Wifi turns off when phone screen is locked

  1. Joannjf
    Cupcake Oct 5, 2020

  2. TTL9
    Cupcake Oct 14, 2020

    TTL9 , Oct 14, 2020 :
    Same problem here.
    When the phone is connected to wifi and the screen is locked, i receive apps notifications with a delay. Through Whatsapp web i noticed that the phone is actually disconnected and my messages can not be sent through the internet browser. As soon as i unlock my screen the phone is connected again and the messages are transmitted.
    Note that this issue happens even when the battery saver is off. The issue does not occur when the phone is connected through LTE. My internet connection is stable and i have no issues browsing on the pc connected to the same wifi network, while the phone on the other hand is offline.
    I already tried turning off sleep standby optimization and setting battery optimization to "don't optimize" for Whatsapp. This did not help.
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  3. Abe6t9
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2020

    Abe6t9 , Oct 19, 2020 :
    I resolved this issue by following the steps below

    1. Long press Whatsapp icon and go to App Info
    2. Click on Advanced
    3. Select Battery Optimization
    4. Put it on 'Intelligent Control'

  4. Joannjf
    Cupcake Oct 27, 2020

    Joannjf , Oct 27, 2020 :

    Hi, I've tried this but not work for my phone. Is there any update to rectify this issue??

  5. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Oct 27, 2020

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 6T , Oct 27, 2020 :
    First make sure you are using WhatsApp Stable, as Beta versions do have issues from time to time.

    Second backup your WhatsApp Chats, then Clear the WhatsApp app info Cache and App info Storage as well.


    Make sure your Notifications are set as follows
    In WhatsApp App info

    Now Click on the option at the bottom of the Notifications screen as shown. "Additional Settings in the App"


    Enable High Priority Notifications for both options.

    Make sure you have the correct permissions set (You may have to open the app to give those permissions after clearing Cache and Storage)

    And also set Battery Optimization to "Do Not Optimize" for now while checking if it will work, you can set it back to "Intelligent Control" later.


    Now log back into WhatsApp and let your chats restore themselves.

    Then restart the phone.

    See if that helps 👍

  6. Joannjf
    Cupcake Oct 28, 2020

    Joannjf , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 28, 2020 :
    Hi thr, thanks for the advice. I tried according as your step, problem still remains. While open data network, totally no issue, while on wifi, the issues remain....

  7. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Oct 28, 2020

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 6T , Oct 28, 2020 :
    Unusual, I don't experience that issue myself.

    Report the issue directly to OnePlus Developers as a Bug report.


    And also contact OnePlus support directly to see if they have more information on your issue. Scroll down the page for contact and online chat details.


  8. macspawn
    Cupcake Oct 28, 2020

    macspawn , Oct 28, 2020 :
    I am following this thread some time ago. I have the same problem Joannjf mentioned, but in my case, in a OnePlus 7T. I tried every workaround commented here without success. The issue remains!

    I also have this problem with a RadioAPP. It looses connection once the screen is locked (only if I am connected to the WiFi ). But no problem at all if I am using 4G.

  9. tsuominen
    Eclair Jan 6, 2021

    tsuominen , via OnePlus Nord , Jan 6, 2021 :
    There's some discussion that the problem is when using IPv6 on your WiFi network. However, also guidance for resetting your network connections is said to fix the issue.

    None have worked for me as of today.

  10. Young_Blood
    KitKat Jan 6, 2021

  11. Devmalya
    Donut Jan 7, 2021

    Devmalya , via OnePlus 8T , Jan 7, 2021 :
    I have the same exact issue. I had reported a bug and provided log to OP. Nothing happened, no solutions.
    My "ok Google" says "yours phone's data is turned off" when trying to access it after 4-5 mins of locking the screen. Issue with both LTE and WiFi.
    I'm running Android 11, OnePlus 8T.

  12. Devmalya
    Donut Jan 7, 2021

  13. Joannjf
    Cupcake Jan 9, 2021

  14. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Jan 9, 2021

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 6T , Jan 9, 2021 :
    You can use one or more options below to send information back to the OnePlus OOS developers.

    Report the issue directly to OnePlus Developers as a Bug report and or the Feedback section.


    Feedback tool

    You can also contact bughunters@oneplus.com

  15. Joannjf
    Cupcake Jan 9, 2021

    Joannjf , via OnePlus Nord , Jan 9, 2021 :
    Thanks for the solution.
    But believe not only one user have reported this issue since last yr, and seems like no one to support also.....

  16. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Jan 9, 2021

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 6T , Jan 9, 2021 :
    You are probably one of many, but the more details and logs they get, the easier it will be to fix.

    You may not see an immediate fix, as it can take time and OnePlus will prioritise the issues depending on how many reports they get of the same or similar issues.

  17. Devmalya
    Donut Jan 9, 2021

    Devmalya , via OnePlus 8T , Jan 9, 2021 :
    Provided a log back in December.
    This seems to be an IPv6 issue. Let's see what happens.

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  18. trp_de
    Cupcake Jan 30, 2021

    trp_de , Jan 30, 2021 :
    Inspite of trying all the options ,issue still persists.Very annonying :mad:

  19. Krishna.krsna
    Cupcake Jul 8, 2021

    Krishna.krsna , Jul 8, 2021 :
    Hello people, even i had the same issue so i tried this - In battery optimization go to individual apps that you use and wifi & network related system apps . Change the option from intelligent control to don't optimize. It worked fine for me and after trying this there is no network issue at all when my phone is locked. i think it should work for you too.. if it worked for you. Let me know