Why would you buy/not buy the OnePlus 7 Pro?

  1. Patrick_Review Eclair Jun 6, 2019

  2. brunton1976 Gingerbread Jun 6, 2019

    brunton1976, Jun 6, 2019 :
    mate if that's the case , then you should be able to create the phone you want to the spec you want, yes there is less and less stuff free with the phone but if budget phones can supply headphones why do we have to pay for a jack or headphones, one plus was a game changer for high quality at low price for a flagship phone, it's no longer low price if the 7 pro is what ppl want.
    I'll stick with my 6t with my free headphone jack as yes it's free cause I don't need one.
    I really don't like the camera it's an accident waiting to happen, if you drop your phone with camera out it's gonna break, build quality or not, it's an ugly gimmick, give me a hole punch like the honor view 20 a true high quality flagship model until the security update problem.

  3. elanglois Lollipop Jun 6, 2019

    elanglois, Jun 6, 2019 :
    what makes you think anything is free? Everything in that box is included in the price of the phone. It's not free. There's no such thing as free. someone is paying for it and that someone is you.

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  4. survivor303 Donut Jun 6, 2019

    survivor303, Jun 6, 2019 :
    I don't buy it because it not support 60fps video recording on my preferred camera app Open Camera. Or any other 3rd camera apps.

  5. elanglois Lollipop Jun 6, 2019

    elanglois, Jun 6, 2019 :
    do you want them to include the $100 wireless headphones in the box? That will increase the price of the phone by $100. Do you want them to include the USB C dongle? If they include that and increase the phone phone price by an extra $10 then what happens with all the people that are going to buy the wireless headphones? They just paid an extra $10 for something they're going to throw in the trash! why do you want to be forced to buy anyting? Just order what you want. Don't force your choices on others.

    You MAY rant that they are out of the dongles. You can also rant that they don't support charging and listening at once, or at least I can't find one that will work.

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  6. brunton1976 Gingerbread Jun 6, 2019

    brunton1976, Jun 6, 2019 :
    that's where we differ in opinion brother, I choose to get a phone like my previous honor view 20 because I got a free honor magic watch with it. I didn't pay a penny for it so yes it's free, you choose what you buy so your choosing what value you think an object is worth, One plus are saying that there new phone with no free headphone jack is overpriced or like me buy a 6t and with it I got a free headphone jack as I valued the phone at the price I paid, You decide what bargains yet get in life shop around or get taken for a mug by company's, Never Settle, those paid for the new OP 7 defo paid over the odds for now but a phone. We set the value on items if you demand there is no value, economics one on one bro.

  7. DracoSura Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 6, 2019

    DracoSura, Jun 6, 2019 :
    That's what I pointed out, 90hz screen is not utilized by most apps. They should have implemented it later when there are apps that take advantage of this and brought down the price.

    Camera is one of the most important features. I rely on gcam for all my pics. 48mp lens is wasted by the oneplus stock camera and its processing.

    Most people still have the 3.5mm headphones and dongle can be included easily in the box (like in 6T box) for the price they're demanding.

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  8. brunton1976 Gingerbread Jun 6, 2019

    brunton1976, Jun 6, 2019 :
    That's what One Plus are rewarding loyalty, but they have missed the mark with the price of a weak product with rubbish camera software.

  9. elanglois Lollipop Jun 6, 2019

    elanglois, Jun 6, 2019 :
    No, you are totally wrong and didn't read what I posted. Almost everything runs at 90Hz. The only exception is video, and that would run at 90Hz if you recorded it at 90fps.

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  10. brunton1976 Gingerbread Jun 6, 2019

    brunton1976, Jun 6, 2019 :
    so you wouldn't take something for nothing, so e.g 8gb of ram instead of the 6gb you could pay for,
    value is decided by the consumer, if no one values the OP7 then the value and no freebies becomes something that as a op customer you expect, my 6t I paid 499 and in the box was a free headphone jack, as I valued the phone at 499 the value of the hack was just that jackshit.
    ecomocially make a stand so one plus listens.

  11. elanglois Lollipop Jun 6, 2019

    elanglois, Jun 6, 2019 :
    You still don't get it. There is no such thing as a ʾfreebie'. Its NOT actually free, it's included in the price you pay for the phone. Remove what you call a "freebie" and the phone is cheaper.

