Which Technology Will Be Obsolete in 10 years?

  1. sandordude
    Honeycomb Mar 7, 2021

  2. Junjun Baccay
    Gingerbread Mar 7, 2021

  3. add2zac
    Eclair Mar 7, 2021

    add2zac , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Mar 7, 2021 :
    Wireless charging as it is today.

    Tech is just a hype with no logic. You need a wire and a device which needs to have a contact with a phone to "wirelessly" charge it 🤣🤣🤣

    So instead of making it more effective, we have more devices, more energy loss for exactly the same thing as wired charge...

    Xiaomi is somewhat close with pinpoint detection of a device and charging it anywhere in the room... But that's just one part of the problem (making sense for the term "wireless")...

  4. esmilner3
    Cupcake Mar 8, 2021

    esmilner3 , via OnePlus 8 T-Mobile , Mar 8, 2021 :
    Consumer tech? I thought this piece was about innovation in technology available to...
    oh, it doesn't differentiate in the intro, upon further review.

    1. Innovation has "slowed" because tech has moved into the consumer space, not despite that. Consumers want stuff that works, reliably, predictably. That's it, that's the list.

    2. Change for change's sake is not innovation.I keep seeing stuff come along that neither I nor anyone else wants or needs. I'll never have an account to another audio streaming service than Spotify, it's too much work and no one is worth it. That's it, I'm done. Good luck Stitcher. I love Conan, still not subscribing.

    3. Costs are too high. Older folks already hate handsets that they have a very hard time using or controlling (hello to that ringer that WASN'T turned off before the funeral/zoom call!!), they ain't buying a new one each year just to find out everything's been changed again.
    - and for the poor, ditto. Africans are incredibly innovative, I've noticed. I'm guessing they've been buying older model handsets and/or recycling older ones from the West and Asia. Good for them. But, generally, people without wealth are not going to buy $1,500 handsets. Nor should they.

    4. The hardware sucks too. Touch screens infuriating and too fragile. Battery life is losing the race against bloatware, so is storage, especially when you can't add memory.

    5. Pollution/Waste conundrum.
    The industry got too cute, talking up generalized corporate feel-good-itivism, then got caught in their virtuous skivvies when people first started saying, "hey, what about the working conditions of manufacturing?", then, "hey... wait a minute... what about the sourcing of the phone components, including raw minerals?"... and finally, as the right to repair movement arises, the industry is caught flat-footed with waste, "hey, what's with all this packaging material? And while we're at it, what do you mean I can't change the batteries on this? I'm supposed to just throw it away? How safe is that? How environmentally sound?"

    What's the question?
    Ten years from now?
    - Smartphones. I agree, doomed. In ten years if I'm still pinching and spreading and still can't ******* just backspace, I'll lose it. Back to keypad phones, but with great battery life and network connectivity. Need fancy internet access? That simpler yet more secure handset also serves as a hotspot for whatever kind of portable computing you use or prefer

    -. Also doomed, technology as consumer product and consumers being sold generalist tech as... consumer goods. A PC is not a TV set, or a dishwasher, or a record player. The shit we've foisted on people over time as NOT-a computer... smdh.

    Oh!! Another impending flop.
    Cloud-anything/XaaS (anything as a service).
    I'm not sure the internet is going to be the internet in ten years. There are many reasons for different regions and regimes to split off and run their own systems. Short of that, I'm in doubt that the Internet is resilient enough. Our power grids are not very resilient right now, as an example. That is also a vulnerability for the inter-webs, because, you know, power. But this move to all internet-line services is prime for a few big, if brief, disruptions to put a hurt on the idea of outsourcing so much. People lose their Gmail for 4 hours and they go bonkers. I only see it getting worse, as-is.

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  5. kichitan
    Cupcake Mar 9, 2021

    kichitan , Mar 9, 2021 :
    - USB sticks
    - DVD and CD units
    - hard drives
    - mobiles phone as we know it today

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  6. Corneliuss944
    Donut Mar 9, 2021

    Corneliuss944 , Mar 9, 2021 :
    candy bar phones will definitely be around forever to me because of the ease of use and just being cheaper to make them folding phones and tbh.

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  7. V1614837297024
    Cupcake Mar 10, 2021

  8. I1611836717425
    Eclair Mar 10, 2021

  9. dertder25t
    Cupcake Mar 11, 2021

    dertder25t , via OnePlus 6T T-Mobile , Mar 11, 2021 :
    I doubt Bluetooth quality will get as good as a nice set of cans with a nice set of tubes and a nice dac. The closest thing has got to be the panda thx headphones from drop.com or the new Apple AirPods max or whatever they call them. But still, nothing can touch some good planner magnetic headphones with some good tubs and a nice dac. And if you have never heard some before ooo you are missing out on so much

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  10. Rockiye
    Cupcake Mar 12, 2021

  11. E1615644545178
    Cupcake Mar 13, 2021

  12. runed0s
    Donut Mar 13, 2021

    runed0s , via OnePlus Nord N10 5G , Mar 13, 2021 :
    There is lag with all bluetooth devices. The sound is also usually compressed. Sometimes bluetooth doesn't work right (ahem, nord n10 5g)

    Wired headphones are what people will use until something much better comes along. However, that something will need to beat latency, quality, and not have batteries.

  13. theshinybeast
    Marshmallow Mar 13, 2021

    theshinybeast , Mar 13, 2021 :
    In 10 years time?🤔 all of it. For example, what was the best "smartphone" 10 years ago?

  14. y_oo1
    Gingerbread Mar 14, 2021

  15. barlarkris
    Donut Mar 19, 2021

    barlarkris , via OnePlus 7 , Mar 19, 2021 :
    I think oneplus, the way they are treating a product they launched 6 months back (no updates, lot of bugs if any update) and focusing on only current phone. Surely lost its charm.

  16. E1612073878687
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2021