Wifi keeps disconnecting reconecting on 5ghz band

  1. gagalz
    Cupcake Jun 11, 2020

    gagalz , Jun 11, 2020 :
    i just changed my router to dual band tenda AC23, but new problems start if my phone want to connect to 5ghz band. If my Phone try to connect to the 5ghz band it only last 1-2 seconds and it will disconnect and will try to reconnect but disconnecting again and so on.
    i have no such problem on 2.4ghz wifi band, im just sad because i can't use the full potential on my phone which is dual band WLAN.

    Now i have to split 2.4ghz and 5ghz band on my router, so i can use the 2.4ghz band without randomly disconnect. My PC wireless adapter works fine on 5hgz band, so im sure the problem is on oneplus phone. I have 2 oneplus phone (7T and 5T) and both of them exactly have the same problem.

    Oneplus please fix this issue, anyone having the same problem with me? any solution i can do?
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  2. kvnreddy
    Froyo Jun 11, 2020

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  3. Shahreyar95
    Honeycomb Jul 9, 2020

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  5. kvnreddy
    Froyo Jul 10, 2020

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  6. Shahreyar95
    Honeycomb Jul 10, 2020

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  7. kvnreddy
    Froyo Jul 10, 2020

  8. B1542341498924
    Cupcake Jul 14, 2020

    B1542341498924 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jul 14, 2020 :
    ASUS RT-AC3200, OP8Pro 12/256, 10.5.11, automatically connects to 5Ghz band, CONSTANT disconnect/reconnect even though signal says it's good and I'm physically only 1 room away.

    The only time the connection is stable is if I'm in the same room as the router.

    Glad I'm not the only one with this problem

  9. Sundar_Srithar
    Gingerbread Jul 14, 2020

  10. Sundar_Srithar
    Gingerbread Jul 14, 2020

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  11. gaganpreet1997
    Cupcake Jul 22, 2020

  12. B1542341498924
    Cupcake Jul 25, 2020

    B1542341498924 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jul 25, 2020 :
    No fix atm. I've personally sent feedback and have been responded back saying devs will look into it. I hope they do... 5ghz wifi was working as intended out of the box at launch and didn't start becoming a problem until recently after various software updates... Surely this is something they *can* fix with a software update