What was the last Last update of software called?

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  1. Jabiraj1
    Honeycomb Dec 25, 2014

    Jabiraj1 , Dec 25, 2014 :
    Guys I just got my replacement new Oneplus , thanks to the people who made it happen even though it took a long time but it was worth. So I just wanna know what is the latest software version? I was on 38r is there anything new that came out while i was out of touch with my one?

  2. fgaurano
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 25, 2014

  3. Maximus12
    Honeycomb Dec 25, 2014

    Maximus12 , Dec 25, 2014 :

  4. Jabiraj1
    Honeycomb Dec 25, 2014

  5. iwilsker
    Froyo Dec 25, 2014

    iwilsker , Dec 25, 2014 :
    Being somewhat of a rookie with the OPO (less than a week), I see that mine (actually my wife's) has 44S.

    Is there any type of schedule or average frequency of updates?
    I notice that the OPO itself is checking for updates periodically; is that fairly reliable? Other than manually checking for updates, is there any type of notice that an update is available?

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

  6. carbine30
    Marshmallow Dec 25, 2014

    carbine30 , Dec 25, 2014 :
    The system checks for updates automatically almost every day or when you restart your phone, if there is any updates available you will receive a notification to update. Merry Christmas:)

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  7. iwilsker
    Froyo Dec 25, 2014

    iwilsker , Dec 25, 2014 :

    Thank you for your prompt response. Merry Christmas to you too!

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  8. liquoqing
    Honeycomb Dec 25, 2014

  9. Rahul
    Honeycomb Dec 25, 2014

    Rahul , Dec 25, 2014 :
    Recent update was 44S. Expect a huge OTA next month with a lot of new stuff and improvements.

    Hope this solves the purpose of this thread. Closing it down.

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