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    Cheetosdust , Jun 25, 2020 :
    Why OnePlus - dsmonteiro.png

    Any community thrives when its members are engaged. A swarm of different personalities interlocked, contributing with their own existences to the greater good. Between this continuous showcase of ids and superegos combined, any community also needs their own cornerstones.

    Recently, I sat down and talked with @dsmonteiro, one of OnePlus cornerstones and now the result can be read in this thread. Without forgetting the present, we had the opportunity to remember the past and look at the future, trying to make the exercise of the illusive prediction a little more rooted and closer to this digital home.

    It’s an interview that sometimes becomes a casual chat; it’s an interview that sometimes becomes the embracing of the companionship. Not between interviewer and interviewee, but the companionship you feel whenever David lends his personality to this community, blurring the line between Staff Member and Member, walking that same line with finesse turned into respect by the hand of hard work.

    We talk about how it all started, OnePlus, general and personal tech, we remember the two sides of the roast: the funny aspect of the published thread and the line of thought that made it possible. I hope that what you are about to read allows you to discover a tiny cog of the much broader machinery you already know and feel working around the forums and the clock.

    And now, here’s @dsmonteiro, the shiny and cheeky hat-parader with a heart all over the OnePlus Community and the OnePlus Community all over his heart.

    Do you remember the moment you were selected to be part of the team? That moment when you got the call or the email?

    I do, but it wasn't the email or the call with HR [Human Resources] that were impactful, but rather the events that led to it. Getting an email with a contract to sign ends up feeling less impactful than all the small bits of the journey.

    That's actually a very good point, especially having in consideration that the coolest part, as you mentioned, is the human side and not the tech side. To counterbalance the coolest part, I want to ask you about the hardest part about it - not as someone who first joined the Community as a member, but as a Community Consultant.

    My experience for the past year and a half has been quite a positive one. I'm not saying that it was always a smooth ride, but I don't have anything that I can call negative. Still, if I had to pick the hardest part, I'd say it's the communication challenges. Not language per se, but the time zones and the distance. Working remotely, it's sometimes harder to keep a smooth stream of communication. For those that first experienced this during the COVID-19 confinement, I'm sure they can relate.

    Speaking about communication, you are one of the Staff Members who really goes out there and talks to the community members. Before that, like you mentioned, you were a member just like us and yet you managed to make that jump to work with the company and everyone still respects you and doesn't see you as "one of them". Walking that line is a hard exercise or is it something inherent to each personality? You see, to show you this is a very serious interview, I didn't ask you if the hats help you aerodynamically walk that line.

    Everyone respecting me is definitely an overstatement. Have you seen the things you write to me? You even hosted a roast! Seriously though, it's definitely a hard exercise. When you're a user, what you say won't be put under the spotlight no matter what. As a Staff Member, what you say can be easily misinterpreted or taken out of context - I wouldn't be able to troll back a user I'm friends with, as that can easily come off as rude. On the other hand, it's also fairly easy for people to think you've changed because of that.

    I did host a roast and you were great getting all roasted and only crying three times. Amazing. Wait, so you are not trolling back when you reply to me? That's just you being rude then? Oh, sorry, forgot the roast was over.

    Continuing to talk about you and your journey here on the forums, think about them in 2014 and 2020. Can you choose a word for each year? And in that context, what would be a word that being associated with the forums in 2021 would make you proud?

    I don't think I can summarize a year's worth of experiences into just one word, or that's just my excuse for the lack of creativity. Each year was a multitude of experiences, as my connection to OnePlus was never just about the product, but rather to the Community and the forums. I was able to meet many people all over the world, both online and offline and it has been a crazy ride so far. As for the year that lies ahead, I hope it's the year OnePlus goes fully mainstream, so that more people have a similar experience to the one I had.

    But a brand like OnePlus going full mainstream can be seen as something against its core foundations. Do you think it's possible for a brand to go full mainstream and somehow keep that disruptive factor that made so many fans fall in love? How do you think the 2013/2014 members would see that?

    I am a 2014 member. When I say mainstream, I don't mean it as "becoming like everyone else", but more as a company more people know and love, while keeping its identity. I would argue that, if anything, becoming more mainstream makes it easier to have a disruptive factor.

