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DXO Mark score 111 is Fake score ?

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  1. G_Yomny_vZsX
    Eclair May 22, 2019

    G_Yomny_vZsX , May 22, 2019 :
    The great thing I see in all this is how involved the guys/gals are at OP. The fact that they reply to most threads and actually provide time frames as to when updates for fixes are coming, it's great. Looking forward to the next camera updates.

  2. Pratik.Hingnikar
    Cupcake May 23, 2019

    Pratik.Hingnikar , May 23, 2019 :
    just buy new OnePlus 7pro and I have found that camera quality of this phone needs to improve . when you click the photo with portrait mode background need to blur. All photos needs to click very sharp and clear like A flagship phone.

    I hope OnePlus will improve this issue with new update.

  3. Grilled_Trout
    Gingerbread May 23, 2019

    Grilled_Trout , May 23, 2019 :
    Tip for you:

    If you want to discuss something, at least make a small effort to see if there are any existing threads talking about the same topic.

    There is a mega thread with over 700 comments on the FIRST PAGE of this community section where it clearly cannot be missed unless one made ZERO effort to even try to look for it.

  4. I1558106037962
    Cupcake May 23, 2019

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  5. Bongzerker
    Gingerbread May 23, 2019

    Bongzerker , May 23, 2019 :
    Noticed you've gotten a lot of low-effort replies and I wanted to hopefully be a bit more constructive.

    I haven't been able to get a few good shots out of the OP7 Pro yet because of how insane the shutter lag is combined with the very blurry, grainy image processing under many different lighting conditions. I've noticed that the actual "viewfinder" (not sure the right word for this on a smartphone, but essentially the image preview) will actually stutter and jitter if moved too quickly. Something is very, very wrong with the stock camera app.

    Installing GCam on the other hand, results in amazing photos, and no shutter lag. The image preview still looks blurry and grainy but once you actually take and save the shot the captured image looks great.

    Obviously the camera hardware isn't at fault here, it's the actual software getting in the way of good photographs.

    Here is a direct comparison. Note all the noise, grain, and blur on the OnePlus 7 Pro stock cam image. The colors of my dog's fur also kinda blend together with a rainbow-ish effect at parts like I'm coming down off shrooms or something. Really poor image processing going on here.


    The sad thing is that under perfect lighting conditions, you can actually get some really good shots (or at least, I've gotten one) that rival the Pixel 3 and S10. It's all the lighting in between that the phone struggles with, and the shutter lag is always a problem and makes photographing any type of pet or action scene all but impossible.

    Really hope this gets addressed. Maybe OnePlus should just clone GCam and make their own port lol

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  6. G_Justine_Savinon_IEPS
    Froyo May 23, 2019

    G_Justine_Savinon_IEPS , May 23, 2019 :
    Here is my personal review on the OnePlus 7 pro.

    The camera is awesome. I cannot say that it is a downgrade to the OnePlus 6T. OnePlus isn't recognized as a company that is chief on camera. But it isn't bad.
    Here are some examples of my shots, there is no GCam or any mods involved:




    The battery is good. As of now, today I played PUBG for like 20 minutes. But I have been using Clash Royale for a while, like 1 hour and so accumulated.
    I have watched a couple of videos today. And I used Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube Music frequently. Last but not least , today I used my OnePlus bullets wireless 2 for like 2 hour and something more. (I listen to music on my job, watched vids with the bullets, and I, as every day, walked for 1 hour and so, listening to music.) That's a lot of Bluetooth usage right there. and here is how my Battery is performing:
    And yes, I'm using 90Hz. (For those who don't know, the screen on time that appears over there is 7h and 27 min.)
    So I might say that at least for the kind of user that I am, the battery is more than awesome.

    Average, the phone is just awesome and I don't have anything bad to say about it. It's smooth, big and amazing. The fast charging is lit.

    As for the new OnePlus bullets wireless 2, I have used the first generation and I would say that the upgrade is actually nicer than what I thought. I wouldn't recommend it if you still have the BW1, but I lost mine not too long ago so I gave myself the opportunity to buy these ones, and they are really an upgrade.

    I do recommend this phone, and I do recommend the bullets wireless. I haven't tried the GCam, but if this camera can really get better, better for me.
    This phone is good, and I love it. I do recommend buying these.

