what i saw in newly bought Oneplus 3T and what i hope to see in Oneplus 4

  1. beiyuan
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    beiyuan , Feb 20, 2017 :
    I like oneplus 3T as i just bought two sets to replace my Samsung S7 Edge, which i used for only a while. However, i had been a Samsung user for about 6 years, have owned more than 20 over sets of phones. Below, i will discuss about reasons why i switched to Oneplus 3T and also will raise a few points which i hope to see in the future Oneplus models.

    Reasons why i switched to Oneplus 3T:
    (1) super fast, smooth google-like android OS with zero bloatware.
    (2) screen is not curve, unlike S7 edge. It makes it hard to find a good, touch screen sensitive tempered glass for S7 edge. I prefer flat screen.
    (3) Dual sim. I have a lot of sim cards. Dual sim is a must.
    (4) 3400mah batt. Good battery life, although S7 edge is 3600mah.
    (5) 5.5" screen size (same as S7 edge). This is the minimum screen size i would accept as a heavy text messaging user.
    (6) Screen-to-body ratio (73.1%), thickness (7.4mm) and weight (158g). These aspects actually lose to that of S7 edge, but they are close enough to be acceptable. It is very Important to get a big screen, but with minimum bezel, body weight and thickness. I carry 3 phones with 6 sim cards around in my handbag. I used to carry 3 Note 5 before i switched 2 of them to S7 edge, and then recently switched the S7 edge to Oneplus 3T. I still keep one Note 5 for watching videos and taking pic. I will need to make a change soon for that particular phone usage.

    What i hope to see in Oneplus 4:
    (1) maintain the speed, OS and zero bloatware
    (2) maintain or improve battery
    (3) maintain a flat screen, do not go curve.
    (4) maintain minimum 5.5" or increase the screen size and screen-to-body ratio. It is very important to carry a small phone with a big screen. You dont have to carry the weight of a phablet but you get it's screen size. You will see Samsung S8 and S8 Plus hitting over 82% screen-to-body ratio with a minimum of 5.8" and 6.2" screens. That is very attractive apart from the curve screen. Frankly speaking, the curve screen is redundant. It makes the phone more beautiful but i don't value that. I dont gain anything with a more beautiful phone. Oneplus 3T is already very good looking.
    (5) improve the camera.

    I can fully forgo all my status as a samsung user and go 100% Oneplus user, if you can maintain or improve the above points.

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    rakshithrajesh30 , Feb 20, 2017 :
    There is a high chance there will be no op4 because 4 is considered a bad omen indicator so yes you can say the above to op5 which will be the next phone assuming what I said earlier to be true.

  4. arnabJ
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    arnabJ , Feb 20, 2017 :
    Not of any direct relation to OP, but there can be a OP4 because there's OxygenOS 4.0.x

    If OnePlus thought in that manner than there shouldn't have been a OOS 4 either.

    Just my take on the possibility. No intention of debating.

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    Chirag AM , Feb 20, 2017 :
    Then we'd all say:

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