    The bigger you are, the more you can accomplish, even from a Community perspective. A bigger Community means a bigger collaborative collective, that can brainstorm amazing ideas together, provide feedback to make great things happen. I'm not saying the growth doesn't represent challenges, but I prefer to focus on the great opportunities that come with it.

    Just circling back to the roast for a brief moment. Were you expecting people to behave so orderly? I feel it went really well, especially for those roasting you, yes, but are you happy with the vibe of it all?

    As @Swatiranjan said, I have the skin of a rhino. Entering it, I didn't really know what to expect, but overall it was a positive experience. Some jabs were funnier than others, of course, but I think that had mostly to do with the level of knowledge some users have of the community's history.

    I did notice your skin. You should buy a good moisturizer.

    Speaking about learning new things, and not only about your skin, what can OnePlus learn from itself? Not just from the mistakes or the successes, but with this journey so far and as a whole.

    I feel like OnePlus is in a constant evolution process, as all smartphone companies are, really. The smartphone industry is an ever-shifting market where you need to continuously adapt to maintain your users, let alone gain market share. I feel like one of the areas where OnePlus is always learning is in how to cooperate with its core community and how to integrate the user's feedback into its products.

    "Co-creation" is easier said than done, but I believe we've already made great strides in the right path. I'm certain that if you ask this question to someone that isn't related directly to Community, you'd get a different answer, though. You can say I'm a bit biased.

    I do agree with you about the strides that are being made. I am not here since the beginning, but I feel the forums are shifting to welcome more and more the content creation.

    People continued to engage with the brand through thick and thin. It was like that since the beginning and it continues to be like that. Is the company able to pinpoint why? I mean, so meaning people are always yearning to give OnePlus feedback and not being shy about it.

    The simple fact that you ask a question (and are willing to listen to the answer) does wonders. The more you include people, the more they feel a part of the process.

    If anyone is reading this interview and doesn't know about the process, what's the best way for them to keep giving OnePlus feedback? The feedback section is a good place to start?

    And turning the interview back to you specifically. Aren’t you afraid that now working for the industry can detract some purity from your love to tech and, more specifically, to the smartphone scene as a fan?

    There are many ways to provide feedback, one is the link you mentioned, but there are also more direct ways, like our Open Ears Forum, our Closed Beta Program or other similar campaigns we host from time to time.

    Working for OnePlus is like reading spoilers of a TV Show before starting to watch it. I used to hate people that leak specs before the launch event. Working for a phone company is 10 times worse. Seriously though, I've asked myself that multiple times. In the end, the balance is more than positive. Sure, I may lose some of the excitement and anticipation that comes with not knowing what's around the corner, but, in return, I'm working on something I love, for a company I felt a part of since the day I joined the community.

    Great to know your heart still beats for silicone. So, is there a particular device you are excited about right now? Perhaps a new mid-range device or a new pair of true wireless earphones? I don't know, just mentioning random things.

    I plead the fifth amendment.

    This might feel weird, especially coming from a tech geek like myself, but the mid-range is where the fun stuff happens. There's something that draws me to this segment, where you need to find the perfect balance of specs to provide a great user experience. I usually say half-jokingly that the mid-range is where the true innovation is happening.

    Not weird at all, I feel. Finding the perfect balance act is quite fascinating and challenging. It's also a segment where there's margin to use the more inviting price to capture customers to other products, services, etc. You can see that with the new iPhone SE.

    Do you think services will continue to permeate the software/hardware relation? Services baked into the Operating System that feeds the hardware? This is related to the tech industry, not just OnePlus, obviously.

    Undoubtedly, and it's a positive thing if done correctly. As I wrote in an opinion piece for Addition Magazine, I feel like cloud computing will be increasingly important as we grow near Moore's Law limits. This is true not just for gaming as we're seeing right now, but for other areas, especially with the revolution we're seeing with connectivity.

    We are approaching the final stretch of this interview, so before we finish it, I would love to ask you about the future of this place. Be it an old member like you or a member that just got here today. Is there something you want to tell them, as a Community Consultant, about what they can expect from the forums?

