WiFi slows to a crawl !!

  1. shadowX159
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 4, 2014

    shadowX159 , Aug 4, 2014 :
    ... said the biggest fanboy ever.

  2. tdutch
    Froyo Aug 4, 2014

    tdutch , Aug 4, 2014 :
    I purposely installed a transparent proxy into my firewall, but that's because PfSense offers packages/plugins like this. I doubt your firewall has one, but I suppose it's possible.

    What is the model/make of your internet router/firewall?

  3. foxieboy
    Eclair Aug 4, 2014

  4. thatdidnthurt
    Froyo Aug 4, 2014

  5. foxieboy
    Eclair Aug 4, 2014

  6. iBu
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2014

    iBu , Aug 4, 2014 :
    I am sitting here behind a TL-WR1043ND, but the internet speed is not my biggest concerne.
    My bigger problem are the bytes I carry by hand from my NAS to my OnePlus One. As you can see on the Screenshots obove, if I am lucky I get like 30Kb/s

    And today my One just let me wait like 2h until it finaly connected to my WiFi.

    This Sucks.

  7. tdutch
    Froyo Aug 4, 2014

    tdutch , Aug 4, 2014 :
    I found plenty of folks that complained about having slow wifi access with the D-link - period, but I assume your other devices don't have the issue.

    Try using "Wireless N" only and see if things improve. You should also try attaching to a different wireless network at a friend or family member and see if you have the same issue.

    I browsed through the D-link 3780 manual, and couldn't find any functionality that represents a true HTTP proxy server like what caused the issue for me.

  8. insanimal
    Froyo Aug 4, 2014

    insanimal , Aug 4, 2014 :
    I seem to be having the same issue. it's weird. I've been trying to do initial upload from Titanium Backup to my Box account and it sucks...
    network is a netgear adsl router with the wifi turned off, wired to a netgear router running dd-wrt, and I also have a repeater that's a d-link dir-615 running dd-wrt... yeah not the simplest setup I know :)

    Would be useful to know if those experiencing the issue have altered screen timeout settings.

    I was managing to upload ~30mb at a time, but now it seems to be much less - 1mb or less. I'm not sure if that's because I turned the screen timeout down to lowest (15s) to see what happened, but I've now turned it back up to 30 mb but the amount I can upload hasn't increased with it :/ Well - except for once where I did manage to upload 30mb again - which was directly after I turned off adaptive backlight. but then after that it was down to less than 1mb again.

    Really scratching my head here.

    There appears to be a similar thread over on xda - http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/help/wifi-inactive-idle-t2836582 - I'm posting this in and watching both

    What is the best place to report this information?

  9. insanimal
    Froyo Aug 4, 2014

    insanimal , Aug 4, 2014 :
    I've just realised that I may be getting inconsistent results as my girlfriend is apparently playing games on xbox live. there's definitely a problem though.

  10. JnManso
    Eclair Aug 4, 2014

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  11. foxieboy
    Eclair Aug 8, 2014

    foxieboy , Aug 8, 2014 :
    Bought new router ac 1750 dlink absolutely. No difference filed a return

  12. foxieboy
    Eclair Aug 8, 2014

  13. JnManso
    Eclair Aug 8, 2014

  14. foxieboy
    Eclair Aug 8, 2014

  15. amirt
    Gingerbread Aug 8, 2014

    amirt , Aug 8, 2014 :
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  16. Showmazter
    Gingerbread Aug 9, 2014

  17. Roccat92
    Gingerbread Aug 9, 2014

    Roccat92 , Aug 9, 2014 :
    Die hab ich auch, hab DSL 50k und bekomm nur 800-1,6k rein. Echt eine Scheiße.

    English: I have the same Problem, i have DSL 50k and my OPO has a Downloadspeed from 800 kb/s - 1600 kb/s..

  18. Greenas
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 9, 2014

    Greenas , Aug 9, 2014 :
    you are lucky one without yellow band then

  19. Showmazter
    Gingerbread Aug 9, 2014

    Showmazter , Aug 9, 2014 :
    Sometimes it works perfect with >40 Mbit in a 50 Mbit DSL and another time it falls down to 1,5-2,0 Mbit. Can' find the reason. Other devices still run fast.

  20. tahvero
    Honeycomb Aug 9, 2014