Who Is Satisfied With The OP2 Price

  1. thejchen7
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 31, 2015

    thejchen7 , Jul 31, 2015 :
    I am, but members from countries other than USA might not be because some countries got screwed over. Like Canadian members will have to pay much more than USA members.

  2. Fhaybhai
    Gingerbread Jul 31, 2015

  3. Koopmanmarloes
    Gingerbread Jul 31, 2015

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  4. kenfb1
    Honeycomb Jul 31, 2015

    kenfb1 , Jul 31, 2015 :
    Your Canadian phone will actually work better, faster and cooler than
    everybody elses!!! Your phone will never run hot and throttle back.
    So it will be worth more, dollarwise, but only to you!!

  5. aptos
    Honeycomb Jul 31, 2015

  6. Seiris89
    Honeycomb Jul 31, 2015

  7. francesco.pascolini
    Jelly Bean Jul 31, 2015

    francesco.pascolini , Jul 31, 2015 :

    Is it very best price

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  8. pscott37
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 31, 2015

    pscott37 , Jul 31, 2015 :
    The price is fine, did think it would have been more expensive. I'm concerned about the cost of shipping. I presume it will be similar to current costs which seem high to someone who is spoiled by Amazon prime.

  9. jacobamey
    Cupcake Jul 31, 2015

    jacobamey , Jul 31, 2015 :
    Id say its a pretty good price, find a phone as nice in both spec and design and see the cost difference. I'm not going to say its a steal. But these phones that cost 800+ are silly. I will still feel happy vs shame when I am allowed to buy this phone... That's probably my only issue is playing this post of forums/raffle game. I'm a consumer, just let me consume!! :)


  10. mosesv26
    Jelly Bean Aug 2, 2015

    mosesv26 , Aug 2, 2015 :
    Same here actually got play with phone and its fast and very responsive.

  11. bloggeranshul
    Donut Aug 2, 2015

    bloggeranshul , Aug 2, 2015 :
    Price of OP2 seems to be satisfactory as compared to other similar featured phones. It's about Rs.25000/- Indian Rupees. :)

  12. dhaugru
    KitKat Aug 2, 2015

    dhaugru , Aug 2, 2015 :
    Yes of course. Great value.

  13. Teejaye1100
    Gingerbread Aug 2, 2015

    Teejaye1100 , Aug 2, 2015 :
    Last years One Plus was $349 for 64GB and this years is $389 for 64GB! Thats a smoking deal. In a year only a $40 increase. What's not to like? I'm amazed they pulled it off.

  14. cyfix
    Gingerbread Aug 2, 2015

  15. Crisisx1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 2, 2015

    Crisisx1 , Aug 2, 2015 :
    I am very satisfied with the $389 price for the 4gb RAM and 64 GB storage.

  16. mdup17
    Gingerbread Aug 2, 2015

  17. dc2000
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 7, 2015

    dc2000 , Aug 7, 2015 :
    Yoo! Glad to see someone from back in the day on here still. lol. Yeah that shipping 'doe. I'm good man, real good. Glad to see a familiar face on here. I got rid of the OPO within a few months and went back to BlackBerry (BB Classic now) but I'll admit I sure miss Android, had a LG G2, G3, G4.. and Note 4. Note 4 would of been near perfect if it had a high speed finger print reader like OP2/iPhone/Sams S6 and 4GB of ram. I may have to give the OP2 a try.. looks mighty fine from over here with the stock android experience.

    Because you remembered me, if I get any invites I'll send them to you. Add me on here or lets keep in touch man. It's been too long!

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  18. dcmcc24
    KitKat Aug 7, 2015

    dcmcc24 , Aug 7, 2015 :
    Should have been cheaper. OnePlus one was a better value at the time. They are definitely making more money on this one than last time.

  19. calihead
    Honeycomb Aug 7, 2015

  20. mdcoll
    Froyo Aug 7, 2015

    mdcoll , Aug 7, 2015 :
    For a phone with 4 GB RAM, near-premium built and decent processor for under $400, I can't really complain. Though the 5.5 in screen size could be somewhat smaller, it's still a good price.