Why OnePlus? Mohan Dagha, India Forums Moderator

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    Trista W. , Feb 28, 2020 :
    Why OnePlus-2.png

    Welcome to our monthly “Why OnePlus” series! Every month, we talk with users around the globe—from the Mediterranean to the Ganges river—to listen to each heartbeat pumping blood around OnePlus Community.

    Our first guest is Mohan Dagha, who has been with OnePlus Community since December 2014 and part of the Global Moderator Team.

    • Can you do a brief self-introduction?
    To begin with, I am a Chartered Accountant by Profession. Yeah, I am the guy who is always surrounded by figures, but unfortunately accounting figures. I do not file tax returns FYI.

    I live in Mumbai, India along with my family which includes my 3-year handsome old boy. I like listening to music, taking macro photos, collecting my plane travel boarding passes. I am also a bit of hoarder who wants to keep things, regardless of any value. Apart from this, I have a bigger wish to learn Piano, hopefully, someday I will do that.

    • How did you stumble upon OnePlus? What was your first impression?
    I was a Die-Hard Sony fan having phones ranging from Sony Ericsson T100 till Xperia P. This was the time I was introduced to the concept of flashing and started lurking around XDA. Despite using the Xperia P, I always felt there was something which heart and mind wanted but it was not available, something unexplainable.
    It was one of those nights of August 2014, while I was working I started surfing for new device. I stumbled upon an article on OnePlus One, its hardware specs and the fact that it was going to be loaded with Cyanogen OS.

    'You can say OnePlus One was a love at first sight.'
    This drew me to the Invite thing and I stumbled upon OnePlus Community Forum .
    My first impression was excellent because of its buzzing OnePlus Community, its advanced operating software and the philosophy of the company - to provide an affordable device without compromising on quality lead to high respect in my eyes.

    'In India, we say “sarva gun sampan” (perfect in all aspects), that’s what I found in OnePlus during 2014 and jumped onto the OnePlus train. '

    • How did you onboard the mods team? As a seasoned Indian moderator, how’s this job like?
    Slowly and gradually, OnePlus Community became part of life. I started socializing, helping users and always wanted to contribute in a larger scale. It was this thread which gave me the final confidence and I decided to apply to Adam Krikso (the former Community Manager) for Moderator Position.

    'It was somewhere around November 2015, I was taken into the Moderators team.'

    India is the biggest market for OnePlus currently and naturally, there are more Indian community members on the forum. Being a seasoned Indian Moderator, it is quite challenging and at the same time fun to handle Indian Community members as there are certain natural difference between how Indian user and other than Indian user would think about the Forum, the company, its philosophy, its products, etc.
    Moreover, it's challenging to explain users to follow rules and that Community forum is not a social media channel.

    'Fun fact: Moderator team is one of the most troll group of individual I have ever known.'
    • What drove you to stick to this brand and the community?
    Those factors being
    A. Philosophy and vision of the company – OnePlus does not believe in being first and it strives to thoroughly test new feature or capabilities before making it available for market is something which I regard as a good standard.
    B. Co-creation with the community – OnePlus’s attitude of listening to the community has increased more in last few years and that makes it harder to part away. Few of the examples could be Open Ear Forums, Red Cable Club (for India), Improvement in after-sales services, opening up of experience stores, IDEAS, etc.
    C. Importance to the software – OnePlus clearly understands the importance of user experience in terms of providing burden less experience. “Oxygen OS” is one of those things which is an inseparable part of my life.
    d. Community itself of course – My association with the community is now over 5 years and it is now like a family. I have made some great friends here, met few of them in person and it is amazing to meet a stranger turned a friend into real life.

    'Community is such a great platform to meet like-minded individual, have fun, fight a bit, troll each other. The fact that Community forum will always be the formal mode of communication with Users, customers makes it even more important and wanting to be part of it.'

    PS : Moderators are not employees of OnePlus. They use their free time to keep Community clean and productive.

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    YRJ , Mar 25, 2020 :
    That's a great interview and a wonderful new series! Good Job camohan :cool:
    Nice one Trista ;) looking forward to more :D

    Btw, that sketch is spot on :p

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    YRJ , Mar 25, 2020 :
    Hey anesh,
    You raise a valid point. However, the forums already has a solution for it. The Starting point subforum is for new users who have problems or issues and do not know how to solve em. The starting point experts are a team of very considerate and helpful users who do their best to assist new users.

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    Fun Interview....
    @camohan What was your fav moment as Mod ;) :D

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Mar 25, 2020 :
    wow I didn't realize that mods weren't employees of OnePlus... you do all the work for free!?! thank you! I have a new appreciation for the mods!

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    camohan , Mar 25, 2020 :
    Don't you think the sketch made me older by 20 years?:eek:

    CA has 3 levels - Entrance, Intermediate and Final. I was able to clear Finals in 2nd attempt, all other levels were cleared in the first attempt. After having almost 10 years of post-qualification experience, I can say that the number of attempts really does not make much difference. In a practical world, when you get on to a job, it important that your fundas are clear and you have good decision-making ability. The real world always gives you a test which are out of text books.

    The First Moderator Meet (in 2017) is my favourite moment as a Moderator. I finally realised Moderators whom I was talking were not Bots and girls do exist on the internet.:rolleyes:

    Yup, Moderators, Starting Point Experts are not employees of OnePlus. Some are student and some have a real job. We take out our free time and try to keep community going. :cool:

    You like older man, I see :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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    Actually it makes you look a lot younger :p
    You look great, in that sketch. :cool:

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    SoniaB , Mar 25, 2020 :
    I was just amazed that Trista was able to do the impossible. :rolleyes:

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    camohan , Mar 25, 2020 :
    Thanks (grinning)

    Indeed, I agree Trista is a Wonderwoman.

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    OALEXANDER , Mar 25, 2020 :
    Fake @camohan :D
    You didn't mention more than a CA you are loved as guy who lives in cave named MONK!

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    @Szymon K. did the same thing and later realised it was CA and not KA.

    Hahah yeah, my pet name is Monk.
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