Who is David M.? Create the backstory and win the Buds Z2!

  1. dsmonteiro
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    dsmonteiro , Jan 14, 2022 :
    Who is David M..jpg

    The secret is out. Well, part of it, anyway. With the launch of the OnePlus 9RT5G and OnePlus Buds Z2 in India, the Community found my secret identity – I'm David M., part-time Community Consultant for OnePlus, full-time international villain.

    Thankfully, nothing other than my name was leaked during the launch event. There are some details that some of you know:
    • The description is easy: 1.84m tall (or 6ft if you prefer), my bald head and beard combination is a trademark. However, my ability to mask my identity has allowed me to blend in, being mistaken by others, like @Ryan Fenwick or @Cheetosdust.
    • Everything else you know about me is a lie. My job, my nationality, my hobbies, my personal stories, all of it an intricate story to disguise my true identity.
    There are rumors, however, that some Community users have uncovered all the details about my identity. Everything. From the very moment I was born to the moment I became a criminal mastermind – where I was born, where I grew up, and my upbringing.

    Your task, should you choose to accept it, is simple: Unmask me. Tell the whole world my true identity.

    • Submit your entry in the comments below. Your mission is to uncover the true identity of David M.. Your post can be as extensive and detailed as you like, but it should at least touch on the following points:
      • Nationality, childhood, and the path that led me to a life of crime and then to become a criminal mastermind.
    • You can choose to enter this contest in any format you deem fit
      • written form, images, sketches, a comic, or even a video.
    • The three most creative replies will win the brand-new OnePlus Buds Z2.
    • You can submit your entry until January 28, 11:59 PM HKT.
    • Standard Terms and Conditions are applied.

  2. dsmonteiro
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    dsmonteiro , Jan 14, 2022 :
    If you need context:

    (Or just watch the launch event here)​

  3. ShreyasPatil_
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    ShreyasPatil_ , Jan 14, 2022 :
    Got you!!

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  6. Akshat Sehgal
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    Akshat Sehgal , Jan 14, 2022 :
    this is going to be fun!

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  7. Nipu_1998
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  10. F1632123609429
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    F1632123609429 , Jan 14, 2022 :
    David M is actually David Beckham. Yah, dude had a troubled childhood. He killed a woman once and the wanker enjoyed it. Turns out he now has a knack for assassinating people.

  11. Shubham_Ag.
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  12. V1611860077600
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    V1611860077600 , Jan 14, 2022 :
    This person is David M. He lied about his profession . The lady agent called him Deville.
    Story:- The person (David) was living his best life but due to wars they needed to leave their country and they had no money, food, home. So, he started taking contracts to kill people and became most wanted criminal. At the time, he became rich he found that country's government is corrupt and destroying lives of poor so went against government and joined the agents team so he can plan something in such a way so that he never get caught and get to know what agents are planning and also kill corrupt people by being part of them.
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  13. Lokesh_Kamal_05
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  14. I1642160932321
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    I1642160932321 , Jan 14, 2022 :
    Bald man with beard ? Definitely jeff bezos , he is using this name as substitute , he killed the owner of amazon and he will now sell one plus 9rt on amazon at lower rate to not get suspicious
    Yup found ya 😏

  15. PritishPriyam
    Ice Cream Sandwich Writers' Club Jan 14, 2022

    PritishPriyam , Jan 14, 2022 :
    This was such a fun idea for the contest, that I did not even realize how long my entry had become. Bear with me people, and I'm sure you'd enjoy it.
    Here's my entry:

    David M.- The Enigma we chose to Solve

    Life. An interminable web of highs and lows that tests each one of us, time and again. It takes immeasurable strength to uphold the pillars of honesty and integrity while abiding by the rules made by man and nature. Sometimes this is too much of a weight to carry. In a rush to break free from this weight, some choose to break free from the shackles of laws made by man and take the road less traveled.

    This story begins in a small town named Ozyorsk(in Russia), where little David was born and brought up. His father was a nuclear scientist working in the Mayak Nuclear Association, and his mother was a homemaker. David was a bright child from the beginning, swaying the teachers and his peers with his intelligence and charisma. A brilliant student, an obedient son. Everything seems fine. Then where did he go wrong?

    One thing I didn't mention was that David was an elegant swimmer.

    He had a head full of hair, so wavy that they would sway, even with the slightest wind, and a physique that would make even the best of men feel underconfident and girls go crazy. So, one day David decided to go swimming in the nearby river, in the proximity of the Mayak plant. On his way, he met Dresa( a time traveler from the WoHo, dressed in protective gear) who was pleading David to not go swimming in the river. But David refused.

    Dresa had seen the future, and he knew that if he did not prevent this from happening, the entire mankind would be in danger. He again pleaded, but David refused. Dresa then decided to neutralize David by shooting a tranquilizer, and so he fired. David, being a Russian, had evolved above the puny speed and strength that humans possessed. So David caught the dart with his mouth and blew it in the direction of Dresa, hitting him and putting him to sleep immediately. Now that there were no more interferences, David stepped into the river and started swimming.

