What is the origin of Halloween ?

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    philos64 , Oct 26, 2021 :
    There is not only technology and all that surrounds us, there is also history, the holidays related to history, and all the excuses can be good to celebrate. Halloween is part of this logic.

    Today is the 26th of October and this Sunday 31st of October is Halloween. But what is the origin of this holiday?

    What is the origin of Halloween?

    The Celtic festival of Samain
    , whose origins date back more than 2,500 years, is considered the ancestor of Halloween. Samain, celebrated in Ireland and Scotland, was gradually supplanted by All Saints' Day, introduced on November 1st by the Catholic Church around the 8th century.
    According to this tradition, the night of 31 October belonged to the dead, who disguised themselves as monsters to visit the living. Today, this festival is very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, such as England and the United States.


    Halloween comes from the old English "All Hallow Even", which means "All Hallows Eve". This is because 31 October is the eve of All Saints' Day, a Christian festival during which all the saints are celebrated, followed by a day of prayer for the dead on 2 November. Deadly merry ! Halloween is therefore linked to the world of the dead. But it is not a sad holiday! On this night, we dress up, we eat a horrible meal... in short, we play at being scared... for fun !


    For the Americans, it is even as important as Christmas! In their country, everyone participates, adults and children alike. And beware, they do things in a big way: terrifying disguises, decorated houses and even... sound and light! But the most interesting part of this tradition is the CANDY HUNT! Children go from house to house asking for sweets. They call it "trick or treat". A pumpkin carved into a scary face on the stoop? That's the signal! You see what you have to do to treat yourself...

    What country doesn't celebrate Halloween ?
    • Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in China, but there is a similar holiday, the Ghost Festival, zhongyuanjie 中元节 / 中元節.
    • In Mexico, the holiday is not traditionally celebrated, but Mexicans do celebrate the Day of the Dead on 1 and 2 November, known as Día de Muertos
    I did some research to find the origin of this holiday and most of the times and places of the creation of Halloween are the same.
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    Thanks for the information. I never understood the big deal about Halloween, never celebrated it. Just not my liking I suppose. But power to anyone that does. 👍

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    Thank you so much for the insight @philos64 !👍 Didn't know the Halloween origins.🙂

    In my country we don't have an ancient tradition to celebrate Halloween. Now we are beginning to celebrate on some private parties, but not everywhere, like in some countries.
    I'm not really a fan of that celebration.:oops::D


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    Halloween has not been celebrated in central Europe until ...

    ... they found out that here is a lot of money to make with it.
    No religious background - only financial.

    Since then everything is orange/black and sweet/sour. :confused:

    Here it is not man made - it is businessman made! ;)

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    Hi SRD and thanks, you are welcome my friend ;)

    Thanks :)

    Simply because this festival is not native to our country or region.
    As I explain, it is originally a pagan and non-Catholic festival, but it is the origin of "All Saints' Day" in Catholicism.
    Then, the interpretation is specific to each religion which I respect.

    I won't go into the debate about religions or their interpretations, because it's too complex, because it's not the point of my subject and it's certainly not the place!

    I am simply trying to explain the origin of this holiday, with respect. Nothing else is necessary.

    You can simply try it with your children. It's a great time to spend with them.

    I totally agree with you. Your way of celebrating the day of the dead is superb and very respectful. I would really like to see one with all the respect that one should.

    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con usted. Su forma de celebrar el día de los muertos es magnífica y muy respetuosa. Realmente me gustaría ver uno con todo el respeto que se debe.

    Thank you and I appreciate to sharing with +1 Community

    Yes, it's a drift, like many religious holidays where money takes a relatively important place and which disinhibits a little the "respectful" side
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    atenaa , Oct 27, 2021 :
    My motifs aren't religious. I just don't celebrate Halloween. 🙂

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    Like me, it was my children who started celebrating Halloween, for the festive aspect and especially the candy.;):p
    I had to come and live in Brittany to take part.
    Previously, in the Basque country where I lived, we didn't celebrate Halloween.

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    For example, in Martinique, where I lived three years, they really celebrate All Saints' Day, a bit like in Mexico.
    The All Saints' weekend is a happy time in the West Indies. It is different from the metropolis where it is a sad and painful event. The West Indians experience mourning and death differently. It is a moment when the graves are cleaned but it is also a moment of sharing. Families and friends gather to picnic, listen to music and sing, tell stories and anecdotes about the deceased, while children play in the alleys in the middle of a flowery cemetery lit up with thousands of red and white candles. It's a fairytale show....

    fete-des-morts martinique.jpg


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    I love the festival of Halloween 🦇🎃 bingeing my favorite horror movies, eating chocolates and doing a Halloween look on the day is one way I celebrate it. :)

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