Who is David M.? Create the backstory and win the Buds Z2!

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    Plot twist: @dsmonteiro created this thread to something completely unrelated and I edited the whole thing to troll him after seeing the reference to David M. in the video. :rolleyes::D

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    David M. is from Germany in Houston County, Texas (of course) his childhood was perfect until he lost in his middle school Yu-Gi-Oh! championship finals from a cheater but he could never prove it, that resulted in him becoming bald in addition this experience led him in the path of becoming a criminal mastermind and an international villain.(enter Dr. Evil image)

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    David is alone in his home, and he hear on the news about the profile of a murderer who is on the loose. He look out the sliding glass doors to your backyard. and he notice a man standing out in the snow. He fits the profile of the murderer exactly, and he is smiling at you.
    David gulp, picking up the phone to your right and dialing 911. He look back out the glass as he press the phone to your ear, and notice he is much closer to you now.

    You then drop the phone in shock. There are no footprints in the snow.

    It's his reflection.

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    (Dr. Evil Monteiro in group therapy.)

    Dr. Evil Monteiro:
    "The details of my identity are quite inconsequential. Where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving Belgium waffle maker with high grade eczema and a penchant for dandruff. My mother was a fifteen-year-old Kazakh debutante named Tutar with a unibrow. My father would womanize, he would drink, he would make outrageous claims like he cofounded OnePlus. Some times he would accuse moderators of being lazy, the sort of general malaise that only the CS Reps possess and the users lament. My childhood was typical, summers in Siberia, yodeling lessons. In the spring we'd make Cheetos dust. When I was insolent I was paraded in front of the OnePlus community and made to wear a fanny pack, pretty standard really. At the age of 12 I received my first tattoo. At the age of fourteen, a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my scalp. There really is nothing like a shorn scalp, it's breathtaking, I suggest you try it."

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    So pretty much a normal childhood but where did it go wrong?

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    Deville is the 'David M' he is American he was born in New York City in (1971) his Father was a brave soldier so he was also serving in marine USA with his friend who was the real (Deville) when they was on there mission there commander Deville betrayed everyone and there troop was captured by terrorists in Pakistan they spend years in there jail they were brutally terrorise but "devid M" was able to escape. after spending few days in hot desert he was able to contact his seniors but his seniors put him into prison to hide there corrupt nature to the world but David M Wants to live so he made plane and escape from prison but during that time he was shot by 9mm bullet . David were able to reach his girlfriend,s house she was a plastic surgeon so devid kiddnaped Deville and she swape there faces to each other and devid killed Deville who was recognized as devid, s dead body and the real devid who is now Deville is killing every corrupt officer in military now the hire ups wants him dead so they are now after him to find the real devid.
    Will devid be successful in his mission or he will die. no one knows until now..

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    David M. Rubenstein
    David M. Rubenstein is a Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private investment firms. Mr. Rubenstein co-founded the firm in 1987. Since then, Carlyle has grown into a firm managing $260 billion from 29 offices around the world.

    Mr. Rubenstein is Chairman of the Boards of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Economic Club of Washington; a Fellow of the Harvard Corporation; a Trustee of the National Gallery of Art, the University of Chicago, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine, the Institute for Advanced Study, the National Constitution Center, the Brookings Institution, and the World Economic Forum; and a Director of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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    Poor Ryan and Cheetos.... ;-)

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    January and it was raining. The pitch black of the night shattered by the thunderstorms ripping a web of white, luminous lines. On the inside, a beautiful baby boy was being born. Golden strands adorned his head, highlighted existence from the first gasp of air.

    In the other room, David Machiavelli was getting jealous.

    Growing up, David was always in the shadows of that child, who went from being an adored baby to a loved and esteemed grown man. Respected too. The two boys were destined to grow together apart. David couldn’t stand the shadows any longer so he shaved the other person's head.

    - At least mine will grow back, said the man.
    - I did not appreciate that joke, added David
    - You cannot do much, since you are not the writer nor the narrator of this story.

    David consulted and consulted. The desperation for revenge was fueled by an acidic jealousy. Blinded by how bright his nemesis was shining, David knew there was only one thing left to do. But first, here’s a word from our sponsor.

    Rogaine, because the light in your head should be your ideas, not the reflection of the street lamp.

    He knew he had to kill the other person. How and When were the only two questions left in his mind. How to make a delicious quesadilla was the one he answered the day before. He consulted a little bit harder, made a boo-boo. He tried to shoot the other, but he missed. He tried to kick him, but his feet didn’t meet the distance.

    He failed and he learned to live with that. "Fail Again. Fail Better," he thought, before realizing that Beckett was better at the quoting-game. The other person survived any and everything. Perfectly aged, time perfecting his mind, the other, still mysterious person, sat down and wrote:

    January and it is raining, and I will keep living as I ever did, as a figment of Machiavelli’s imagination, the better half that shows you that you're the mastermind of one: your existence in two halves. The one reading this and the one writing it.

    @dsmonteiro this is not for the competition. :cool:

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    Who is David M? He has a double life, by day he is the OnePlus community consultant by night...you all know... There is no doubt that he is one of the biggest criminals in the world. 😅😅😅

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