When will the Oneplus One be obselete


When will the Oneplus one be obsolete

  1. 1 year

  2. 2 years

  3. 3 years

  4. 4 years

  5. 5 years

  6. 6 years

  7. 7 years

  8. 8 years

  9. 9 years

  10. 10 years

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  1. AndrewNguyen
    Honeycomb Apr 30, 2014

    AndrewNguyen , Apr 30, 2014 :
    It'll be obsolete by the time it's hits the bigger market :p seriously there's a bunch of new phones coming out in the second half of the year that's going to one up the OnePlus One, maybe not on price point but spec-wise at least.

  2. noo7na7
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 30, 2014

  3. FargoBison
    Honeycomb Apr 30, 2014

    FargoBison , Apr 30, 2014 :
    Yeah that is a good point, when will another manufacture match these specs at this price? Could be a while.

  4. previous_known_as_slope
    Froyo Apr 30, 2014

    previous_known_as_slope , Apr 30, 2014 :
    I do believe I will be using this phone for several years. I am now using an old HTC HD from 2008 or maybe even before. I do not upgrade as as often as most people, as I try to minimize footprint in this consumer world.

    With the old HTC I have flashed it using 3rd party roms and that has made it possible to keep the phone during all these years. Sure I will do that to the 1+1 as well. When the phone starts to become close to retirement I will remove CM and go for the slimmest possible ROM, maybe slimkat or something similar.

    I can not change the world, I can only change me and my behavior. So I try to be as green as one can be within reason. Hence the prolonged life of phones and other earthly possessions.

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  5. Radeon962
    KitKat Apr 30, 2014

    Radeon962 , Apr 30, 2014 :
    Most phones show their age within 2 years. I don't expect OnePlus to be any different.

  6. Radeon962
    KitKat Apr 30, 2014

    Radeon962 , Apr 30, 2014 :
    Then what do you think of the Smash the past contest? That would seem to be against your morals?

  7. previous_known_as_slope
    Froyo Apr 30, 2014

    previous_known_as_slope , Apr 30, 2014 :

    I feel I actually has ranted on enough already about that, but in short I do not like that very much. It is not so much a moral issue as it is an ethical issue. To destroy perfectly usable phones seems to me a bit drastic. But hey I do not run a company or make market plans. I am just an average joe :)

    Not many people really cares deeply about stuff like this so I think most people will enjoy watching those videos. And that is ok, at least the contest do remind them to do a proper disposal of the beaten hardware.

  8. daisy92
    Eclair Apr 30, 2014

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  9. ziprom
    KitKat Apr 30, 2014

    ziprom , Apr 30, 2014 :
    In our Web based world technology advances at warp speed as we all know. To answer the question it depends on several factors.

    1) The Customer
    2) The Tasks at hand
    3) How devices are cared for
    4) Durability of build
    5) The makers desire to sell more

    Some of us are capable of extracting years of service from a Smartphone. Not the type to abandon a device that still does what it was designed for, we do very well.

    Others must have the very latest

    Some get easily influenced and caught up in marketing.

    Therefore at the end of the day it's a highly variable situation.

  10. daisy92
    Eclair Apr 30, 2014

  11. Troyd879
    Froyo Apr 30, 2014

    Troyd879 , Apr 30, 2014 :
    Two months is a long time in terms of cell phone technology. You can argue against this all you want, but I have seen a phone I might have waited for about three months later almost every time I have purchased a top of the line phone.

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  12. ndipaolo5
    Honeycomb Apr 30, 2014

    ndipaolo5 , Apr 30, 2014 :
    My goodness no! It has pretty much top of the line specs now, and probably will be a near top-tier phone for 6 to 12 months.

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  13. previous_known_as_slope
    Froyo Apr 30, 2014

    previous_known_as_slope , Apr 30, 2014 :

    Short response to #2 The Task At Hand.

    If one uses remote desktop one can make the home computer do much of the grunt work. Transferring only screen output to smartphones. Kind of like we see in offices when companies uses ie Citrix and Thin Clients to connect to a "desktop" sitting on a server. That way one can extend smartphones life and also do actually cpu or memory intensive work like editing raw files, manipulating larger databases etc.

    The new games and multimedia experiences might not do very well in later years but you can actually do pretty much anything else with the right setup even with an old smartphone.

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  14. chrisc91(1+1)
    Gingerbread Apr 30, 2014

    chrisc91(1+1) , Apr 30, 2014 :
    It definitely won't be obsolete, but by June, the snapdragon 805 shouldn't be too far away. Not to mention the 801 won't be brand brand new. All in all, I don't think we should worry about it being obsolete. And for the price, too! I mean the nexus 5 is still very popular and it's on a SD 800.

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  15. theslimshadyist
    Jelly Bean Apr 30, 2014

    theslimshadyist , Apr 30, 2014 :
    What would be your alternative purchase if you didn't go with the OPO?

  16. ChrisTerp
    Lollipop Apr 30, 2014

    ChrisTerp , Apr 30, 2014 :
    OnePlus One can be obsolete tomorrow if phone manufacturers wish to put better technology in their phones at anytime. However, for the technology and the price, OnePlus One should stand as not only a good value but also as a quality phone.

  17. bLankz
    Eclair Apr 30, 2014

  18. GetMe1
    Froyo Apr 30, 2014

    GetMe1 , Apr 30, 2014 :
    No, it has similar or better specs as the GS5, would u say GS5 is obsolete?

  19. disellusional
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 30, 2014

  20. chrisc91(1+1)
    Gingerbread Apr 30, 2014

    chrisc91(1+1) , Apr 30, 2014 :
    Mine would probably be the Z2...tho I would probably have to pay a mini fortune for it.