Who.else miss *hide notch feature* pla bring it back

  1. F_Devesh_Thakkar_PLpE
    Eclair Oct 13, 2019

    F_Devesh_Thakkar_PLpE , Oct 13, 2019 :
    yesterday PUBGM send hot fix update for 0.14 in it they say that we fix notch issue but if its still there so we can say that notch problem must be from OnePlus side for that i call customer service and they say this is new feature we remove games from setting > Display > app display in fullscreen like why bro we will diside how we want to play the game in early update of OnePlus we have options whether we want to play games in full screen or default screen we want it back that was best option OnePlus should give that update back so we can play how ever we want otherwise what is use of gaming phone then literally i m hiding my notch for games after I am done with my games I am again enable the notch from settings.i like to see my display in normal water drop notch but not for game it disturbing while playing the games with notch hope they will consider it and give us patch ASAP

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