Why would you buy/not buy the OnePlus 7 Pro?

  1. G_Geek_Master_PBvx
    Eclair Jun 14, 2019

    G_Geek_Master_PBvx , Jun 14, 2019 :
    Lol just gotta say, you can ask any political leader in any country and they with tell you that national security is a very real and very big thing. Also, why the hate on America? This is a community forum for a smartphone, we don't need your hate and your bullshit.

  2. Griogarach
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2019

    Griogarach , Jun 14, 2019 :
    I own the 3, the 5, and the 6. I've been happy enough with all of them.

    The 3 was a superb phone for the price. The 5 was an acceptable increase in price regards specs, the 6 wasn't bad either. Price however is not the reason I won't be buying the 7 or the 7 pro, cost is not a factor in any of my buying decisions.

    The 3 seemed fresher than anything on the market at the time. The 5 was a stunning phone. The 6 was an astonishing disappointment.

    It's is too bulky for my tastes. I use this as a work device as a mobile maintenance tech. It doesn't fit in the same working clothes pockets that the 3 & 5 did. When it does, I'm constantly aware that it's glass and worry about breaking it.

    It's also noticeably heavier, and harder to use one handed comfortably. I am always worried about dropping it.

    The performance is good, and the price was reasonable but it doesn't feel as groundbreaking or special as the 5 did. It didn't stand out from the crowd. There was no magic sauce.

    The 6T was too close to the 6 to bother with an upgrade, and because the 7 is essentially a 6T, I won't be bothering with that either.

    I was intending to buy a few of the top spec 7 Pro.

    I watched the UK launch (lame!). On first impression, I liked the product, other than that stupid pop up camera, but was willing to tolerate it.

    Deal-breakers were:

    1/ The size. Total deal breaker. It's too big.

    2/ It's glass. I don't need to hear about premium materials, because my case hides that.

    3/ At that price point I want to know that it has a decent IP rating as a minimum, but preferably I want to know I can use it in a pool.

  3. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Jun 14, 2019

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Jun 14, 2019 :
    There is no hate for America or Donald Trump. It is just pointing you to the bullshit that America has always done citing a non-existent threat to national security. You know why, because it is an easy way to fool people like you to accomplish a different agenda.

  4. patrick.h.day
    Froyo Jun 14, 2019

    patrick.h.day , Jun 14, 2019 :
    Oppo, doesn't make 5G Telecom equipment. They also aren't run by a former Officer of the people's Army either. Learn about how China FORCES companies to transfer technology if they want to do business in China. Get a clue before you spout off uninformed propaganda.

  5. patrick.h.day
    Froyo Jun 14, 2019

    patrick.h.day , Jun 14, 2019 :
    You keep on keeping on buddy. Go ahead and keep your head in the sand. Total allegiance to the party is what is expected in China. Do you think that the CCP stealing tech, forcing tech. transfers in order to do business in China is false? If you truly believe that, I've got some ocean front property in the Sahara to sell you....cheap too. Facts are facts, and China can't figure out stuff themselves so they steal it. If keeping Huawei from selling tech.with built in backdoors to nation's that value their freedom,like India....then I hope they get crushed. The US is correct in doing this. Heck, they reverse engineered a Russian fighter for God's sake

  6. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan
    Lollipop Jun 15, 2019

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan , Jun 15, 2019 :
    History has plenty of events where America has misused non-existent 'threats to national security' as a tool to pursue business interests, and to sabotage the growth of other countries. This is done just to keep public/ voter support. When time permits, do read some history, especially by experts from around the world and not what they teach you in American schools.

    Talking about facts, have you forgotten WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden? America was planting backdoors and spyware everywhere, all over the world. If that is justified according to you, find a nice place in Sahara and bury yourself there.

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  7. alteredtech
    Froyo Jun 15, 2019

    alteredtech , Jun 15, 2019 :
    I just got my OnePlus 7 Pro and it's like the Pro model of the OnePlus 6T. I love the triple cameras, the display is amazing for watching movies, the dual speakers rock, and it's smooth like butter. I'm just extra cautious about dropping this phone.

  8. damiandada
    Donut Jun 15, 2019

    damiandada , Jun 15, 2019 :
    The best phone I have ever had! I went through Iphone, Samsung, Huawei and it's the first time I'm so happy with a smartphone. The only negative is the weight of the phone.

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  9. stuartalford
    Donut Jun 15, 2019

    stuartalford , Jun 15, 2019 :
    I love my new OnePlus 7 Pro. As far as I'm concerned the only negative is the inability to do Wi-Fi calling over the Verizon network. Otherwise it's perfect for me.