    That wasn't as hard as I was expecting...

    We're working on several changes to make the platform and the app easier and more fun to use, for both newcomers and old members alike. I've mentioned co-creation too much already, so I won't repeat that part.

    Before we go, you mentioned the OnePlus App. What's one App that you use nonstop - other than Tinder, yes - and one site you recommend (tech or non-tech)?

    Aside from work apps, there is only one other app I use every single day: Feedly, a news aggregator. As for websites, forums.oneplus.com 10/10.

    There are rumors that you and I are the same person. If there's anyone thinking that I interviewed myself so far, do you have something to tell them?

    You have 50% chance of being right.

    And, finally, inspired by @B.I.T.S. and saving this question for last: Why OnePlus?

    Because, one day, I read an article about this new company that said they wanted to change the industry. In a sense, I should be thanking The Verge for where I am today.

    And this is it, dsmonteiro’s act of compassion. I do hope you could feel this small piece fitting in the bridge between OnePlus and their community, an integral part of the brand's muscle. From me, a thank you to everyone who dedicated part of their day to read this; from me, a special thanks to David for being available with his time, words, and kindness.

    And don't forget this opening message is just the beginning of this session of questions and answers. @dsmonteiro will be around the thread, so if you have a question of your own, please do write it below and he'll try to answer as many as he can.

    Stay awesome, everyone. :cool:

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    SJBoss , Jun 25, 2020 :
    Why OnePlus?
    Because if you roast 'em enough, they might hire you. :rolleyes: tldr version

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    SJBoss , Jun 25, 2020 :
    They wouldn't, cause there aren't many left and they don't care, Swallow the pill.

    At this point it's just getting cringey. OnePlus is very different from what they were when they started and it's fine, stop forcing it.

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    Batman360 , Jun 25, 2020 :
    @Cheetosdust self-promoting himself as @dsmonteiro 101 😂😂😂
    Obviously TL: DR; 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
    How many more threads on monty aka cheetos are to come?? (That's the real question of the hour)

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    Swatiranjan , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 25, 2020 :
    This must be a very difficult interview . Sitting in front of a Mirror.
    Thanks for the mention about Rhino skin. But I felt sorry after that - afterall it was a Roast thread.
    I have a lot of respect for both the beautiful personalities.
    I am only 6 months old into the community but I feel like one of those who are a part of this community for 6 years. This is because of some beautiful & talented people like you.

    Once @Cheetosdust rightly said, I love my phone but I love this community the most. There are such great people who made this community as one of the most prominent community in the smartphone Industry.

    Thanks for sharing this thread @Cheetosdust & @dsmonteiro

    Just One question ... Have you checked your PM @dsmonteiro ?

    ❣️ SRD
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    Phones have become beast and monster... :confused:

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    Batman360 , Jun 25, 2020 :
    So finally read the thread in peace. And tbh this thread was really heartfelt. A journey of a guy from a tech geek to tech geek plus a employee at OnePlus. @dsmonteiro you really were a sport in the roast thread hatsoff for that and also I don't think me or anyone else would have minded if you've roasted us back, it was all fun 😄 That aside, @Cheetosdust thanks for bringing a personal touch to this interview, it really felt like I'm reading some whatsapp group chats of bestfriends. This community is really an addictive place, I shouldn't thank the pandemic but eh, due to that I got to meet some lovely people and made them my friends. Who said making friends was hard?! Join the OnePlus community and you will know how easy it can be to just say "Hi" and there you go everyone starts to greet you back.
    Monty man, you the man!! 🔥🔥

    And yes I have a question, I doubt you will answer it but still:

    How did you bag a job offer from OnePlus? I am really curious to know now😄

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    That's a really nice interview @Cheetosdust 😊
    @dsmonteiro managed well answering his own questions ✌️😋

    Speaking about cornerstones, what's your cornerstone @dsmonteiro? 😬

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    @dsmonteiro I totally agree with your opinion. As a staff member if you roast @Cheetosdust or a response to @Swatiranjan 's post will make others feel you are arrogant.. may be.. if not all, at least few..
    But as a OnePlus staff member, do you have any restrictions set ?

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    This a great example of how to interview yourself :cool:

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