Why OxygenOS should be an Open Source Project

  1. TDroid074
    Gingerbread Aug 23, 2015

    TDroid074 , Aug 23, 2015 :
    Hey OnePlus Community:

    After the release of the OP2 there has been mixed reviews saying the device is too focused on the budgeting (NFC, wireless charging, etc.) IMO some of the reviews are right and although OnePlus has succeeded in giving its users a great phone with great value it has be mention that there isn't enough attention on differentiation. Also, I think that the marketing campaign could have been much better with more focus on value to consumers and less flagship killing. That being said, with increased downward pressure on price level on OEMs in the Android community it is software that remains the key differentiation between OEMs. I know that OnePlus is still a young company but I believe that OnePlus would make great headway if they allow parts of their OxygenOS platform to be open source that way they can access the vast wealth of knowledge that is present in their forums to improve their software. I think the company has many dedicated fans and active forum members who can give input on how to improve the software. I know that OnePlus sells their phones with razor-thin margins and OxygenOS is a key profitability factor but if the company can find ways to merge profitability with an open source options, it can go a long way into improving the products. What do you guys think?

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  2. jeisblack
    Honeycomb Aug 23, 2015

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  3. anzi2001
    Jelly Bean Aug 23, 2015

    anzi2001 , Aug 23, 2015 :
    We would probably all like to see oxygen as open-source but I doubt that will happen :/

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  4. Marijuanainc
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 23, 2015

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  5. TDroid074
    Gingerbread Aug 24, 2015

    TDroid074 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    I think that with the help of the OnePlus community, the platform can be developed further and faster. OnePlus needs to stop thinking like Apple and more like OnePlus.

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  6. TDroid074
    Gingerbread Aug 24, 2015

    TDroid074 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Not to say that being like Apple isnt bad but OnePlus should look to being the company that develops great products but also involves its users unlike the "Apple knows best" philosophy at Cupertino

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  7. Jarreed0
    Eclair Aug 24, 2015

    Jarreed0 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Even though its not opensource, is there anywhere to submit ideas and what not to add onto OxygenOS

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  8. jetfin
    Honeycomb Aug 24, 2015

    jetfin , Aug 24, 2015 :
    I agree that they should opensource oxygen. It will only add more value both to oxygen os and also to the OP2 itself by having more ROMs available for people to choose from...

  9. iPusak Gaoq™
    Jelly Bean Aug 24, 2015

    iPusak Gaoq™ , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Not going to happen as OP is following Xiaomi path on their Oxygen OS but Paranoid Android (PA) team are the only that build Oxygen OS for OP so you might see PA rom on OPT in the future...

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  10. scratchandsniff
    Honeycomb Aug 24, 2015

  11. Asim Kamal
    Froyo Aug 24, 2015

    Asim Kamal , Aug 24, 2015 :
    would be nice if so

  12. Jonas
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 24, 2015

    Jonas , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Here is the source guys

    Edit: it's the kernel source
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  13. iPusak Gaoq™
    Jelly Bean Aug 24, 2015

  14. PradeepKanegave
    Froyo Aug 24, 2015

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  15. Jonas
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 24, 2015

    Jonas , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Ah damn, ok my bad :p

  16. anzi2001
    Jelly Bean Aug 24, 2015

    anzi2001 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Well for me...apple is the worst :) and yeah they could make it open source and wait till the community devs make a feature and then judt mske it in the official oxygen...simple :)

  17. TDroid074
    Gingerbread Aug 24, 2015

    TDroid074 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    I hope so, I'm not very tech savy but I notice that CyanogenMod got to where it is today by being a community based project and I was thinking maybe OxygenOS could follow the same path. I mean why not there is more than half a million users on this forum surely they can help with the development of the platform

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  18. TDroid074
    Gingerbread Aug 24, 2015

  19. PradeepKanegave
    Froyo Aug 24, 2015

    PradeepKanegave , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Yeah anyone who has a good knowledge android kernel;)can change the code.

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  20. TDroid074
    Gingerbread Aug 24, 2015

    TDroid074 , Aug 24, 2015 :
    Ok, will we see these implemented on all OnePlus devices running OxygenOS or is it just the individual device being worked on. What I was trying to get at is that OnePlus should involve the community when developing their ROM much like what CyanogenMod and Paranoid Android are doing

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