What have your 1+1s been mistaken for?

  1. Lorenzod1
    Gingerbread Jan 10, 2015

    Lorenzod1 , Jan 10, 2015 :
    So obviously even though the 1+1 is becoming fairly mainstream alot if people still don't know what it is. I've had people ask me if its a:

    Nexus 5 (I guess I could kinda understand)

    LG G3 (I don't even know how one could make that mistake :confused:)

    And HTC ONE M8 (usually when I say OnePlus)

    So as I asked in the title, what's the most ridiculous phone someone's mistaken your One for?

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  2. ParisFC
    Donut Jan 10, 2015

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  3. poodster
    Jelly Bean Jan 10, 2015

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  4. basrone
    Jelly Bean Jan 10, 2015

    basrone , Jan 10, 2015 :
    "Hey, is that the new iPhone plus?"
    "Hey is that the new Note 4?"
    And my personal favorite...
    "Hey...(couple of seconds for pause while they attempt to look over the phone)...What the hell is that?"

  5. Zazoo
    Donut Jan 10, 2015

  6. ammyt
    Honeycomb Jan 10, 2015

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  7. anatolinicolae
    Donut Jan 10, 2015

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  8. bilalniazi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 10, 2015

    bilalniazi , Jan 10, 2015 :
    WTF is that thing? :eek:

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  9. Transparant
    KitKat Jan 10, 2015

    Transparant , Jan 10, 2015 :
    Mine has been mistaken for an iPhone 6... And my friend's Moto 360 has been mistaken for an Apple iWatch. I mean... Come on! How can you mistake this phone for an iPhone and the Moto 360 for a smartwatch that ISN'T EVEN OUT YET?! Those kind of people make me really mad...

  10. Turtlebunny
    Gingerbread Jan 10, 2015

    Turtlebunny , Jan 10, 2015 :
    Nexus? (not specified which one)

    Is that a Sony experiaa.. Uhhh. Wait.. What is that?

    Someone at my college has a 16gb opo too!

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  11. DieuwertjeSara
    Cupcake Jan 10, 2015

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  12. major90
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 10, 2015

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  13. forgetfartuun
    Jelly Bean Jan 10, 2015

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  14. DieuwertjeSara
    Cupcake Jan 10, 2015

    DieuwertjeSara , Jan 10, 2015 :
    I have bugg by the wat but can't start a threat yet, must have 5 comments. Does anyone know how to fix random vibrating? It starts randomly and it just keeps vibrating in short shocks. As if I get a million notifications. It stops when I get a real notification or when I restart. I've had the same with sound once to but that didn't return. I have not experimented with other ways to stop it yet because it always happens out of the blue

  15. Halcyonic
    Honeycomb Jan 10, 2015

    Halcyonic , Jan 10, 2015 :
    iPhone 6+. How? I have no clue. Why? Ignorance. What do I want to do? Thump that person's head so hard that he or she gets a bruise on the forehead.

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  16. DieuwertjeSara
    Cupcake Jan 10, 2015

    DieuwertjeSara , Jan 10, 2015 :
    Okay it just stopt on its own. But it went on for a good 5 minutes

  17. Mitchieboy
    Cupcake Jan 10, 2015

  18. Thedulli
    Gingerbread Jan 10, 2015

    Thedulli , Jan 10, 2015 :
    I've had htc and tablet mostly. Some people have also asked what I'm doing with an iPhone 6 plus. Mostly however people recognise it's a oneplus one and have asked to play around with it

  19. DieuwertjeSara
    Cupcake Jan 10, 2015

    DieuwertjeSara , Jan 10, 2015 :
    And it started agai . Even continued after getting a notification

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  20. ImJustLiam+
    Froyo Jan 10, 2015

    ImJustLiam+ , Jan 10, 2015 :
    A little thing:
    I only know 4 persons that knew about Oneplus before I introduced it to them. And none of them has the One. But one of the persons I know, knows up to several people that has it. Why aren't I in a life with Oneplus around me? :(

    Anyways.. someone said nexus, but the weirdest was when someone thought it was Samsung.
    But most of the people was just like "WTF is that" :D

    Greetings from Denmark - Liam :)

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