What is the most recent and best stable OS for the OPO?

  1. vallabh budhkar
    Gingerbread May 14, 2017

  2. d1beats
    Jelly Bean May 14, 2017

  3. takkischitt
    Froyo Jul 5, 2017

    takkischitt , Jul 5, 2017 :
    Sultan's Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 with 3.4.0 kernel is amazing. I've been running it for a nearly two weeks now and it's been pretty much flawless. Great battery life, no crashes, it has Sultan's great tweaks for the camera etc:

    ROM features:
    • Based off latest LineageOS 14.1 sources (root access is NOT included)
    • OTA updates via built-in updater in Settings
    • Nougat Stagefright camera hardening (improves security; more info)
    • OxygenOS camera libraries (no significant camera bugs and improved camera performance)
    • Custom camera app that comes with many unique features (such as high-speed video recording with audio)
    • Custom camera HAL featuring:
      -Automatic anti-shake algorithm (reduces motion blur when capturing photos in moderate lighting)
      -Faster autofocus in low lighting conditions
      -No stuttering/frame drops in camera viewfinder (viewfinder frame rate won't go below 30 FPS)
      -Slow-motion video recording at 60 FPS, 90 FPS, and 120 FPS for 720p, and 60 FPS for 1080p
      -High-speed video recording with audio at 60 FPS, 90 FPS, and 120 FPS for 720p, and 60 FPS for 1080p (you need to use the included camera app in order to use high-speed recording)
      -1080p video recording with the front-facing camera
      -1440p video recording with the front-facing camera and back camera (only with the included camera app)
      -4k video recording at UHD and DCI resolutions
      -Manual focus control
      -Manual ISO control
      -Manual shutter speed control (ranging from 1/5000th of a second to 2 seconds)
      -More picture sizes than plain OxygenOS, such as 9.7MP 16:9
    • Many other misc. improvements under the hood

    Kernel features:
    • Based off latest CAF Marshmallow kernel source from Qualcomm (LA.BF.1.1.3_rb1.15)
    • Removed lots of excessive bloat
    • Rewrote battery driver (for the BQ27541 fuel-gauge chip; battery % readings are more accurate, there are various
      safety mechanisms now, and you may get better battery life)
    • Rewrote half of the Synaptics touchscreen driver (over 2500 lines of code modified; your touchscreen may work better)
    • Newest-available Synaptics touchscreen firmware
    • Dynamic CPU input boost driver (makes the phone feel smooth without destroying battery life)
    • CPU underclocked to 1958 MHz by default (you can disable this; see why this was done in the FAQ in the 3rd post)
    • Vibrator is automatically disabled when recording videos (so the buzzing noise doesn't get in the videos)
    • Custom thermal control driver (features 8 thermal throttle steps; keeps the phone cool)
    • LCD KCAL by Savoca
    • Westwood TCP congestion algorithm (enabled by default)
    • F2FS support
    • NTFS support
    • No placebo patches, features, or compiler "optimizations"
    • Many other misc. improvements not listed here


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  4. Gordon Ramsay
    Cupcake Jul 5, 2017

  5. jideshc
    Froyo Jul 6, 2017

  6. G_Rohan_Patre_hiZT
    Gingerbread Jul 7, 2017

  7. withoutacomb
    Cupcake Jul 8, 2017

  8. Yakumo1
    Cupcake Jul 9, 2017

    Yakumo1 , Jul 9, 2017 :
    I just install the latest build of lineage Os nighties, everything is great expect camera goes blank, and when I play lineage 2 revolution, the game auto close randomly ,not crash... So what gives?

  9. willbo2000
    Gingerbread Jul 11, 2017

    willbo2000 , Jul 11, 2017 :
    Lineage apart from apps do not update or auto update, anyone have that problem or know a fix?

  10. pradeep_pr
    Donut Jul 13, 2017

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  11. Deactivated User
    Jul 15, 2017

  12. Lucas_Wager
    Cupcake Nov 30, 2017

    Lucas_Wager , Nov 30, 2017 :
    my experience with Lineoge OS is that compared to RR it is about... 8 times less stable. that is, I will get about 8 times the crashes... which equates to about 2 per day. have been running it for 2 weeks now. about to change.

  13. philip.seguin
    Eclair Dec 1, 2017

    philip.seguin , Dec 1, 2017 :
    I've been running it since not long after it came out and maybe every couple of months do a reboot. Except for the weekly update.

    That's on an Op1. Immediately I noticed the improvement, it breathed life back into my phone. Well actually it is now my wife's.