when is oneplus going to fix battery drain in nougat ??

  1. 298manjeetsingh
    Froyo May 3, 2017

  2. rameez0307
    Gingerbread May 3, 2017

    rameez0307 , May 3, 2017 :
    they are busy only providing beta software and doing experiments..when it's time to provide stable official update they provide shitty os 4.1.3..i just can't understand what's the use of so much experiment when finally the updates 4.1.3 are all shitty.. already there is three fuc***g beta software for trial but this Oneplus doesn't have the common sense to release the first batch of update to rectify shitty crap 4.1.3..no wonder people are pissed off..and then some fanboys will start giving suggestions do factory reset do this this do that which just gives no result at all..

  3. info2shail2010
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 3, 2017

    info2shail2010 , May 3, 2017 :
    just ask Accidently one question about battery life...
    after 5 min
    546783 Posts about
    Google Search/Search for threads/Idiots/Cup cakes/ Why you created new thread/Clear cache...

    The actual Spammer are these guys... Just answer that guy in 4-5 post and thread closed.... but everyone will argue/roast and chit chat like girls till rest of his life... lol (No Offance)... just for fun...

  4. Rorence
    Cupcake May 3, 2017

    Rorence , May 3, 2017 :
    This is a happy tour for me to read on this post. After reading the whole post, we can get solutions to deal with the trouble quickly and safely. Thanks for your nice sharing.

  5. sfarrow67
    Cupcake May 3, 2017

    sfarrow67 , May 3, 2017 :
    Activating the aggressive doze function should help you out if you haven't already tried that. the Android system will always top your battery usage as it's always running, no matter what you try to run over the top of it. It's just the nature of computers mate

  6. Sparshgarg174
    Donut May 3, 2017

    Sparshgarg174 , May 3, 2017 :
    had the same problem.. its bcoz battery isn't getting caliberated with new update.. it took me 8 cycles of complete draining and complete charging within 3 days for my battery to caliberate. Try charging phone when switched off to 100% after drain.

    May take several tries..

  7. s.u.m.i.t
    Froyo May 3, 2017

    s.u.m.i.t , May 3, 2017 :
    even i face battery drain... there are 205 comments so can anyone tell me the suggestion been given
    means whats the solution??
    as there are 205 comment out of which some might be the talks so can anyone please

  8. G_Sandeep_Kumar_Ocek
    Donut May 4, 2017

    G_Sandeep_Kumar_Ocek , May 4, 2017 :
    i have tried everything buddy

  9. G_craig_shaw_VCAa
    Honeycomb May 4, 2017

    G_craig_shaw_VCAa , May 4, 2017 :
    Understand totally, I was trying to highlight the fact that mine was an untouched empty phone, so maybe a clean out before upgrade may be needed.

  10. G_Ayush_Gupta_WDxZ
    Donut May 4, 2017

    G_Ayush_Gupta_WDxZ , May 4, 2017 :
    just do a factory reset .. drain ur battery to 0% then charge it to 100%.
    turn of automatic backup ..

    P.S. just clear ur cache before doing it.

    it solved my problem .. maybe it helps you too

  11. G_Raed_Abada_ASlL
    Donut May 4, 2017

    G_Raed_Abada_ASlL , May 4, 2017 :
    i don't have a nearby services centre !! how can I do that by me ??

  12. j8765
    Gingerbread May 4, 2017

    j8765 , May 4, 2017 :
    where are you living ?

  13. j8765
    Gingerbread May 4, 2017

    j8765 , May 4, 2017 :
    unless you are well versed or skilled in doing such things, dont do it yourself.
    if you have a friend who has it done , or who can do it, ask him.

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  14. G_Raed_Abada_ASlL
    Donut May 4, 2017

  15. G_Raed_Abada_ASlL
    Donut May 4, 2017

    G_Raed_Abada_ASlL , May 4, 2017 :

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  16. kpoyser
    Gingerbread May 4, 2017

    kpoyser , May 4, 2017 :
    the battery drain we are experiencing is not a OnePlus issue, it's an Android issue and has to be addressed by Google. my Samsung tablet started having the same issue after it was updated to Nougat.

    stop complaining to OP they can k ly do so much. your memories are so short that you forgot this issue also appeared worth lollipop

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  17. jim262
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 4, 2017

    jim262 , May 4, 2017 :
    You know you have not tried everything, otherwise you would not still have problems.

  18. Machorahul
    Honeycomb May 4, 2017

  19. jim262
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 4, 2017

  20. O7_Harish_Chandra
    Froyo May 4, 2017

    O7_Harish_Chandra , May 4, 2017 :
    Clear cache/Data of Google Play Services & Google Play Store & Uninstall Updates of these apps

    Play Store will automatically updated & Google Play service needs to be manually update

    as well as clear cache memory under Setting- Storage