What does it mean to Never Settle?

  1. Kakrona
    Gingerbread Jan 31, 2017

    Kakrona , Jan 31, 2017 :
    If you have been following @Carl interview, he always raises up that volumn rocker design to show how OnePlus really cares about design, everytime. But no many people talk about the camera bump design. I remember @Carl did an interview and got asked about the camera bump and he replied, "at least we make the best camera bump in the market." this mean he already settle for the design flaw.

  2. dinjesk
    KitKat Jan 31, 2017

    dinjesk , Jan 31, 2017 :
    instead of writing these bull**** letters, why not communicate more about the OS and such things

    hardware is good, software is bettering.
    communication and support is where oneplus needs to improve.

  3. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Jan 31, 2017

    dsmonteiro , Jan 31, 2017 :
    I actually blame the consumers on that one.

    For some reason, a lot of people thought that phones should be as thin as possible. This pressured manufacturers into slimming down their phones.

    I honestly hope this trend gets reverted, though.

  4. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 Jan 31, 2017

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  5. Wahoux
    Lollipop Jan 31, 2017

  6. aakashjhaveri
    Lollipop Jan 31, 2017

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  7. youbi
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    youbi , Jan 31, 2017 :
    Yes, it would be better to not have that camera bump, but in the end, between a better sensor with camera bump, or a more crapy sensor with no camera bump. You can bet most people will choose the first. ;)

    And yes, you can say that they could used the extra space for adding a bigger battery. But in the end, with dash charge and with the SOT's that we see here of people with the op3t that get around 8h, why would I want to carry a bigger and heavier phone? :p ;)

    You have to agree that they have done at least some nice stuff. ;)

    I wouldn't go on talking about the buttons... But the truth is that they did start a revolution on the market when they launched the OPO, since then things have changed completely. Back then you either payed a fortune for the flagship models or you would go for the half price models that where just terrible in comparative with the best ones.
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  8. Tobikage
    Nougat Jan 31, 2017

  9. SoniaB
    Community Hero 2020 Jan 31, 2017

    SoniaB , Jan 31, 2017 :
    I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed. If this is Letter 2, then I find it astonishing that you did not address any of the issues that were raised by the community in letter 1 thread.

    As time has gone on, I personally feel like "Never Settle" is just another of those catchy slogans. Part of a brand but no longer has any meaning.

  10. Pjiet
    Cupcake Jan 31, 2017

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  11. suramas
    Jelly Bean Jan 31, 2017

    suramas , Jan 31, 2017 :
    I kind of feel like "Never Settle" doesn't have a meaning anymore.

    You keep pushing out new phones after new phones, two a year, and don't support that much your not so old phones.

    Your customers are put in a situation where they often, too often in my humble opinion, have to choose to settle keeping a phone whose OS updates and support aren't as good as they could be or settle getting a new phone.

  12. G_T._A._CxNO
    Gingerbread Jan 31, 2017

    G_T._A._CxNO , Jan 31, 2017 :
    A philosophy or an idea is the basis of every successful company or brand. OnePlus is a successful company / brand.

    And I like the this slogan. But we have to remember, that the only thing that really matters, is the result.

    And the results are: OnePlus phones are good phones regarding to the hardware.

    But when it comes to offering stable software and reliable support, OP is far from being as good as other smartphone companies.

    I don't think it's something special or outstanding, to say "we want to make the best phones". Eventually, actions are the things that matter. And thats one thing some users are currently missing...

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  13. suramas
    Jelly Bean Jan 31, 2017

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  14. meatandy
    Oreo Jan 31, 2017

    meatandy , Jan 31, 2017 :
    Thanks for That ,Carl

    BTW ,That LeEco was returned so fast the mailman's head was spinning. ;)

    I am also looking forward to what the future holds.:) For me and YOU

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  15. Rick Manders
    Community Veteran Jan 31, 2017

    Rick Manders , Jan 31, 2017 :
    I have read the "letter" a couple of times and it still seems like this to me:


    Something, something, 2017, something.
    Marketing, marketing,

    Never Settle.

  16. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Jan 31, 2017

    pa5t1s , Jan 31, 2017 :
    It's not a "strategy" IMO, it's actually a way-of-thinking. You can't decide one day to "make the best product" and that's it: you have to actually live every single step of its creation with this state-of-mind.

    *That* is the worst and most important goal: dealing with every details, from conception to manufacturing. And Marketing is totally useless in this field...

    Cool. Action! [​IMG]

  17. Panda Hymn
    Cupcake Jan 31, 2017

  18. Tobikage
    Nougat Jan 31, 2017

    Tobikage , Jan 31, 2017 :
    If I had to choose between the survival of either @Carl or Trump , I'd choose Trump

  19. suramas
    Jelly Bean Jan 31, 2017

    suramas , Jan 31, 2017 :
    At least Trump is giving a lot of young guys something to express their art, their fantasies...a big ******* wall to express themselves with murals.


  20. Tobikage
    Nougat Jan 31, 2017

    Tobikage , Jan 31, 2017 :
    I even had a #MakeCarlGreatAgain signature while you were missing ;)