When is 5.1 coming?


Who wants more transparency from OnePlus?!

  1. Yes please?

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  2. Nah, let them be secretive.

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  1. wolffstein
    Gingerbread Apr 7, 2015

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  2. Nurve
    KitKat Apr 7, 2015

    Nurve , Apr 7, 2015 :

  3. Wishmaster
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2015

  4. The_Rahman
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2015

    The_Rahman , Apr 7, 2015 :
    When I saw the words " Oxygen OS and 5.1" I didn ever bother to read the post.

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  5. ganggumalam
    Froyo Apr 7, 2015

    ganggumalam , Apr 7, 2015 :
    Bapak mana bapak mana bapak mana dimanaaaaa dimanaaaa

  6. playya
    Gingerbread Apr 7, 2015

    playya , Apr 7, 2015 :
    Is it really that difficult for those if you that feel you need to know everything and have everything to simply root and flash cm 12.1 and find a thread that updates frequently and enjoy. Really sad what some of you think your entitled to...

  7. Lecter
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2015

    Lecter , Apr 7, 2015 :
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  8. RonaldM
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2015

    RonaldM , Apr 7, 2015 :
    I was totally surprised by all the foul language, personal (verbal) abuse on moderators and administrators when Oneplus missed their first releasedate of OxygenOS. And not to forget Helen (Head of Mobile Product at OnePlus) who communicated the first date, she had to endure a lot. No daily updates could stop all the verbal flooding of filth towards her and her team.

    So I am almost certain Oneplus isn't stepping in to this trap a second time. Just give them time to fix bugs and add nice things with their philosophy behind OxygenOS in our minds: keep it light and essential. And don't forget to submit bugs and feature requests using the Feedback app

    And about transparency, it would be great if they communicatie on what they are working on. Top 10 bugs and feature requests, just 'keeping us in the loop'. But that's what they are trying to do already in their blog.
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  9. rubberbandito
    Froyo Apr 15, 2015

    rubberbandito , Apr 15, 2015 :
    Everybody forgets that before is 1 was released Helen said hey already submitted the second batch just days before release of first. To me this means 5.1 is currently being certified. I would imagine now the big work of 1.0 is done incremental updates will lag just a few weeks behind google.

  10. Kapitan Nemo
    Lollipop Apr 15, 2015

    Kapitan Nemo , Apr 15, 2015 :
    Not likely, a few months maybe but it would never be a few weeks.

  11. bds87
    Froyo Apr 15, 2015

  12. Niels_Andersen
    KitKat Apr 15, 2015

    Niels_Andersen , Apr 15, 2015 :
    One day after release of CM12?
    "I can't think of anything better than IB4L, so here's a smiley :)" - from OnePlus

  13. badger906
    Jelly Bean Apr 15, 2015

    badger906 , Apr 15, 2015 :
    I'm with Op here. I'd like to see a road map from oneplus outlining updates and features that would likely be on those updates.

    yes I know road maps lead to moaning as targets aren't often hit on time, but here's some advice, if you guys think it will be delayed add some time onto the road map, then you can release it early and get some positivity from the people without social lives who sit hitting update every 5 seconds.

  14. Antoine Vdb
    KitKat Apr 15, 2015

  15. Jael Pendragon
    KitKat Apr 15, 2015

    Jael Pendragon , Apr 15, 2015 :
    Whiners will always whine. No matter what

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  16. renel
    Gingerbread Apr 15, 2015

  17. Peter8169
    Jelly Bean Apr 15, 2015

    Peter8169 , Apr 15, 2015 :
    Oh the off topic note. That feature was created for new members to stop from spamming a "can I have an invite thread". Everything they do has a reason ya know! ;)

  18. Dr. Indest
    Lollipop Apr 15, 2015

  19. Bugru
    Jelly Bean Apr 15, 2015

    Bugru , Apr 15, 2015 :
    Uhm.. Not really... Still on 4.4.4....

  20. simplesieng
    Cupcake Apr 15, 2015

    simplesieng , Apr 15, 2015 :
    Hold your horses! The OTA for 5.0 does not work yet!