Why I Would Like to Review the OnePlus 3

  1. RJ Murdok
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 31, 2016

    RJ Murdok , May 31, 2016 :
    Hi all,

    I would like to share with you why I would like to review the OnePlus 3 as I posted in my application through the lab. Tell me what you guys think!:

    I would like to review the accessibility aspect of the OnePlus 3. I feel it could really aid those who are disabled, and be a big win for OnePlus is that department. I myself am legally blind so I feel this could be really interesting. I may not have any previous review experience, but I have demonstrated several products in the past such as Samsungs Prodigy, Linux accessibility, and the accessibility options available on iOS to a TVI before whom afterwards recommended the products to their clients.

    I personally feel as if accessibility is one of the most important aspects of a device, and I've used the X for a while, and it definitely has a lot to offer in this respect.

    You surely could employ a new way of thinking by letting me review this as people often dish out thousands of dollars when a couple hundred would overtly suffice. I want to prove to others that a phone can in fact act as a device that replaces what would normally only be affordable through subsidization.

    I just want to help others out, and provide realization that you dont have to drop a ton of money on equipment so that you can partake in society efficiently.

    I could cover OCR with the camera, how the device could replace a CCTV, how it can be navigated via voice, TalkBack, the text options, and how I personally integrate it into my daily workflow, sound quality with audio books, how Google maps can aid those who are blind with navigation to an area auditorily, and how the setup of the device is useful for those who rely on stuff being tactile. Ease of use could also be considered a prime factor in this field as well, so I could cover Oxygen in this regard.

    On top of all of this, I will send the review out to organizations such as the See the Future fund and the like. This alone could drastically boost sales on your part.

    This could be an opportunity to make you guys the general recommendation when it comes to technological accessibility.

    Obviously for some, the build may be important as well based upon what disability they have. They may drop things often, and this may be the perfect time to demonstrate the devices threshold.

    After a period of time, I could demonstrate how I have used the device for my commutes in the city, and whether or not I'd recommend the device to someone in a particular situation.

    The options are limitless in all honesty, and could really give OnePlus the push that it needs to continue being successful as well as revitalize the company with a new goal; to become the king of accessibility.

    I will Never Settle until I can demonstrate this field to everyone out there who may be considering a new phone for accessibility purposes.

    I appreciate the consideration and opportunity to review a product of arguably the best device manufacturer to ever exist.

    RJ Murdok