    Everything in the box costs SOMEONE money, and you are the only one paying!

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  12. brunton1976 Gingerbread Jun 6, 2019

    brunton1976, Jun 6, 2019 :
    mate you don't get it I don't give a shit as long as it's free to me, which you admitted there was a free jack with the 6t.
    mate I teach economics, your talking about the cost on society which is a different matter, I place a value on an object so that creates the demand, this is how the stick market works, if your paying for everyone's effort and time bro, you must be a billionaire,
    I agree to disagree. let's leave it at that.
    for example if ppl don't value the new op7 at the value op set it at and say I buy one it's not costing every person on Earth, your point isn't valid, it's supply and demand, all that matters is the cost to me or you not what Joe bloggs got paid to it.
    don't you understand the FTSE, someone always gets shit for now basics, or your loaded.
    we're done now

  13. brunton1976 Gingerbread Jun 6, 2019

    brunton1976, Jun 6, 2019 :
    no , when I bought a 6t , I bought the phone, whatever was in the box was gratis as the phone itself is valued at the price paid.
    so what's the op7 price if there's jack shit in the box, oh the price you paid for a phone and an empty box.
    We set the prices in life, someone else has to agree.
    I give you this lesson free. I didn't charge you for it.
    there end of the lesson.

  14. N1559806848522 Donut Jun 6, 2019

    N1559806848522, Jun 6, 2019 :
    I have purchased 1+7 pro. cool camera.
    but little disappointed for not having a front flash light.
    preforming fine.
    good speed.

    but need second space for my privacy.

    need to know how remove vibration while double tap on screen.
    great OS.

    I love my 1+7 pro. mainly pop up camera.

    Leela Krishnan.


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  15. brunton1976 Gingerbread Jun 6, 2019

    brunton1976, Jun 6, 2019 :
    is this your first one plus

  16. brunton1976 Gingerbread Jun 6, 2019

    brunton1976, Jun 6, 2019 :
    You like the camera feature as I find it very girly, over designed a shit camera with shit software, honor view 20 has better software than that.
    Good for you getting a op phone, my point is compared to earlier phones it's a rip off.
    but hey that's my opinion

  17. elanglois Lollipop Jun 6, 2019

    elanglois, Jun 6, 2019 :
    First, no, its NOT free to you. You bought everything in the box. No, I did NOT say there was a free jack with the 6T. No one is talking about a "cost on society" or anything else. Costing every 'erson on Earth? What drugs are you on? I'm saying the cost is on you! YOU alone!

    Let me break it down for you.

    Let's say the cost of the USB C dongle is $5. The 6T with a "free" USB C dongle is $555 (example, not actual prices). I'm saying that if that "free" (note the quotes) USB C dongle wasn't in the box, your phone would cost $550 rather than $555. I'm saying that they call it "free" so some idiot will think they got something extra, but what really happened was that they forced you to buy it, whether you wanted it or not! It's included in the price of the phone. Further, that USB C dongle being included will sway people into using existing wired headphones when we'd like to sell wireless ones.

    So, including a dongle raises the price of the phone and hurts headphone sales. Including cheap headphones raises the price more than just a dongle would and hurts headphone sales even more. Including $100 wireless headphones limits your phone sales because you'd be increasing the phone prices by $100 across the board. What reason is there to include stuff, unless, like Samsung, you know people will pay stupid money the phone and they've now forced you to buy the headphones as well and created a brand lock-in.

    I'd rather have a cheaper phone without stuff in the box that I've paid for but I'm going to throw away.

    And no, you don't get to dictate that I'm not allowed to reply just so that you get the last word.

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  18. DidierSer Froyo Jun 6, 2019

    DidierSer, Jun 6, 2019 :
    Not buy
    - Too expensive, crashed the 600 € barrier
    - Too big
    - No wireless charge for the price
    - No jack
    - No trust in long time reliability of pop up camera
    - No benefits vs oneplus6

    - camera.. But still not delivered the expectations

  19. N1559806848522 Donut Jun 6, 2019

  20. N1559806848522 Donut Jun 6, 2019

    N1559806848522, Jun 6, 2019 :
    previously I was using MI note 5 pro. 6 GB RAM.

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