    He swam and swam, and then he heard a bam!

    (@Dresa91, the time-traveler)
    The Mayak Nuclear Plant had exploded. It was spewing some rock-like materials like a volcano, throwing them up in the air, and one such pebble-sized rock, fell on David's head, knocking him into unconsciousness.

    David regained consciousness after some time, and running his hands over the site of injury, he felt some smoothness that he had never experienced before. He rushed home and immediately went to the bathroom. There he saw that everything was the way it is, with the only exception being his hair. They were no longer there.​

    He cried and cried and cried some more. Little David was now big, but as bald as the moment he was born. It was only in the evening when his father came and told him that the rock-like substance was Uranium, David realized why this had happened to him. Oh, poor David! David was now mocked upon at school, by his peers. Even the teachers would make fun of him. Stung by this, he decided to take revenge on all those people who had made fun of him.

    David patiently and painfully accepted all the mocking and continued with his high school. He topped high school and entire Russia and chose to join the university of Russia. Right after college, he got a job with OnePlus as their Community Consultant, where he met another like-minded individual. This individual's name was @Cheetosdust. His condition was similar to David's, but the cause was different.

    After work, both would meet on Zoom and decide how they'd take revenge on those who had mocked them. After months of planning, and accumulating the list of targets it was decided, that during the day David would handle his and Cheetosdust's work while Cheetosdust went after the individuals in his hitlist. At night the reversal of roles was to take place. While the hitlist's names are confidential, I could name the category, they belong to. Some are colleagues, some are classmates, and some are community members(especially those who ask for more RP).

    A word of caution. Even the police haven't been able to find them. So,
    mock David and Cheetosdust at your own risk!

    Beware of the consequences. Speaking of consequences, you'd like to know what they'd do to their targets. Well, nothing much. They'd just kidnap them and shave their head with U-235(so that not even a single strand of hair grows back). As both David and Cheetosdust like to say,

    " Revenge is a dish best served Radioactive."​
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  16. Bobbie63
    Nougat Jan 14, 2022

    Bobbie63 , Jan 14, 2022 :
    "and then to become a criminal mastermind."

    Oh please........really??????

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  17. TakmanTechnical
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    TakmanTechnical , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 14, 2022 :
    David M. In Childhood Was Very Bright Student But Some How His Life Was Not Going Good ,He Was Very Sad And Depressed He Choose To Be A Bad Guy And His Plan Was To Make Everyone's Life Sad & He Choose The Path Of Crime.
    He Had Done Many Crime But Still He Was Underground And No One Was Knowing His Identity & He Became A Criminal Mastermind.
    But As You Know For Every Bad Guy There Is Good Guy And That Guy Was Our Fav. OnePlus 9 RT With World Best Features ,120Hz ,Great Camera & With Three Wifi Antennas Poweful At It's Best And Steady Body Which Help Us To Knock David M.

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  18. anunayC
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    anunayC , Jan 14, 2022 :
    Can confirm lol!

    Now this is going to be interesting!! Looking forward to what bizarre creature they create you into!

    I have a suggestion - @dsmonteiro a supervillain with HAIR?! Dream come true for him Going to build on this later. 😎😜

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  19. Q1642161592744 , via OnePlus Community App , Jan 14, 2022 :
    David M uses anonymous names to stay hidden . In his childhood he was good at technology and hacking and cracking codes .
    His father is idol for him and by profession is a journalist who works in exposing a secret society who helps terrorist to destabilize the economy of other country but an unfortunate event happened his father was killed by one of them .
    David was struggling to accept this reality as in his early age he allready lost his mom and now he has lost his father too .
    He was filled with revenge in order to take revenge he started to work with them by providing his IT expertise but with one condition his identity was hidden to them too they don't know how he looks but they use to call him by the name "master mind" and gained their trust and has become the criminal master mind over the time , he spy on them and give their information annymously to the agents(agents also don't know the source of information except that he is the member of one plus community) all missions of secret society were failing... secret society uses Alexi to find the spy in their secret society Alexi discovered about master mind intentions and his true identity as David M , who is actually Indian and Bangalore native and is seeking revenge of his father's death . He store all his vital information in pen drive and was about too exchange the data at Kiev but agent knight and pm fails his plan and caught him and retrieve all the data of David M collected by Alexi..
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  20. Rajnish_Dhull
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 14, 2022

  21. G1642161410740
    Cupcake Jan 14, 2022

    G1642161410740 , Jan 14, 2022 :
    He is Diville.
    Story - he is a criminal mastermind and a international villain
    USA's spys killed his whole family so he is seeking revenge he was a well settled man before, living with his family but in a war between China and America they killed his wife and daughter ,
    Plot twist it is not his real face shown he is wearing a mask so that his real face can't be seen he is really a Chinese origin man and is only 40 years old and is is there for planting bombs around the city and creating a genocide. So he is hiding his real face so that the cops won't catch him to be continued. He used to always think he wanted his childhood days back when he used to play around al day long but still would murder people cause of what American spys did to his family. And he could still feel the warmth of his wife in his laps at her final moments
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