Whats the maximum MBIT/S the OnePlus One can get?

  1. AbuKole
    Gingerbread Jul 20, 2014

    AbuKole , Jul 20, 2014 :
    I've heard that the microwave fix for yellow screen also works for this "problem".

  2. Ausgelebt
    Cupcake Jul 21, 2014

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  3. PDbPP
    Gingerbread Jul 21, 2014

  4. Ausgelebt
    Cupcake Jul 21, 2014

    Ausgelebt , Jul 21, 2014 :
    I am chatting with the support where they told me"
    Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) 802.11 b/g/n/ac

    It is both compatible with and should achieve speeds up to the limits of these protocols depend on link state. The screenshot you sent me shows your link state is 135 with 'ok' reception. You might check if that figure increases as you get closer to your router. Thanks."

    but not even in university where other devices can achieve 300mbps+ I can get over 150mbps..

  5. Hasaan12
    Jelly Bean Jul 21, 2014

    Hasaan12 , Jul 21, 2014 :
    Damn your member 2k??? That the earliest I've seen

  6. PDbPP
    Gingerbread Jul 22, 2014

    PDbPP , Jul 22, 2014 :
    So it really sounds like a reception issue? Do you only get "ok" reception when you are standing right next to the AP? If so, this might be a physical defect of your phone.

  7. Ausgelebt
    Cupcake Jul 28, 2014

    Ausgelebt , Jul 28, 2014 :
    I am still waiting for someone to post faster speeds, because I just think that the OPO can't handle more than 150mbs.

  8. AbuKole
    Gingerbread Jul 29, 2014

    AbuKole , Jul 29, 2014 :
    Given the small number of us folks who actually have an OPO, and the even smaller number of people who are trying to transfer data with our OPOs at rates faster than 150mbps, you might be better off just buying a second OPO and trying it yourself. Or, you know, you could just sit here and wait. That might work out.

  9. Ausgelebt
    Cupcake Jul 29, 2014

    Ausgelebt , Jul 29, 2014 :
    Was a pain in the *** to get the first one, impossible to get another, but there are a lot of employees but the after sales support sucks hard, I made a ticket asking 500times the same question without getting an answer and I explained them my hardware and told them that all other devices (desktop, mbp, tablet) get higher speeds as I have a ******* expensive router that has 450mb+ standard

  10. PEPITO82
    Froyo Sep 3, 2014

    PEPITO82 , Sep 3, 2014 :
    I also connect the OPO to a Fritz!Box 7490 with dual band wifi. When checking the connection speed it's always 72 mbit. The Fritz!Box, however, supports up to 1.300 mbits. It seems to me that the OPO does not connect to the 5 GHz wifi at all. Shouldn't the OPO prefer connections to 5 GHz wifi?

    The only way to make it run on 5 GHz is to allow 5 GHz connections only in the preferences.
    Other devices as the iPad Air automatically choose the 5 GHz wifi and this is what I would expect for the OPO too. :(

  11. BolaCody
    Gingerbread Sep 3, 2014

    BolaCody , Sep 3, 2014 :
    very impress.

  12. rnmhaag
    Jelly Bean Sep 3, 2014

  13. giaur500
    Jelly Bean Sep 3, 2014

    giaur500 , Sep 3, 2014 :
    I'm getting 72 Mbps (Android reports 72 Mps as connection speed) max with my N router. It's tp-link dual channel and I have 300 Mbps from PC.

    My isp provides 100 Mbps, so I have 100 Mbps from my PC, but real connection speed from opo is only about 45 Mbps (not even 72 Mbps). So OPO sucks a little. I just noticed, that other users here have the same problems, so opo sucks.

    I have no idea about ac standard because I don't have ac router to check.

  14. fazfactor
    Honeycomb Sep 3, 2014

    fazfactor , Sep 3, 2014 :
    Dont worry mate.. Your device is well equipped and has 4G LTE but the speed totally depends on your carrier.. :D

  15. PEPITO82
    Froyo Sep 3, 2014

    PEPITO82 , Sep 3, 2014 :
    Well, forcing a 5 GHz connection leads to a much higher connection speed with the Fritz!Box 7490. It was above 300 mbits then. In the preferences there is no option to prefer 5 GHz connections... :(

  16. haroon akram sheikh
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2014

    haroon akram sheikh , Sep 29, 2014 :
    My opo only connects at 150mbps (5 GHz N)
    Where as my nvidia shield connects at 300 Mbps (5ghz N) with same router .... does it mean OPO can't go higher 150mbps...

  17. GallantJR
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 29, 2014

    GallantJR , Sep 29, 2014 :
    They are talking about wifi ... jeez...

  18. mwoolley
    Jelly Bean Sep 29, 2014

  19. GallantJR
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 29, 2014

    GallantJR , Sep 29, 2014 :
    Will try to test it.

    but snapdragon 801 use Qualcomm® VIVE™ 1 Stream

    1-stream VIVE solutions for smartphones:
    • Over 300 Mbps – Lets you download a 2-hour movie in 3 minutes
    • Designed to deliver 6x less power consumption – Transmit faster and get back to sleep
    • Unique coexistence features for better Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth performance
    • Seamless migration for customers upgrading to 802.11ac
    - See more at: http://www.qca.qualcomm.com/mobile-connectivity/wi-fi/qualcomm-vive/#sthash.hFIR0V2G.dpuf

    So normally 300 Mbps is suppose to work with opo..

  20. Walkin_mn
    Jelly Bean Sep 29, 2014

    Walkin_mn , Sep 29, 2014 :
    The hardware for AC is there, there's only two options i think
    1 there's some setting in you router you have to change
    2 the sw of the OPO won't allow faster speeds because some bug, maybe fixable with a mod(?)