What is EngineerMode?

  1. lostLambda
    Lollipop Nov 16, 2017

    lostLambda , Nov 16, 2017 :
    I tried that one, too. Got the same error message. Maybe that means my phone is very secure?

  2. kubiksrubiks
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

    kubiksrubiks , Nov 16, 2017 :
    I already thought that my next phone will not be OnePlus anymore, because let's be realistic, there's nothing special in them now, every next phone is just another one in grey mass. Original OPO was a charm, I loved it, but latest models not really.
    Usually I'm not walking around in foil cap, covering my laptop's camera and all that other crap, but this gets me worried though. All the excuses, that these apps were just left there unintentionally and no one actually uses them, but nevertheless still are active and operational, don't seem very convincing. Maybe in China it's ok to spy on everyone and no one gets bothered by that.

  3. youbi
    Marshmallow Assistant Head Moderator Nov 16, 2017

    youbi , Nov 16, 2017 :
    Actually they did said on the first post that they used it for after sales support. ;)


  4. rarog
    Lollipop Assistant Head Moderator Nov 16, 2017

    rarog , Nov 16, 2017 :
    LAN should be for every communication in the local network including localhost. Though I've seen several bug reports where nevertheless localhost was blocked even though LAN wasn't checked. Do you have a detailed protocol with target IP and port that are blocked for Engineer App?

  5. blaazetech
    Donut Nov 16, 2017

    blaazetech , Nov 16, 2017 :
    if you folks are using engineermode apk for just testing, why it is relaying my personal data to oneplus servers even when i have disabled the join user experience program from day 1.

    check the attached image to see what all its been using till now.

  6. rarog
    Lollipop Assistant Head Moderator Nov 16, 2017

    rarog , Nov 16, 2017 :
    The image isn't attached and even when it will be there - it will show summarised data for about 50 apps. File Manager, VPN, WiFi direct and so on.

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  7. sk.one
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

    sk.one , Nov 16, 2017 :
    here you go. ler me know if the screenshot doesnt upload, im using the app.
    i see a few new IP's in there since the last time i checked.

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  8. sk.one
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

    sk.one , Nov 16, 2017 :
    *#800# is supposed to bring up a menu to enable/disable deep logging.

    Elliott mentions it, found some more interesting info about it.
    i think there's a link a few posts up, to the officiat twitter feed?!

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  9. insomniachou
    Honeycomb Nov 16, 2017

  10. tespio
    Eclair Nov 16, 2017

    tespio , Nov 16, 2017 : - Solnode Pty Ltd Australia, - Smartpath Australia - Christ Church Grammar School, Australia - Dreamscape Networks Inc Australia - TPG Internet Pty Ltd. Australia

    your phone tries to connect to NTP port 123 (Network Time Protocol) on different hosts all in Australia (are you from Australia?). The connection on port 80 are on amazon EC2 network in all cases. All the info form the screenshot you posted. All connections on NTP port or 80 port. I think you should check up your other apps. Stop all of them (or remove them for a while) and then check up what's happening.

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  11. rarog
    Lollipop Assistant Head Moderator Nov 16, 2017

    rarog , Nov 16, 2017 :
    I can see the screenshot. And I have a suspicion. It shows AppID 1000. What logs do you get, if you try to block any other app of the list of 50 apps? If AFWall works by the same logic as the rest of Android, it wouldn't differentiate between all those processes sharing the id 1000. This is why the data and battery are as summarised.
    If I'm right it might be any of the 50 apps actually trying to contact the internet. :-/

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  12. bplesa
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

    bplesa , Nov 16, 2017 :
    1st - I am glad this thread is on top of a few threads relatinhg to the launch of 5T. It shows people are more concerned about sloppiness (don't want to think this was done on purpose) of OP.
    2nd - Does not matter if the apps did sent data to OP or not - are a security risk and should NOT be left on the phones.
    I checked on a few other phones (huawei, nexus, samsung) these apps are not there.
    Fixing with a security update? The biggest joke - I have an OPX with last security update Nov 2016 - LOL
    As per my previous posts

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  13. rarog
    Lollipop Assistant Head Moderator Nov 16, 2017

    rarog , Nov 16, 2017 :
    100% behind it. This particular one isn't a very risky, but it's better not to leave any possible backdoor around. It's of a debug kind. And OP had multiple similar in the past, like the bootloader one, where it could be opened via fastboot commands without file deletion. OP should learn to disable debugging on all levels for public builds.

