When I open the camera the phone freeze via OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. Moncie117
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2021

    Moncie117 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Apr 13, 2021 :
    Every time I use the camera my phone glitch and I have to to an hard reset, basically my phone freeze and after 15 second it reboot on his own. Doesn't matter if it's from the app camera it self or from like telegram.
    I'm on Android 11 beta 4

  2. the_o2
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Apr 13, 2021

    the_o2 , Apr 13, 2021 :
    As you mentioned you are on beta,
    report this bug here


    if you wanted to report bugs using the community app steps are mentioned here

    Try to post beta related issues in the official beta thread they read comments there, no need to create a separate thread on beta related issues.