WiFi Mac address changed after flashing ROMs


Is your WiFi mac address changed to something weird?

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  1. sfksuperman
    Honeycomb Nov 2, 2016

    sfksuperman , Nov 2, 2016 :
    Hello Guys, Before flashing we all have our unique mac address in our phone. But after flashing roms, it changed sometimes.
    I flashed cm 14.1 and it changed to something weird like 02:00:00... . After many trials, it didn't restored to my original one.

    Problem is , after flashing the cm14.1 rom, when phone first boot-up, it offers us to set it for the first time, there we have to set many things like, language setting/screen pattern/fingerprint/google login/wifi login/sim card select etc.

    While setting up these things, when i was connecting to my wifi, I see my mac address was original and everything goes normal. After phone boots-up, I install many apps (as per my requirements). Later, after few hours, when something came up in my mind, I see the status of my phone and there the mac address was weird like 02:00:...

    So, I googled it to restore my original mac address. I found a method to Fix the Wifi issue where it says :-

    1) Using /persist directory, normally you should see a file named “wlan_mac.bin”, open it with text editor you can see four lines of MAC address, but with the “No Wi-Fi with 02:00:00:...” problem, you can’t see that “wlan_mac.bin” file.

    2) Located to another directory “/etc/firmware/wlan/qca_cld”, you should see the “wlan_mac.bin” file now, tap and edit that file, it should be nothing in it.

    3) Add your Wi-Fi MAC address to wlan_mac.bin with these format:

    Intf0MacAddress=Your Wi-FI MAC address without “:”

    4) Save the file and reboot your phone, your phone’s Wi-Fi problem should be fixed.

    But what I found on my phone amazes me the most, which is in my both DIRECTORIES (/persist and /etc/firmware/), the mac address written there consists of all 4 lines with my original mac address!

    So, if these 2 files located in different directories have same wifi mac address (of 4 lines), then why it is showing me 02:00:00... in settings>status ????

    Now, guys if you understand my problem, kindly tell the any possible way to restore the mac address in settings to (except saying to reflash the rom clean) photo_2016-11-02_10-30-18.jpg

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  2. libormahdal
    Froyo Nov 17, 2016

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  3. EzhilrajOne
    Gingerbread Dec 23, 2016

  4. Michael 1504
    Cupcake Dec 12, 2018