    Also 100% behind it. I wrote before in the thread. Both OPX and OP2 should be given monthly security updates even without other fixes. But so far it didn't happen. :-(

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  14. sk.one
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

    sk.one , Nov 16, 2017 :
    hahaha! you had the same idea i did last night after i posted this.

    here's a thought... let me know your view!

    what if, EngineerMode acts like a manager? it has/receives objectives, then carries them out by starting/stopping appropriate apps and services when needed?

    so, it doesnt govern the apps, only initialises them and pushes objectives to them?

    eg... EngineerMode enables OneplusLogKit, tells it to log user processes for 20mins. after the log is generated, EngineerMode enables WiFi and connects, establishes a connection, sends the log, then disable wifi.

    in this case, engineerMode acts more like a manager with access over other apps.

    reason i started thinking this, is because i havent had wifi on since yesterday morning, last night i checked battery usage and noticed wifi was at 9%, even thought it was turned off the whole day.
    now, the next morning:
    pretty big jump in battery usage over night by wifi since i had it turned off.

    those IP addresses seemed a little strange to me, so i started thinking along the lines of this wifi issue.

    all of those IP addresses were from places i've been to that had WiFi (except for the School. that one i cant figure out...)
    so its possible that EngineerMode is being nice and considerate, prefering a wifi connection to 3G/4G.

    most days i dont have wifi turned on. i cant say for sure if it was ON those days in the log, but im pretty certain that engineerMode just turns ON wifi when it needs it.

  15. sk.one
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

    sk.one , Nov 16, 2017 :
    yes AFWall shows them grouped, as android does.
    unlike Android tho, it doesnt show them individually in it's list to block.
    im using the free version of this app, and logging is limited to what i sent you last night.
    i may see if i can purchase this app outside the playstore and see what extra info and features it gives me.

    as you can see in the screenshot, i blocked everything on roaming...its much too expensive here! =\

  16. lostLambda
    Lollipop Nov 16, 2017

    lostLambda , Nov 16, 2017 :
    I'm running AOSPA. Perhaps they wisely trimmed some of the vulnerable USSD codes out of their ROM.

  17. sk.one
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

    sk.one , Nov 16, 2017 :
    yea it wouldnt work if you dont have OnePlusLogKit installed.

    you can check up on this by going to settings Apps (enable system apps) and look through the list.

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  18. Tobikage
    Nougat Nov 17, 2017

    Tobikage , Nov 17, 2017 :
    If you're gonna use double quotes to highlight something , know when to use them. :rolleyes:

  19. G_vikas_hadavle_gjzb
    Cupcake Nov 17, 2017

  20. OmegaHsu
    OxygenOS Team Staff Member Nov 18, 2017

    OmegaHsu , Nov 18, 2017 :
    EngineerMode won’t consume your data usage. Since someone decompiler this module and public source code already, so it can checked by review source code if you want.

    Thanks @rarog help example data usage counting usage.

    I will explain more detail technical here.

    The reason you saw data usage are counting by many modules.
    There are two mechanisms in Android design lead this result.
    1. In Android, data usage is counting by UID individually.
    2. In Android, multiple application can have the same UID. (We call it ShareUID). Android System (we call it SystemService, it is core service in Android.) UID is 1000 and many modules (applications) ShareUID with it. EngineerMode is the one of modules.
      When you enter Settings->Apps-> choice “Show system” menu -> click “Android System” -> Data usage, you will see those modules ShareUID with SystemService under “other apps included in usage”

      You can Google "android.uid.system 1000 data usage” to get more reference.

    Base on Android design, there is no way to breakdown data usage to specific module if they are ShareUID. I can not tell which module consume data usage in your case. I can only tell EngineerMode won’t consume your data usage.

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