Why would you buy/not buy the OnePlus 7 Pro?

  1. Helder_DAlmeida Gingerbread Jun 4, 2019

    Helder_DAlmeida, Jun 4, 2019 :
    Totally understand and agree with you @cheetousdust ! It's the most important thing, trust on the brand OnePlus, if you let this fall apart people's don't buy it. There are lots of things going on in the net about the "things that isn't too well on OnePlus 7pro" it will be very important that the company explains it for us. About buy it, for me no becouse I'm very satisfied with my OnePlus 6T. I only change it if in my country, Portugal, 5G was available but unfortunately isn't, or the cash back from OnePlus wasn't the "ridiculously" 150€. Listen your community. "never settle"
    P. S. The link isn't working

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  2. Danish_iam Gingerbread Jun 4, 2019

    Danish_iam, Jun 4, 2019 :
    1. Firstly because of the size. It's too big for my hands .
    2. Apart from the 90hz refresh rate, there's nothing refreshing about it.
    3. OnePlus 7 exists.

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  3. G1530866248369 Donut Jun 4, 2019

    G1530866248369, Jun 4, 2019 :
    why would I buy one
    1. beautiful design
    2. great display
    3. very smooth experience

    why not
    1. I don't think that still camera are worthy of score of 111 on dxomark. Dxomark had mentioned that camera update will come in late may but , after update only little changes can be seen in camera of 7 pro. so I have doubt in terms of camera.

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  4. Aadeshc Froyo Jun 4, 2019

    Aadeshc, Jun 4, 2019 :
    i would buy for :
    1.the 90hz display
    2.curved screen

    i wouldn't buy because:
    1.cant afford

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  5. G_plusone Marshmallow Jun 4, 2019

    G_plusone, Jun 4, 2019 :
    Wait till the launch of the 7T pro :p

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  6. David Turney Froyo Jun 4, 2019

    David Turney, Jun 4, 2019 :
    I have owned my 7Pro for 5 days now and am quite happy with it.

    The good: 90hz on a beautiful screen
    storage/plenty for me for future
    size/full screen
    OS with minimal bloatware

    Not good: selfie cam, would prefer it under screen
    it's a bit heavy but I will adapt
    sometimes it rapidly scrolls without input
    the curved screen detracts from usefulness, I definitely do not like it
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  7. dcmcc24 KitKat Jun 4, 2019

    dcmcc24, Jun 4, 2019 :
    I bought and returned for a few reasons.

    1. Ghost touches. This was a bad issue for me that randomly happened in apps. Also I'm not sure if it's related, but sometimes I would touch the screen to do things like press the shoot button in the camera app and it wouldn't respond. Afterwards I read about some people experiencing dead zones on their screen so not sure if related?

    2. Poor camera performance. Pictures were very bad from every camera lense. It seemed to want to make everything redder and all the colors were extremely over saturated. Colors like blue and red turned neon almost. Pictures were not consistent across all lenses. The camera also seemed to want to soften details in photos. Comparing photos to my 3xl there was a huge loss of detail. Trying to take photos of moving objects like kids or animals? Forget it on this camera as the photos will come out extremely blurry. Audio from the front facing camera was also really bad and sounded tinny.

    3. Curved screen. I can't stand curved screens. They do nothing to improve the experience and make things like typing or watching videos much much worse. This curve seems to be much worse than the s10+ curve even. If there is one thing you change with the next phone, please make sure it doesn't have a curved screen!

    4. Price. I understand that you tried to step up your game with this phone and you want to make more profit, but price is too high and loses one of the things I used to love about OnePlus. Also if you look at the huge price disparity between this and the 7 in other countries where you get most of the benefits of the 7 pro, it doesn't seem $130-$150 difference between them is justifiable.

    Things I like about the 7 Pro:

    1. UFS 3.0. I love having faster storage and this was a noticeable improvement for me compared to my 3XL. Apps installed so fast

    2. 1440P(2k) screen. I think the difference in detail is very noticeable and much easier on my eyes compared to your older 1080p oled panels.

    3. Stereo speakers. One of my main complaints with OnePlus phones was the single bottom firing speaker, so it's awesome that you finally added stereo speakers and they sound great!

    Overall the the normal 7 gives me 90% of what I like about the 7 pro and solves most of my problems like ghost touches and the curved screen, at a much lower cost. It's a shame that OnePlus doesn't sell the normal 7 in the USA.

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  8. Francisco_Jiménez Cupcake Jun 4, 2019

  9. MarkWFreeman Cupcake Jun 4, 2019

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  10. camohan Marshmallow Moderator Jun 4, 2019

    camohan, Jun 4, 2019 :

    At my work, I have received 5 to 6 enquiries on whether they should go ahead to buy the Pro or the Non-pro or not, and my first reaction was no. Not because the phone is a problem, but the software. I would have personally expected the software to be up the mark when it comes to live market. I had to tell them to wait for a month or two, once the software stabilise its a good to go phone. But these 1 or 2 months will be critical as already Mi is launching a new flagship, Samsung S10 discounts are getting crazy.

