Who gets amber alerts on there one?

  1. nobelium76
    KitKat Dec 13, 2014

    nobelium76 , Dec 13, 2014 :
    Oddly enough, my sister knew Amber and her family. Anyway, its one of the first things I disabled so I can't really help but the option is there.

  2. seanamanire
    Honeycomb Dec 13, 2014

    seanamanire , Dec 13, 2014 :
    Oh I believe it. I just don't like it period. ;)

  3. starscreamx86
    Gingerbread Dec 13, 2014

    starscreamx86 , Dec 13, 2014 :
    One+ didn't come with amber alert from what I've seen. My g3 in the middle of the night but not my One+

  4. chotu
    Gingerbread Dec 13, 2014

    chotu , Dec 13, 2014 :
    Well now thats a whole another PROBLEM :p and perhaps a topic for a different FORUM ;)

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  5. seanamanire
    Honeycomb Dec 13, 2014

    seanamanire , Dec 13, 2014 :
    Not really. Easily solved by turning it off.

  6. Cboyd104
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 13, 2014

    Cboyd104 , Dec 13, 2014 :
    we dont get them at all in the uk. never even heard of them til the one tbh.

  7. Karman Tam
    Froyo Mar 9, 2015

    Karman Tam , Mar 9, 2015 :
    Amber alert just triggered. My co-workers' phones are louder than ****. My OPO is not trigger despite the setting in on.

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  8. frankiecortina
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 9, 2015

  9. Pucksurfer
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 9, 2015

    Pucksurfer , Mar 9, 2015 :
    My alert on my moto e just got triggered a couple of minutes ago. Never knew it was a feature until then.

  10. silvia.woodley
    Gingerbread Mar 9, 2015

  11. Gators
    Froyo Apr 8, 2015

    Gators , Apr 8, 2015 :
    I have the setting turned on two OPO phones and neither one receives the alerts. Anyone figure out why?

  12. mchon
    Honeycomb Apr 8, 2015

    mchon , Apr 8, 2015 :
    do you get ANY emergency alerts? I vaguely recall getting severe weather alerts, though that could've been via Google Now.

  13. i5xswipe
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 8, 2015

    i5xswipe , Apr 8, 2015 :
    As others have mentioned, Amber Alerts are issued for child abductions. This is a US Service based on a Law passed named after a child named Amber whom was abducted. However the cell Broadcasts can be issued for other events such as severe weather.

    I haven't received one since I got the OPO that I can recall. But no one around me has either. So I can't rule out it is the phone or a lack of alerts.

    Location is Settings-Wireless & Networks-Cell Broadcasts

    Screenshot_2015-04-08-15-20-21.png Screenshot_2015-04-08-15-20-28.png

  14. menacho.eulogio
    Lollipop Apr 8, 2015

    menacho.eulogio , Apr 8, 2015 :
    No amber Alert for the OnePlus One!!!
    You need an APP for that. Very helpful if you have a kid, and God help you and never have to use it.

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  15. go for.android13
    Jelly Bean Apr 8, 2015

    go for.android13 , Apr 8, 2015 :
    I got an amber alert the second day I had my opo but I have not had any since however in Oregon USA we don't get them very often unless the amber alert involves a federal level cross state abduction

  16. Gators
    Froyo Apr 9, 2015

    Gators , Apr 9, 2015 :
    It is required by law in the US for the phones to be able to get these plus severe weather alerts. You are able to turn them off, I have mine on and never received any on the OPO.

  17. Gators
    Froyo Apr 9, 2015

    Gators , Apr 9, 2015 :
    Two things if your sister knew Amber why can't you be bothered to leave the alerts on? If you disabled them why even answer as it doesn't help. Not to be petty but to say that your sister knew the person who this was named after that you can't even be bothered with possibly saving a young girl's life is pretty self centered.

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  18. koltiwa
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 9, 2015

  19. blasphemy101
    Gingerbread Apr 9, 2015

    blasphemy101 , Apr 9, 2015 :
    I turn off the amber alerts, but keep the Severe and Extreme alerts on.
    The Amber alert does me no good if I am at home, but I see them on the highway electronic boards as soon as one goes out. So I still get the info.
    Living in Texas and formerly living in California, the Severe and Extreme alerts have saved my butt. Got one for a bad wildfire in LA when I lived there and I want my phone screaming at me if we get a tornado warning in Dallas

  20. Gators
    Froyo Apr 9, 2015

    Gators , Apr 9, 2015 :
    Only the nation highways usually have the signs, so if you are on a side road or not a major Highway you will never know of the alert and could possibly pass right by the victim.