Which shutter bug would you prefer?


Should your life depend on it, which shutter-bug (camera phone) would you prefer?

  1. OnePlus 2

  2. Xiaomi Mi4

  3. Sony Xperia Z5

  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (that's a mouthful...sheesh)

  5. iPhone 6S Plus

  6. Microsoft Lumia 950XL

  7. Blackberry Priv

  8. HTC One (whatever is the latest model)

  9. Others (If i have missed any, do add in the comments section below)

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  1. nateavi
    Gingerbread Mar 16, 2016

    nateavi , Mar 16, 2016 :

    Let's keep brand loyalty on the side tracks and embark on a short yet brief journey into the realm of camera phones. We sure have a ton of manufacturers competing for smartphone dominance but which one would you prefer in the camera department?

  2. kanagadeepan
    KitKat Mar 23, 2016

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