what does 1+1 do your current kit cannot?

  1. bigdogbeau
    Donut Apr 27, 2014

    bigdogbeau , Apr 27, 2014 :
    With what seems to be quite a few who are clambering to get their hands on this device I ask an honest question. What does this phone do that your current device cannot? I ask in part just out of couriosity because a lot of people on this forum have some fairly current devices yet they can't wait get their hands on something new. I'd bet that in most cases it's just that.

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  2. TrueBrush
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 27, 2014

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  3. Sevan
    Jelly Bean Apr 27, 2014

    Sevan , Apr 27, 2014 :
    It comes with CM11S, which hopefully is the next big thing in CyanogenMod, for which I have been waiting: clean crisp UI, production-level stability.

    And has a better camera, more RAM and processing power, as well as a larger battery.

  4. Dalveer
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 27, 2014

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  5. RogueS4
    Jelly Bean Apr 27, 2014

  6. Digitalghost
    Cupcake Apr 27, 2014

    Digitalghost , Apr 27, 2014 :
    I've wanted a bigger screen for awhile now but didn't really care for the Note 3, more RAM, camera with wider aperture, large amount of memory. Even with the SD card my S4 suffers for space. I'm someone who likes to have a lot of apps and I've never had good experiences with trying to move them to SD card.

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  7. surfstar=cfc
    Gingerbread Apr 27, 2014

  8. ed2975
    Cupcake Apr 27, 2014

    ed2975 , Apr 27, 2014 :
    The large 3100mah battery is a big draw, as apart from being a fairly drab, uninspiring brick my nexus 5 came without any improvement on the nexus 4's middling 2300mah battery.

  9. bigdogbeau
    Donut Apr 27, 2014

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  10. basicbeard
    Eclair Apr 27, 2014

    basicbeard , Apr 27, 2014 :
    Qft. Basically

  11. Peter Wolf
    Gingerbread Apr 27, 2014

    Peter Wolf , Apr 27, 2014 :
    Bigger screen, better camera, ram, processor, nicer body, unique covers, cm11s, newer android... Than my Zopo C2.

  12. asgard666
    Honeycomb Apr 27, 2014

    asgard666 , Apr 27, 2014 :
    For me, there is nothing I could do with the one plus one that I can´t do with my GNex, and yeah a lot of people are only doing it to get the latest and greatest.

    Personally is just to change carriers from Verizon to T mobile so I want a cheap unlocked device and this looks pretty good, but the invite system and lack of availability makes me think that maybe I will end up just getting a Nexus 5

  13. heyria
    Froyo Apr 27, 2014

  14. Jeroen!
    Gingerbread Apr 27, 2014

    Jeroen! , Apr 27, 2014 :
    4G. My current device is an xperia T which is a little bit on the slow side too, but from time to time i just want something new.

  15. Captn_King
    Froyo Apr 27, 2014

  16. morrislee
    Gingerbread Apr 27, 2014

  17. WhiteHartMart
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 27, 2014

    WhiteHartMart , Apr 27, 2014 :
    Being brutally honest - probably nothing (S5).

    But in reality it does things differently - CM11S etc and that's what attracts me without the normal hassles ;)

  18. Kibbity
    Gingerbread Apr 27, 2014

    Kibbity , Apr 27, 2014 :
    Cyanogenmod, as well as the better hardware.

    My HTC one M7 has a broken mic, and so I bought the HTC mini+, only to find it only works with Sense, so I have to use sense, because with CM, I can't make calls. It's all quite a pain. I'd really like Cyanogenmod right about now... : /

  19. Vithz
    Gingerbread Apr 27, 2014

  20. Shakka
    Gingerbread Apr 27, 2014

    Shakka , Apr 27, 2014 :
    My cellphone is 4 years old, so I can use it only for calling someone. And I am not accepted in the community without a smart phone :(
    But with this 1+1 my life will change!!