  10. oneplus4life2019
    Donut Jun 16, 2019

    oneplus4life2019 , Jun 16, 2019 :
    I bought another one plus 7 pro ..... now with the camera update it's still not up to par like my Google pixel 3a Xl but everything else is good I like the fast charge the screen the speakers I just wish it had a better camera and that's it I spent $1400.00 to support one plus at least do another camera update no actually I spent $2000 cause I bought the one us 6 t and loved it I also wish they would have included the black carbon case in the package instead of the clear I left the Samsung S10 Plus and the iPhone 10xr and 10 s max for one plus I currently use 2 phones but my company I run I have 5 lines 3 other are iPhonesi hope they send me something for the loyalty but I'm all I'm and there's no going back I already converted 10 people in the T-Mobile store while they were waiting

  11. X1560648890317
    Cupcake Jun 16, 2019

    X1560648890317 , Jun 16, 2019 :
    Would not buy because :

    Oneplus has always been the value for money brand for me. Its like buying a Gshock. Not the fanciest watch out there but always reliable, able to use for many years.

    I cant stand having no headphone jack. Yea times have changed and Bluetooth is widely available now. But, how many bluetooth earphones can provide the reliability, quality( with previous superb oneplus audio jack driver) , almost 0 latency while gaming.
    Give people options. Dont tell people theres no space for a jack and leave it the way it is. What happened to never settling? Most people would vote to have a headphone jack I believe.

    Oneplus 7 pro is not the value phone out there right now. I would maybe change to the oneplus 7 or just stick with my Oneplus 5 with huge bezels and my always reliable headphone jack.

    That being said. I love oneplus. Been using oneplus since the oneplus one.

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  12. csrcsr07
    Marshmallow Jun 16, 2019

  13. Y1530331430314
    Cupcake Jun 16, 2019

    Y1530331430314 , Jun 16, 2019 :
    Would Buy: Nevermind let's move to the would not buy

    Would not buy:
    Too big
    Too poor
    One Plus 6 is good for me

  14. csrcsr07
    Marshmallow Jun 16, 2019

  15. oneplus4life2019
    Donut Jun 16, 2019

    oneplus4life2019 , Jun 16, 2019 :
    I use the apple [e]1f34e[/e] airpods 2 with mine for good quality crisp calls and great battery life the headphone jack I never liked because we you have that long wire hanging down your chest getting in and out the car it gets Tangled on everything and caught in the seat belt and could possibly make you drop your phone those wires get caught on everything and looks horrible wireless is the future it's neat and easy to use nothing no wires hanging and you don't have to worry about one side of the wires wearing out.

  16. Hassan_Abdul
    KitKat Jun 16, 2019

    Hassan_Abdul , Jun 16, 2019 :
    Warp Charge is so fast, for me it makes QI look like stoneage technoligy
    Just my oppinion

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  17. oneplus4life2019
    Donut Jun 16, 2019

    oneplus4life2019 , Jun 16, 2019 :
    Who needs wireless charge when it's ten times faster to plug in [e]1f601[/e] Warp Charge

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  18. Hassan_Abdul
    KitKat Jun 16, 2019

    Hassan_Abdul , Jun 16, 2019 :
    I respect the wishes and thoughts of everyone about the OnePlus 7 Pro but
    "waterproof", headphone jack or qi are of no importance to me.
    waterproof? how often one would have to send the device in to check whether it still is. And you will still have no warranty...
    headphone jack? yes, important to those who bought wired high class headphones
    qi? efficiency.. with a 4000mA battery and most of the chargers.., well
    one might buy a receiver (2€) and a charging pad (5€) and find out..
    I did it...

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  19. Hassan_Abdul
    KitKat Jun 16, 2019

    Hassan_Abdul , Jun 16, 2019 :
    one more thing: I bought the OnePlus 7pro, 8/256 and I am satisfied but one thing is dislike:
    I am missing an 'usb c to 3,5mm converter'

    yes, I could buy one on my own but it would have been nice to "find o e in the box"

    but on the other hand OP added a display protection and a case "for free"

  20. X1560648890317
    Cupcake Jun 16, 2019

    X1560648890317 , Jun 16, 2019 :
    I totally understand where you are coming from. When im walking about. I also use a pair of wireless buds. But when im sitting somewhere or gaming on my phone, i still think wired is the way to go.
    I just wish the headphone jack is still there to offer people options!