Network/Connectivity WiFi disconnecting

  1. tonnic
    Eclair Jul 26, 2016

    tonnic , Jul 26, 2016 :
    I'm curious if anyone else has seen their WiFi disconnect (WiFi is still turned on). I checked the WiFi settings and the network shows as saved. The advanced settings show that WiFi doesn't turn off when the device screen is off. The WiFi does reconnect eventually but takes a while if I don't manually reconnect. Not the router as other devices don't disconnect.

  2. hadighattas
    Honeycomb Jul 26, 2016

    hadighattas , Jul 26, 2016 :
    Many of us have the same issue, I talked more than two times with support they said the issue is being worked on by dev team and should be fixed in next ota.
    Today a new ota came out, I am updating it doesn't say anything about a wifi fix but hope it would work.
    Else I will fully wipe my phone and reflash oxygenos from scratch.

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  3. tonnic
    Eclair Jul 26, 2016

    tonnic , Jul 26, 2016 :
    Ahhh ok. Let me know. The OTA isn't available for me yet

  4. Daley87
    Eclair Aug 4, 2016

    Daley87 , Aug 4, 2016 :
    Getting the same issue here mate, random disconnects when it is still in range of the router, have to manually reconnect it or it would take a while.

  5. theiNaD
    Donut Aug 4, 2016

    theiNaD , Aug 4, 2016 :
    Do you guys have LTE enabled? I've got my 1+3 yesterday and had no Sim Card inserted until today. Everything worked fine. After I have inserted the Sim Card, my WiFi started disconnecting randomly and also the strength seemed to be less. After setting mobile connection to 3G as highest connection, I didn't have any WiFi problems until now.

  6. temiatwork
    Gingerbread Aug 8, 2016

  7. vikeor
    Gingerbread Aug 8, 2016

  8. gaz_0001
    Froyo Aug 8, 2016

    gaz_0001 , Aug 8, 2016 :
    Same issue.
    Poor streaming speeds.
    Intermittent disconnects.
    Sometimes no auto connect.

    Laptops, tablet and other two handsets are fine.

    Same issue occurring on 4x different routers at home and office.

  9. Kjell2205
    Cupcake Aug 20, 2016

    Kjell2205 , Aug 20, 2016 :
    I got random deconnects and than No reconnect again but only on mij sitecom acsespoint.

    Very anoying

  10. gaz_0001
    Froyo Aug 20, 2016

    gaz_0001 , Aug 20, 2016 :
    I just used the WiFi signal analyser on the OP3, Z3C and J5.

    OP3 is - 12db Lower than the other devices.
    Makes sense now, why it keeps disconnecting.

    Made a support ticket. I think - 12 must be hardware and not software.

  11. gaz_0001
    Froyo Aug 20, 2016

    gaz_0001 , Aug 20, 2016 :
    Can someone else do the WiFi receive level test on multiple devices from the same spot.

    Oneplus now want to do that stupid level 2 thing where they format and reinstall the phone remotely.

  12. dhanurdhar
    Donut Aug 24, 2016

    dhanurdhar , Aug 24, 2016 :
    running 3.2.4, issue doesnt seem to have been resolved. there is no drop in signal-distance compared to other phones but wifi does keep disconnecting

  13. F_Will_Zehetmayr_zAKZ
    Donut Aug 24, 2016

    F_Will_Zehetmayr_zAKZ , Aug 24, 2016 :
    I have the same issue, both on 3.1.3 and 3.2.4 OTA update. The phone loses connection when the screen is off, and has to be manually connected again despite being in range. Whilst the screen is on the wifi icon intermittently has an exclamation mark beside it. Have tried router and phone restarts.

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  14. jekhoone
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2016

    jekhoone , Aug 31, 2016 :
    Same issue retrieved on the OP3 that i have given to my wife as gift.
    After reading the slogan (never settle!!), nice presentation of the company, enthusiastic view about developer team i decided to buy the OP3, as said above, as fantastic gift.
    After three month, one of the most important feature of a smartphone (wifi connection) is totally poor, in terms of connection stability and radio reception. Sometime the phone is correctly connected to the SSID but no internet link is allowed. All the other wifi devices connected to the network work well.
    Same behaviour with 3.2.4 OTA update.
    It is easy in that conditions to say "Never Settle". I am total disappointed. Hoping someone from One Plus will explain me the issue and when it will be solved.


  15. Archnibbler
    Honeycomb Sep 1, 2016

  16. fcoayuso
    Cupcake Sep 9, 2016

    fcoayuso , Sep 9, 2016 :
    Hi all,

    I am facing the same problem in both of my OP3 devices. It is really annoying, for example, I was having a whatsup call yesterday that got disconnected 6 times due to the damn wifi. do you think this issue could be related to hardware? If so, has anyone asked for a OP3 replacement?

    Thanks for your help,

  17. Scottyy360
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2016

    Scottyy360 , Sep 18, 2016 :
    I'm really struggling with the wifi constently disconnecting. Came from a iPhone that did not have this issue. My wife's iPhone will be right next to mine and the OP3 will drop wifi while hers stays connected.

  18. F_Chris_Guy_ynlZ
    Donut Sep 18, 2016

    F_Chris_Guy_ynlZ , Sep 18, 2016 :
    I can confirm that this is a real issue. I did a lot of traveling over the summer and connected to wifi in about 20 different locations - airports, hotels etc, so I can rule out router issues. My wife and I had 4 devices with us, my OP3, her Sony Experia Z3, an iPad2 and an Amazon Fire tablet. The only device that ever had wifi issues was the OP3, with (in some places) constant disconnects and/or the exclamation mark. I get the same problem at home - where I usually sit to watch the TV never had a problem with my old phone (a Sony Experia Z1) and doesn't with the iPad but my OP3 is very dodgy - it normally shows 3 bars (ie reasonable) signal strength but then disconnects or shows the exclamation mark. It is probable that this is a software issue, so curable. I hope the dev team look at these posts and are capable of doing something about it.

  19. F_Will_Zehetmayr_zAKZ
    Donut Sep 24, 2016

    F_Will_Zehetmayr_zAKZ , Sep 24, 2016 :
    Issue resolved for me! Turns out my problems were caused by the wifi channels on my router being static. As soon as I turned the channels onto auto both 2.4ghz became quicker and 5ghz became stable. Have you guys manually set wifi channels as well? Hope this helps.

  20. pablofg1978
    Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Sep 24, 2016