    Imagine, I recommending people to buy and they come back to me with various issues. Does not look good for me right? Similarly for OnePlus which is no longer a start-up company.

    Solution - Get the devices tested with various teams internally and externally to ensure this teething issues (but decision changing) are solved.


    All the OnePlus devices are beautifully crafted but slippery for most of the users. It is really a common sense to ensure the company provides tempered glass, case covers in time. The reason why people want OnePlus accessories is because they are of good quality and they do not want to compromise with other stuff available in the market. These accessories are investments and not just a purchase.

    Differences in sales pitch and actual performance

    Camera is one of those selling points which most of the OEMs are banking on currently. There is so much of a confusion today when DXO marks uses a particular software which is not available to buyers. This creates lot of disheartening situation for customers. This really has negative impact on the word of mouth marketing.

    Rising prices

    I am not personally against OnePlus increasing the prices of mobile devices since they have the quality worth it. But the very reason why OnePlus is at the level is availability of top phone at reasonable price. Lot of users including me will be hesitant to spend so much, especially when the older phone works excellent even today. No, this does not mean I am hinting at the slow down technique. OnePlus should probably go back and recheck on the pricing strategy specially when the market is absolutely crazy and filed with options.

    This fact is quiet clear I guess even to OnePlus as I am assuming the sale of OnePlus 7 picked up faster as compared to OnePlus 7 Pro.

    To summarise, following are the points I would not be motivated to buy the OnePlus 7 Pro.
    1. Software issues
    2. Accessories availability
    3. Rising prices
    4. Lack of proper testing before releasing to public.

    I guess if OnePlus can go back and focus on this basic points, they would really find themselves into a better position.

    Along with sticks, carrots are important too. Apart from the above points, I would really like to buy the device for :

    1. Quality and 2. Great Community Forum

  11. AaronKeener Donut Jun 4, 2019

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  12. W1540566609200 Cupcake Jun 4, 2019

  13. nirajbhusal Gingerbread Jun 4, 2019

    nirajbhusal, Jun 4, 2019 :
    I am using OnePlus 6T currently so I wouldn't go for OnePlus 7Pro as I am not a huge fan of Pop Up camera. I will wait for OnePlus with UnderScreen Camera, IP Rating and Wireless Charging.

  14. Antonio_Luis Eclair Jun 4, 2019

    Antonio_Luis, Jun 4, 2019 :
    I bought the 7pro for the bump in specs and the pop up camera. I wouldn't gave bought the pro if the 7 was available in the states because I do not like curved displays. I also do not like the massive size of the pro. I would also like to see a red variant of the pro if possible.

  15. Q1559658899107 Cupcake Jun 4, 2019

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  16. Piyush021111 Cupcake Jun 4, 2019

    Piyush021111, Jun 4, 2019 :

    I think the phone is beautiful but it lacks in the camera department big time because of which I am.really upset about purchasing it and if I could go back in time I wouldn't.
    I shared the pictures of the nifhtscape and they are just blurry!

    the picture with 3x optical zoom are also blurry. very disappointed.
    normal pictures also come out blurry and has some sort of an auto portrait mode why?

  17. Ethan T. Donut Jun 4, 2019

    Ethan T., Jun 4, 2019 :
    I would not buy for the reasons below.

    Manufacturers are the ones who design the internal layouts of their devices and it's their choice to design a product to include or exclude features. One could say that I'm still somewhat disappointed that OnePlus ditched the 3.5 mm audio port in order to follow market trends and reap additional profit through separate audio peripherals.

    In that same vein, the "old" capacitive fingerprint sensors of devices past still outperform the under-display optical sensors in terms of quality: consistency, efficiency, & convenience.

    More specifically to this device, while the battery capacity upgrade is a positive, the 90hz display still murders the battery efficiency that OnePlus used to instill with their phones.

    Lastly, while it may seem like a positive to some people because of the ergonomic and aesthetic nature of curved glass, it introduces higher cause for concern about the durability of the device, since bends and curves add finer points at which stress can be applied and may break the glass.

    All in all, I won't dissuade others from buying one, but it's better to be informed before making a purchase, especially when the company says their priority is the customer base, but their practices show they care more about profit than people.

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  18. scrin378 Cupcake Jun 4, 2019

    scrin378, Jun 4, 2019 :
    Me too, never go under 7 h. for me battery life is superb.
    i cant belive that phone with this size and this screen can hold up more than 7h SOT..but it can and im loving it ;)
    hope it stays that great over time!

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  19. darren190390 Gingerbread Jun 4, 2019

    darren190390, Jun 4, 2019 :
    I would buy the OnePlus 7 Pro if the selfie camera were hidden under the display. Mechanical elements on a smartphone are not sexy

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  20. K1546869398185 Cupcake Jun 4, 2019

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