Which Bluetooth gamepads are supported by OnePlus TV?

  1. Steven X.
    OnePlus TV Software PM Staff Member Oct 1, 2019

    Steven X. , Oct 1, 2019 :
    We checked all Bluetooth gamepads from Amazon's bestseller list, to ensure that devices with more then 2000 sold units and a rating over 3.5 stars work properly with OnePlus TV. This list includes both Bluetooth controllers for mainstream gaming consoles and gamepads from third-party peripheral vendors. Still, if you face issues with any specific gaming controllers, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

    Take mainstream gaming controllers as an example: We support Sony's DualShock 4 series, Microsoft's Xbox One seriesand Nintendo's Switch pro series.
    As for third-party peripheral vendors, we support the Stratus Android series from SteelSeries, among others.

    How does the OnePlus TV connect to the Bluetooth gamepad?
    Step 1: Set the gamepad to pairing mode. Using the Sony DualShock 4 joystick as an example, press and hold the “SHARE” + “PS” button to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode.
    Step 2: Operate the remote control’s arrow keys to enter Settings.


    Step 3: Enter “Remote & Accessories”


    Step 4: Enter “Accessories”


    Step 5: Please wait a minute while your TV searches for the Bluetooth gamepad.


    Step 6: The list will show your gamepad, select confirm and connect.


    Step 7: After the pairing is successful, the page will show that the gaming controller is connected.


    Step 8: You can play games with your Bluetooth gamepad now.


    What popular free games are supported by the OnePlus TV?
    We searched the most popular 10 free games from YouTube and tried them out. The game list is as follows:
    • Beach Buggy Racing
    • Real Racing 3
    • REDBALL 4
    You can find many other games on Play Store. Feel free to try them out! We hope that OnePlus TV will bring you the perfect gaming experience.

    Honeycomb Oct 2, 2019