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    tylooor , Oct 25, 2014 :
    I got 2 of the cases I ordered! honestly i am very satisfied with them. I got a TPU black case and an aluminum edging case that came with a nice 9H tempered glass screen protector. I am still waiting on a bamboo case, a flip case, and flip case ( how could i not buy so many when theyre so cheap. like i got them for less then a single otterbox lol. Unfortunately i messed up the tempered glass because at first when i was doing the screen cleaning it looked fine and then when i set it there was this huge bubble because of a little speck which pissed me off. the little microfiber cleaning cloth didnt do very well it left fabric so whatever. If any of yall know how to clean it effectively that would be great as the screen is re-applicable and i can still rinse the adhesive part of the glass and it still works so thats nice. but back to the review. The aluminum bumper protector I love and will probably be my main case until i get the others, its nice how low profile it is but i still get to feel the sandstone back on the phone which I love. but the TPU case feels really nice as well and its a nice simple case which i like, if i get tired of the sandstone feel (which i dont think I will) i would love to go to this. Its also nice because its black and its the only one i have in that color. the others are red (aluminum), brown (flip),and bamboo which i will review when i get them.

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