What Music Genre Should OnePlus Belong to?

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    mrgray, May 5, 2019 :

    this song can represent us and our community. I'm sure we all can agree on this [e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e]

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    Akhshay Srinivasan, May 6, 2019 :
    Well @Trista W. , this either means another wireless BT earphones are gonna come along with your next release else you are gonna introduce completely a newer app on the play store - OnePlus music :D

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    Did you just Rick Roll @Trista W. ?! :eek:o_O

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    already wireless 2 bullet's are leaked bro!! and dash car charger!!

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    Right on!!! Hahaah

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    MichAssel92, May 6, 2019 :
    I've chose this song and made this cover for you all. You work so hard for the OP7! That's why I chose this song. I like so much Trap music so here it is.



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    youbi, May 6, 2019 :
    So true. Can't imagine doing things without it. :)

    Great Idea for a contest. :)

    This thread reminded me of an old one created by @puccellino about what songs described your relationship with your phone. :)

    Back then I told this about my op2. :sweatsmile:

    Will try to get my new playlist done this week. :)

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    artloverjv, May 6, 2019 :
    Well, for me, it's always like a festival when I unbox a new device. It's like Christmas came early. So, in the spirit of these little moments of happiness, here's an upbeat playlist for everyone.


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    cdnfarmer, May 7, 2019 :
    What Music Genre Should OnePlus Belong to?

    To answer your question @Trista W. : OnePlus would be best represented by their own gender. ;)
    For example, there are a few different songs from a variety of gender that may work.

    To start off. Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas as mentioned elsewhere in the forum.

    Santana has his own style by combining many different styles together. But he can play like it's no one else's business. This "Smooth" song fits with the OnePlus 7 publicity of smooth..

    Good times by Alan Jackson.. Overall A great phone. fun to use for it's fast OSS . When looking at the official video, there is alot of coordinating required... makes me think of all the work involved in coordinating a launch ...

    Je Ne Parle Pas Français.

    This song relates to two people not speaking eachother' s languages but sees eachother's qualities and manages to communicate.

    In OnePlus case, Sometimes some people may not understand features and how to get the most of the device. Moreover, the phone and community are platforms to meet people from all around the world who have different languages but still enjoy a friendly conversation.

    Pearl in the World of Dirt. by Beyond the Black.

    The phone and OnePlus as a company is different than most. They do attempt to have or build a cohesive user base... community and provide opportunities for interactions. while not any of the larger companies don't have such approach. when considering overall the quality of OPO, Op3,5,6 (with T variant) over the years they have established themselves as a refreshing option in the somewhat somber phone market.

    Toujours Vivant by Gerry Boulet...

    This song signifies looking forward, going to the end. Challenge status quo and leave one's mark on the world.. Fight for what is right. Similar to OnePlus who challenged the smartphone industry with their OPO that tried to make the right phone for consumers. Leaving their mark or name as OnePlus has gotten people interested in alternatives, e.g. leading in smart phone in India.. etc.
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  19. Vignesh_chandz Honeycomb May 7, 2019

    Vignesh_chandz, May 7, 2019 :

    A Hope I'm Stayin' NEVER SETTLE ( First words of all the tracks )
    (I did just add New York City to symbolise the OnePlus 7 Series poster in the NY Times. ) @Trista W.

    I really connect to OnePlus with all these Tracks and looking at the cover pic you guys must have guessed it right.
    It's symbolizes the Oneplus community showing OnePlus with their fingers .

    Track 1
    A Different Way

    DJ Snake, Lauv

    Could you believe I could be different?
    I'll be the difference, I'll lift you high
    And I understand your hesitation
    Our reputation, it's no surprise

    So let me redefine you
    And you can see the tide move
    Just like tears in the eyes do
    And when you're feeling alone
    Oh, baby, I'll be right here

    (These lyrics clearly Shows how OnePlus is dominating in being unique and different with all the standards. Their reputation is no surprise cuz OnePlus is all about customer satisfaction.)

    Track 2

    The Chainsmokers

    I would have walked through fire to kiss your lips
    Do you still think about it, of what you did?
    Still see your old apartment, like a bad trip
    Wish I could forget all the places we've been

    Hard and heavy whiskey goodbyes
    Boy, you know how to make a girl cry
    Was sleeping in a bed full of lies
    And now that I'm older, I can see why

    You made me feel high

    (This track clearly shows how I am ready to cross fire to be a part of the Oneplus community and how I feel using a OnePlus device. And how I wish to forget all the frustrations I had with an older device )

    Track 3
    Stayin' Alive

    Bee Gees

    Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
    I'm a woman's man, no time to talk
    Music loud and women warm, I've been kicked around
    Since I was born
    And now it's alright, it's okay
    And you may look the other way
    We can try to understand
    The New York Times' effect on man

    Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother
    You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive
    Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'

    (This track clearly depicts how OnePlus keeps the innovation alive [e]1f525[/e] and looking at the last line The New York Times effect just brings the nostalgic memories of our first product launch there.)

    Track 4
    Never Settle

    Rob Bailey

    Rob Bailey is back
    Its Rob Bailey, Bailey
    its the Hustle Standard
    Battle tested
    come at me bro
    we cant lose
    5 5 4 dont care
    its all me
    its all me
    its all me
    from inside went to the stars
    we will never gonna settle
    watch out
    i have give no upset
    i have coming to push out my fear legs, yes
    but I'm happy
    I'm o erjoyed
    cant wait to see what happend next boy
    because I'm new, new
    and I'm improve
    you can bet on this
    I can't lose
    I'm bigger than reall life on HD

    (This track is all about NEVER SETTLE. Does it need any explanation ?) Did saved the best for the last !

    Track 5
    I'm the One

    DJ Khaled

    We The Best Music
    Another one!
    DJ Khaled

    Yeah, you're lookin' at the truth, the money never lie no
    I'm the one, yeah, I'm the one
    Early mornin' in the dawn, know you wanna ride now (that's right)
    I'm the one, yeah (that's right), I'm the one, yeah
    Yeah, you're sick of all those other imitators
    Don't let the only real one intimidate you
    See you watchin', don't run outta time now
    I'm the one, yeah

    Oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, oh-eh-oh
    I'm the one

    (OnePlus is the ONE and ONLY ONE. No Replacements.)

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