What Goes Into a Review by Baymax?

  1. Baymax Starting Point Expert Feb 11, 2019

    Baymax, Feb 11, 2019 :

    I’ve had many approach me and say that the photo I used looks amazing and ask actually about how I got the picture within my latest review: The Motiv.
    So I decided to share a few things that have been going into my reviews this year as well as how I motivate myself and actually write these reviews out while keeping track of everything. Also I will include how I got the ring the way it did.


    In the past, you may remember I used an outline method (I forget where I actually showed my outline) to sort of show what I was going to write about in a review. That has not changed except now I have expanded to actually create my outlines in my head. It is a talent I have come to train over the years. The next part is essentially writing everything down, which is essentially as it sounds.


    Grabbing Attention

    One thing that people fail to see is that when writing, you also have to grab the attention of others. You need an attention catching title (like the LotR reference made for the Motiv), eye catching pictures (even gifs like with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 review. Obligatory shots like of apps being run or videos showcasing the features. Looks are absolutely everything when it comes to grabbing attention. Look at any frozen meal box at the grocery store if you don’t believe me.

    Which of course brings me to the next thing. The title banner. I try to include something whenever I write any review but when it doesn’t have one you really can’t market very well.


    I feel like this should be called “Making of a Reviewer” or “The Mind of the Review Maker” but decided against it in the end. The trick is that you can do anything if you really put your mind to it. You too can review anything by just remembering how to captivate your audience.

    Anyway hope you enjoy this little tidbit about how I make my reviews.
    Next is the bonus of the effect which I have used twice now. (in the title banner of this thread too)

    How The Ring Image Happened

    So, I found out about the idea from a video by “Dunna Did It” on Youtube.

    So I cannot take any credit for any of the methods used. So the run down is I grabbed the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (any phone would probably do though; it just happened to be sitting next to me) and a tripod and headed to one of the white walls within my house. Turned on the grid and went to manual mode (Pro mode on other devices), turned on torch mode. (since it was dark and wanted that shadow effect)

    The result was holding the ring at the same location (or trying to) while taking the photo.
    Then pulling up Affinity Photo (Photoshop but WAY cheaper) and layering the photos on top of each other (like in the video)

    Then masking out my hand on the layer that is on top (once again like in the video)

    Then you have replicated the effect with any photo.

    Thank you all for reading.

  2. YRJ KitKat Feb 11, 2019

    YRJ, Feb 11, 2019 :
    Nice read.... Atleast I know how to edit an object to make it look as if it were floating! ;)
    Well done :)
    Btw, your links are broken.

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    Baymax, Feb 11, 2019 :
    I was an actual person last I checked [​IMG]

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    Which hooman did you kidnap for this o_O

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    Treymax of course •—•

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    Can confirm he is both I've seen him with my own two viewing spheres :rolleyes:

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