When will OnePlus atleast bring developer version for OnePlus 6. Did they forgot about the OnePlus 6 via OnePlus 6

  1. Atmik123
    Eclair Aug 12, 2020

  2. B_Wrath
    Nougat Aug 12, 2020

    B_Wrath , Aug 12, 2020 :
    When they have given a 10.3.5, do you think they have forgotten it?
    OP6 is the third or fourth priority phone now. It's more than 2 years old. You won't be getting any developer preview. Even the 7/T series don't have it.
    You can expect it by Q1 2021. It was a similar time when the OP5/T got Android 10.

    And please don't create a new thread for things like this. Discuss in the already available official threads.

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