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  7. Bongzerker
    Gingerbread May 23, 2019

    Bongzerker , May 23, 2019 :
    The camera is definitely capable of putting out some great shots, the problem is that it handles certain types of lighting (particularly indoor lighting) pretty poorly and there's a ton of shutter lag (like half a second delay between pressing capture and actually taking the shot). It can definitely be improved based on the results I've seen using the GCam port, OnePlus just needs to put in the effort.

  8. Prodigyx
    Eclair May 23, 2019

    Prodigyx , May 23, 2019 :
    Ive got to say, you will never find the support in other OEM's the way OP support their customers.

    ive been a loyal fan of OP for years before the pixel 2 - and now pixel 3 xl. i own the pixel 3xl and have purchased the OP7Pro.
    to see Jimmy Z reply to users on the public forums speaks volumes to their support and care factor of their products.

    Oneplus has finally released a flagship level phone to rival the best phones out there, including my Pixel 3XL
    the pixel series are known for terrific cameras, its arguably the best point and shoot camera out there, not because of their hardware, but because their software, the post processing is amazingly tuned for the best picture.

    But oneplus isnt far behind (in some instances ahead), the technology is there, definitely, and you can see what the phone is capable of with the GCAM ports.

    I believe with the right guidance and appreciation for googles post processing (id go as far as to say clone it) , OnePlus can deliver photos that leave the flag-ships in the dust.
    OnePlus just needs to take a few pages from Googles camera works, post, HDR+E, OIS layered HDR shots just to name a few.

    Now i have seen my OP7pro out perform my Pixel is some scenarios, and vice versa after these latest updates.
    the experience of my OP phones is definitely the best of any other i have used, but the camera is the grey area!
    and thats not to mention my pixel being extremely slow and laggy compared to what i am used to with my previous OP phones.

    Thank you Jimmy for gathering users feedback and delivering them to the right teams to get a better camera experience!

    keep the reviews and suggestions coming guys

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  9. gyan0621
    Froyo May 23, 2019

    gyan0621 , May 23, 2019 :
    so this guy compared note 7 pro and OnePlus 7 pro camera. as both have same sensor and guess what note 7 pro takes better pics.

    more embarrassment, my friend are sharing this video and tagging me in their post.

  10. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert May 23, 2019

    Bouncer71 , May 23, 2019 :
    I'd recommend HDR for situations like these..
    If Scene detection doesn't set HDR automatically force select it...

    This one isn't HDR but shot with the tele lens... ;)


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  11. oldmeatwad
    Eclair May 23, 2019

    oldmeatwad , May 23, 2019 :
    Well...as a camera snob and amateur fashion photographer, I'll say that currently it's hit or miss.

    - The wide angle is fuzzy most of the time.
    - Portrait mode is way to cropped in and the bokeh is better on standard mode.
    - 3x is HORRIBLY fuzzy
    - Manual mode/48 mp is not good at all - name a bad photo condition and this mode suffers from it.
    - panos have awkward stitching and fuzziness.

    The best mode seems to be the standard mode ATM. Gcam is ok 50% of the time, so not a complete fix.

    Regardless, with some practice you can get some good shots. I pray it only gets better with updates!

    Some "practice shots " on my op7p a
    below. Photo shoting order is: stardard mode> standard mode wide angle > standard >wide.

    outside if the camera, loving all other aspects of the device. 7 hours ost on my first charge !

    PS..the uploaded photos are lower rez after they are posted . They def are clear pre upload to this forum.






  12. Golden_Whale
    Gingerbread May 23, 2019

    Golden_Whale , May 23, 2019 :
    Still waiting for someone to post pics of cars, kids in motion or just people walking on a square pls.

  13. shoaibkhan996
    Gingerbread May 23, 2019

  14. shoaibkhan996
    Gingerbread May 23, 2019

  15. shoaibkhan996
    Gingerbread May 23, 2019

  16. Golden_Whale
    Gingerbread May 23, 2019

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  17. Stevekaiser
    Eclair May 23, 2019

  18. mariusmuntensky
    Froyo May 23, 2019

    mariusmuntensky , May 23, 2019 :
    Dull collors, too much compression resulting in no details and oil paint effect...why on earth do you think that garbage quality photos are fine just because they take less space on the phone??

  19. mariusmuntensky
    Froyo May 23, 2019

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  20. malidan
    Nougat May 23, 2019

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