Why I sold my OPO and took a Galaxy Alpha ?

  1. Vito B.
    Social Media FR & UK Staff Member Dec 22, 2014

    Vito B. , Dec 22, 2014 :
    It’s time for me to give you my feedback on the Alpha by comparing it to the 1+1.
    I going to start by the hardware. The first thing is the size, the Alpha is way smaller in hands but the OPO is a bit better to hold thanks to its curved back cover. The Alpha is thinner so that you can hold it well. The alloy frame around the Alpha feels great, I love the coldness of it.
    The design is different between the One and the Alpha and I have to say that I like both of them.
    Hardware talking I giving 1 point to each because they both have there pros.
    Now the screen : 5.5” FHD for the One and 4.7” HD for the Alpha. PPI is higher on the One but for common usage you can't see the difference. I love the 4.7” size, you can use it with one hand which is not the case with the One even with my big hands.
    Here the point goes to the Alpha.
    Now the specs ! The One has a Snapdragon 801 Quad-core with 3Gb of RAM and 64Gb of non-expandable storage. The Alpha has an Exynos 5430 octo-core (big.little) with 2Gb of RAM and 32Gb of non-expandable storage.
    Clearly the point goes to the One.
    Now the user experience. Both device are really close even if the Alpha has touchwizz UI. I haven’t experienced lag or freeze on both. The One has a a powerfull theme engine but with the Alpha you can also use a launcher. I don’t dislike touchwizz even if it’s not the sexiest UI.
    1 point for both.
    Now the performances. No problems to run big game on both and even if the Apha’s screen is smaller it’s not a problem. If we talk about Antutu score the Alpha does 48000 and the One 45000 (stock) so the point goes to the Alpha.

    Battery life : For the same usage I'm doing a full day with the Alpha and with the OPO I can do a day and a half easy. So the point clearly goes to the OPO !

    If we sum-up the points :

    OnePlus One : 4/5
    Samsung Galaxy Alpha : 4/5

    Both devices are not perfect but they both have pros and cons. I love both of them but the smaller screen and the smaller size of the Alpha made me chose it. Peoples who are saying that the One is far above the Alpha about specs are not true. They are pretty close and even with Touchwizz the Alpha deserve to be known.
    That’s it for this quick comparison ;-)
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  2. vaibhav2008in
    Eclair Dec 22, 2014

  3. towe96
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 22, 2014

    towe96 , Dec 22, 2014 :
    How is battery life with the Alpha?
    I can't imagine that a 1900 mAh battery is any good for a phone with those specs.

  4. Vito B.
    Social Media FR & UK Staff Member Dec 22, 2014

  5. ck064
    Eclair Feb 12, 2015

    ck064 , Feb 12, 2015 :
    Hey Vito / Everyone,
    I'm still losing my OPO, but just bought my wife the Alpha and it is gorgeous, plus don't care what people say the performance speaks for itself.
    My old reservation from my use is the Exynos processors which have always been a little restrictive for custom ROMs, which is a must for me wanting AOSP and root level access. From a battery performance front have you not orderer the extended batttery (EB-EG850BBE) its is about £29.00 at the moment and is Samsung genuine, 2500mAh, with a slightly bigger rear cover (like they did for the S2-i9100) and it is a great feel and smooths off the camera lens, make the grip fantastic.

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  6. erzengelsachiel
    KitKat Feb 12, 2015

    erzengelsachiel , Feb 12, 2015 :
    TL;DR but if you got rid of the OPO then it was a bad move

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  9. Vito B.
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    Vito B. , Feb 12, 2015 :
    I think a bezzels-less 6.5" screen could be great, but my Alpha is perfect right now. I love it even if there is no custom ROM right now.