusteF
    Donut May 17, 2015

    AugusteF , May 17, 2015 :
    Bmw 335i for sure! Better engine, better noise and you will not regretting havning 4 doors

  17. gringoboy
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    gringoboy , May 17, 2015 :
    Necro alert. Ancient.

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